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Admin’s diary, part 2
Written by  Lukasvista - Wednesday, 22 April 2009 20:43  |  Add new comment

Five months ago I wrote my last entry in blog, so it’s high time to catch up on it. The history creates new events every day which I could share with you now in this place. But I want to come back with my memories to previous year.

28th May 2008, 3:59 p.m. – I got an e–mail from Mr Jakub Nowicki (Translation Coordinator EA Poland), with whom I cooperate in improving Polish localization in FIFA Manager 08. In this message he informed me that I had to contact someone else to enter into cooperation. I thanked for info and started to write an e-mail including information about our plans referring to our website. I received a message: “Can we see preliminary project?” very quickly. Our website was almost completed, so I sent a link to EA by courtesy of Bartek. Their first impression was very positive, so I was sure we are on a good way to establish cooperational relations. Further talks confirmed me in my conviction. Few minutes after setting terms, I could inform Bartek and Piotrek (Piterson) that is under patronage of Electronic Arts Poland. We haven’t even opened the website yet, and we reached one of planned goals. This achievement encouraged us to even harder work and we concentrated on next aims. 1st June was the last day before the closed presentation. During the night Bartek installed the new forum and improved few technical elements. I together with Piotrek had to check everything one more time, to be sure that everything would work properly next day.

2nd June was the first day when we could show results of our 60 days work to wider group. The number of persons, who got links to not yet opened website, wasn’t big. But clues from people connected with FIFAM scene for a long time, were very valuable for us before official opening. We were still improving little thing, whereas the forum started to “live” thanks to first discussions.

8th June of 2008, 11:59 p.m., the website has been opened to all users. The plan to create the new website about FIFA Manager in Poland came true….

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Author: Lukasvista
The function I perform on service requires lots of spare time, devotion and self-denials. I start and end every day visiting the service which I co-create together with my friends and the rest of FIFA Manager community. Without them it would be difficult to drive this “machine” which speeds up from month to month.
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