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Admin’s diary, part 6
Written by  Lukasvista - Monday, 25 January 2010 09:47  |  Add new comment
Sometimes situations we are trying to predict take an unexpected turn. The way you decide to refer to them shows your maturity and your level of adapting to circumstances which happen to us during the entire life.

The same happened in 1st April which is called as April Fools’ Day. Piterson proposed some prank, suggested to describe him on our forum as “pseudo admin” and to announce that he was removed from Administration Team due to his underground activity against our service. Obviously this idea caused a big smile on our faces. Short texts written by me and Bartek were going to add fuel to the flames and hot up the prank. We were sure that nobody would believe that because it’s unrealistic that one of co-founders would be able to do something like that. Well, we were wrong, however we were watching the course of events attentively and were annotating all comments on our forum. The atmosphere on the forum started to be more and more unpleasant. Users were expressing their opinions accusing Piterson, using even dirty words. We asked one question to ourselves: Continue this prank or stop it immediately before this situation go too far and get out of our control. Bartek chose the first option and in order to damp emotions we decided to reward most active in this prank users giving them t-shirts with our service’s logo. After this “action” our forum needed few days to “recover”. That was the next time we “took lesson” and we will draw conclusions for the future. Next few months we have spent on informing about the forthcoming FIFA Manager edition. Moreover the first birthday of our service were drawing near by leaps and bounds. Just before this big for us event preceded by contests (thanks to Brus we had 1800 PLN for prizes), we saw the new website layout. Obviously in the mean time we were working on our second project – football service. The most involved in this project person (except for Bartek) was Piterson who became the Chief Editor of our football service.

First birthday of service were celebrated in 1st June. After one year of common cooperation it can be notice how a close team we are. For me, as the co-founder of our service, 1st June is a very important date. I remember that day when we were reminiscing together with Bartek our common talks which gave the beginning of service. If someone asked me a question if it was worth to open this service I would answer at once that yeas, it was worth to do that. Thanks to I had an occasion to strike up an acquaintance with many people from EA Poland, Bright Future and our forum. Moreover thanks to our common work I met my friends and colleagues who I am still in contact with. I have to also mention about reputation we have built up for service among the world community, in my opinion this is a big success bearing in mind only one year of existing on the world scene of FIFA Manager. I had an occasion to celebrate this achievement in 13th June in Strzegom, where I was invited by Bartek. Just like our each meeting, that one abounded in lots of plans, discussing current event connected with our service and sense of humor as well.

As it often happens all’s well end some day, however if I meet with Bartek this saying is not always true. I became convinced about that during my return journey when my excellent mood end up in a sleep and afterwards in reveille from a bus driver who informed me that we reached my town. Paradoxically in one week one Admin said goodbye to me and another one (Piterson) greeted me. We met in Cracow during event called as “Wianki 2009”. That was the first our meeting, moreover Jacór joined us there. We had lots of attractions there, I remember the most the AGH university campus. That’s the great place to make acquaintances with people. Unfortunately Piterson haven’t got much time due to his student duties, thus together with Jacór we directed our steps towards Wawel where unforgiving concert took place.

The next days after my return I spent on following current events on our website and forum and checking my mailbox. In 24th June I came across message from my colleague from EA. I was officially invited for an event connected with FIFA Manager 10 and FIFA 10 presentation. Without hesitation I made a decision to go there because meeting with one of game producer (I didn’t yet know it would be Adrian Wahl) might have been very important for our service. In that way in 29th June, in a beautiful sunny day I came to our capital. When I crossed threshold of a building where the presentation took place, I was greeted by ladies wearing AC Milan and Real Madrid kits (does anyone say that football in the performance of women cannot be beautiful?). I proved my identity, tasted a little of champagne and joined Adrian at his table. Our first talks were focused on our service and bugs in Polish localization which I presented to Adrian. Obviously he offered me a help in order to solve this problem.

Our short conversation was interrupted by a film showing new features in FIFA 10 which were presented by David Rutter. Afterwards we had a lunch while I was trying to help Adrian to disclose the secrets of Polish language hidden under the meal name “Kurczak w sosie” (which means sauced chicken). After a lunch we started to disclose next new features in FIFA Manager 10. Again our talk was interrupted by the editor from “Click” magazine, who cannot reach Adrian’s table earlier, because of me. He only smiled to me and said shortly: “You are surely from FIFA Manager fansite?”. “Yes” – I answered with a smile. “I knew that” – he responded with a smile. I apologized Adrian for taking so much time. He advised me not to worry about that and then we came back to the game. Unfortunately my time was limited due to the scheduled time of my departure, furthermore I had an appointment with Sebastian with who I was working on Polish localization for FIFA Manager 07 in the past. Thus my time ended so I had to leave the event. I took some photos, press documents and directed my steps towards railway station. There I met with Sebastian, we went for a small beer, afterwards I took my seat in a train and started to plan my review of alpha version of the game. I was also thinking about my meeting with Adrian and its potential influence on the game and our service. Then a didn’t yet know, but two months later after a short conversation via e-mails I have already known…

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Author: Lukasvista
The function I perform on service requires lots of spare time, devotion and self-denials. I start and end every day visiting the service which I co-create together with my friends and the rest of FIFA Manager community. Without them it would be difficult to drive this “machine” which speeds up from month to month.
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