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Written by  Noorshah - Thursday, 06 December 2012 17:28  |   Add new comment
Games is awesome?????????
Free thoughts – 1
Written by  Bart6qx - Wednesday, 12 January 2011 09:15  |   Add new comment
I wonder what the next year’s FIFA Manager edition will bring us. The game producers have already disclose first news concerning the plans of modifying some features in FIFA Manager 12. On the other hand EA decided to close down servers enabling to play Online mode in 2009 edition. De facto this mode we won’t see in FIFA Manager 12. Thus you can draw conclusions, an Online mode was one big misunderstanding and in my opinion this mode stole the time which needed to be spent on working out the Offline mode. I fondly go back to the years of…
Two steps forward and one year backwards
Written by  Bart6qx - Friday, 05 November 2010 10:40  |   Add new comment
Immediately after testing the new edition of FIFA Manager, I started to intensively wonder what has the German Bright Future studio been working on during the last twelve months. The team consisting of around 30 people hasn’t been able to create anything new during the whole year and what is even more funny the same team isn’t still able to eliminate many bugs appearing in the last few game edition.If we add to this team people responsible for translation and testing the game, we will get a huge group of people. But how does such a large team contribute to…
The war has begun!
Written by  Bart6qx - Monday, 13 September 2010 13:06  |   Add new comment
The final countdown has just started, big premieres of Football Manager and FIFA Manager are very close to us, which result in appearing a lot of news on the fansites concerning these two games. Obviously such news are followed by users’ comments, expressing their opinions about these games, however the same people always forget about differences between these two titles. In particular it applies to the fans of a game created by Sports Interactive, who in pursuit of realism forget that the game should also provide us with an entertainment. At one time I was also excited about Championship Manager…
Große szpadel und kleine ?opata
Written by  Bart6qx - Thursday, 02 September 2010 11:38  |   Add new comment
Every day we are closer to the release of this year’s FIFA Manager edition. I have to admit that I am waiting with apprehension for the premiere day, because I am hearing about strange actions taken by the game producers and publisher. The fact that German Bright Future studio treats the game as a product intended only for German market doesn’t surprise me, it’s surely cause by more and more bugs in this game, which de facto cause bigger discontent coming from other country representatives where the game is also released.Let’s start form the first paradox on my list that…
How did change my life
Written by  Piterson - Saturday, 05 June 2010 13:20  |   Add new comment
I’m probably longer on the Polish FIFA Manager scene than the rest members. Over two years ago I have joined Bartek and Lukas to create something new. A Service, whose second birthday we are now celebrating, was to be only entertainment and hobby. But with the time, it started to be the life idea. The life, which thanks to this service, has completely changed its direction... Let’s get to know my adventure. I always liked numbers. Not the Polish language, informatics or personal and social education were my favourite subjects at school, but mathematics. Obviously I was handling the…
Admin’s diary, part 6
Written by  Lukasvista - Monday, 25 January 2010 09:47  |   Add new comment
Sometimes situations we are trying to predict take an unexpected turn. The way you decide to refer to them shows your maturity and your level of adapting to circumstances which happen to us during the entire life. The same happened in 1st April which is called as April Fools’ Day. Piterson proposed some prank, suggested to describe him on our forum as “pseudo admin” and to announce that he was removed from Administration Team due to his underground activity against our service. Obviously this idea caused a big smile on our faces. Short texts written by me and Bartek were…
Admin’s diary, part 5
Written by  Lukasvista - Friday, 23 October 2009 22:58  |   Add new comment
In this murky day I am taking a seat in front of my monitor and starting to write the fifth part of my editorial blog. Although I have lots of issues connected with FIFA Manager 10 premiere (e.g. writing a review) in my head, I will look back on my past to 1st January, 2009. There was a big “boom” on the forum connected as always with the premiere of the game and Polish Giga Patch 2.0 as well, however after that it started to be much more calmly there. On the other hand we were going in for our…
Admin’s diary, part 4
Written by  Lukasvista - Wednesday, 02 September 2009 13:25  |   Add new comment
Some time has passed since I published my last blog entry. It was caused by numerous situations which in a specific moment reach apogee. In such moments, when you think you are fed up with something, it’s time to face up to adversity. The 1st November became for us a day from which we have to face up to new situations. The first of them was correcting lots of posts mainly due to grammar, asks for cracks, numerous off topics and spam. As we have a hostile attitude towards piracy, all signs of having illegal game copies resulted in bans.…
Admin’s diary, part 3
Written by  Lukasvista - Friday, 15 May 2009 23:23  |   Add new comment
The last entry was in 8th June, when the official opening of our website took place. That was the moment when all people involved in creating this service felt a big satisfaction with their work. During implementing this project we knew that we cannot make standard mistakes e.g. updating only the news section on the website. To avoid that situation, Bartek started to work on the new design, just after the official opening. I devoted my attention to news section and to establish cooperational relations with new partners, whereas Piotrek continued his work on writing football articles. Gaining news from…
Admin’s diary, part 2
Written by  Lukasvista - Wednesday, 22 April 2009 20:43  |   Add new comment
Five months ago I wrote my last entry in blog, so it’s high time to catch up on it. The history creates new events every day which I could share with you now in this place. But I want to come back with my memories to previous year. 28th May 2008, 3:59 p.m. – I got an e–mail from Mr Jakub Nowicki (Translation Coordinator EA Poland), with whom I cooperate in improving Polish localization in FIFA Manager 08. In this message he informed me that I had to contact someone else to enter into cooperation. I thanked for info and…
Admin’s diary, part 1
Written by  Lukasvista - Saturday, 12 April 2008 11:11  |   Add new comment
Administrator is colloquially perceived as a person responsible for website and forum. Most of you surely think that this position boils down only to banning users and updating website from time to time. In this blog I’d like to show you the admin’s life from my perspective. I will start form the beginning. Everything what you see now began from the conversation with Bartek (Bart6qx) which took place in fourth of April, 2008. Frankly speaking, passion, persistence and inclination to work decided that our plans turned out to be successful. If you compose this all in one part and serve…
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