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Admin’s diary, part 5
Written by  Lukasvista - Friday, 23 October 2009 22:58  |  Add new comment
In this murky day I am taking a seat in front of my monitor and starting to write the fifth part of my editorial blog. Although I have lots of issues connected with FIFA Manager 10 premiere (e.g. writing a review) in my head, I will look back on my past to 1st January, 2009.

There was a big “boom” on the forum connected as always with the premiere of the game and Polish Giga Patch 2.0 as well, however after that it started to be much more calmly there. On the other hand we were going in for our works with even bigger enthusiasm. Piterson as a Rules and Regulation creator began to rebuild it. Whereas we commenced to plan our website development. The best occasion for that is always a private talk. It’s not always possible, however if you knew me and Bart6qx you would know it’s quite possible. This way Bartek came to my town at the end of January. As usual there were lots of matters to discuss, such as directions of development ( service etc.) or new initiatives and Polish Giga Patch 2.5 course of works. Obviously “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” that’s why, in the evening, we had an occasion together with one more colleague have a drink of Czech liquor and “mandarin juice”. Our conversation descended into life topic and afterwards into football. Our talks ended up in common signing the football chants which I think despite the late hour (it was around midnight) took my neighbors fancy (next day they didn’t say a word). After that we greeted the morning with cups of coffee in hands, playing GTA IV together with Bartek, who previously insisted on not playing this game, because as he claimed he don’t like it. Unfortunately our night talks got him so tired that he decided to sleep through the rest of morning. In the afternoon we went sightseeing round my town. Next day we had an early reveille (5 a.m.), 20 minutes walk on severe frost and we had to end the Admin’s Party 2 after I escorted Bartek to the railway station. “All good things come to an end” saying didn’t prove correct for us because after 3 weeks I had Bartek as a guest again in my town.

His visit was very short because of small confusion with train. Thus two hours after Bartek’s arrival we found ourselves in a delayed train making for Warsaw for FIFA Interactive World Cup 2009 event. Four hours of travel gave as the next possibility to talk about the service. Many of you surely think that every time we meet we always talk about the service, however these are not trivial talk (e.g. “You know I banned one user yesterday, do you know what for?”) but we discuss ideas which are subsequently implemented on the website or forum. To return to the travel, it went ahead in a good and funny atmosphere caused by spontaneous situations. After we reached the destination point we made our way to a bar with “healthy food”, i.e. pizza and coca-cola and then we directed our steps towards a shop to buy juices. These juices, contrary to Bartek’s account, arouse only my sense of humour, not the sleepiness. The night passed rapidly and in the morning we made our way to an event place with empty stomachs. After we reached this location we provided ourselves with coffee, breadrolls and doughnuts – we needed something to eat to survive that day (I still don’t understand why those ladies from a shop were laughing at us). A sense of humor were not letting down as usual, especially when we noticed players’ equipments checked by security guards.

Arms they brought for the competitions were varied. Afterwards we went to a pressroom which was located on the second floor. After registration we received identifiers with „Media” status which authorized us to visit each premises during FIFA Interactive World Cup 2009. Then we decided to play few matches with Bartek. I have to frankly admit that the play ended up very quickly because of lack of my skills in FIFA 09. Obviously Bartek had a good laugh, however I promise to be in a better form for FIFA Interactive World Cup 2010. Further entertainment playing other games was interrupted by the call from my friend, Tomasz Tinc from EA Poland, who invited us to the pressroom for a talk. After a greeting and short courtesy conversation about our journey, we came down to concrete facts. Today I cannot disclose the details, however I can reveal that our talks focused on our services development and FIFA Manager promotion in Poland.
Further course of talks was interrupted by presentation of Legia Warsaw players, the event especially so longed-for by Bartek. There was a lot of laugh in this moment as well thanks to fanatic fans of Legia Warsaw. At the end of our visit in Polish capital, we watched the semi-final game in FIFA 09 competition, afterwards we used subway to reach railway station. A return journey passed very quickly and in the evening, after a supper we sit down in front of computer. During this trip we were discussing about FIFA Manager 09 many times. Now our ideas can be implemented in the game. The first thing we decided to start work on were post matches comments, which are available only for German localization. After a work on files and helpful suggestion from Bartek we finally saw German comments in Polish localization. Then we knew that Polish Giga Patch 2.5 will include Polish post matches comments and this feature will be able for Polish players as well. Because it was late, we decided to postpone the division of labour for the next day.

After common arrangements via GG (Polish communicator), we started to translate this huge localization file. Brus joined our team and this way after few weeks I could put all translated parts together. After short tests, updates of our localization, I sent a file to Bartek. My participation in this project came to an end, we could only wait for releasing this modification, which took place on 27 March. Hundreds of hours of works on Polish Giga Patch 2.5 were crowned. But at that time we didn’t know how this patch would be received by the rest of community, not only by the Polish one but also by the foreign. Today we already know that: Amazing”, „Great”, „Fantastic” – such comments were a confirmation of our great work. I have to also mention that this patch was downloaded 2000 times from our server, so you can come to a conclusion that we rightly called this patch as “GIGA”. After this event we were preparing for Easter but earlier we were waiting for April Fool's Day. We had a lot of ideas for a pranks and chose the best two in our opinion. We exactly knew what will be the results of the first one, however the second prank took its course in a different way we had assumed…
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Author: Lukasvista
The function I perform on service requires lots of spare time, devotion and self-denials. I start and end every day visiting the service which I co-create together with my friends and the rest of FIFA Manager community. Without them it would be difficult to drive this “machine” which speeds up from month to month.
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