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Admin’s diary, part 3
Written by  Lukasvista - Friday, 15 May 2009 23:23  |  Add new comment

The last entry was in 8th June, when the official opening of our website took place. That was the moment when all people involved in creating this service felt a big satisfaction with their work. During implementing this project we knew that we cannot make standard mistakes e.g. updating only the news section on the website.

To avoid that situation, Bartek started to work on the new design, just after the official opening. I devoted my attention to news section and to establish cooperational relations with new partners, whereas Piotrek continued his work on writing football articles. Gaining news from the first hand and writing good articles aren’t the easy tasks. But we were handling that pretty well, taking into account the fact that we were running the new service. New initiatives related also to the forum e.g awards competition or first works on World Giga Patch. This patch was intended to be the biggest modification ever for FIFA Manager series on the world. However the willingness to create such a big patch wasn’t enough, we weren’t simply ready to do this. As a result this initiative didn’t succeed. It’s an ill wind that blows nobody good, because we made Polish Giga Patch, but I will write about that later. Increasing number of users and written posts persuaded us to create a moderator group.

Creating this service we thought that we would be able to keep tidiness on the forum by ourselves, but increasing scope of duties forced us to make that decision. Consequently we offered moderator positions to m_staszek and kily, who very quickly found theirs feet in the new role on the forum. After few weeks we knew that they are right persons on the right positions. So in this way, our team increased to five persons, who make the most important decisions together. As I wrote the forum was growing bigger very fast that’s why the next step was a little reorganization. As always, Bartek took care of technical matters, so he changed design and added new sections. Piotrek started to do “clean-up operation” which means deleting inactive users who visited us only once. On the other hand I started talks about our first competition organized together with EA Poland. The prizes were 3 FIFA Manager games and gadgets. The released day of the new FIFA Manager 09 and as a result a users growth were approaching to us by leaps and bounds.

Last modified on Sunday, 16 January 2011 12:06
Author: Lukasvista
The function I perform on service requires lots of spare time, devotion and self-denials. I start and end every day visiting the service which I co-create together with my friends and the rest of FIFA Manager community. Without them it would be difficult to drive this “machine” which speeds up from month to month.
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