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How did change my life
Written by  Piterson - Saturday, 05 June 2010 13:20  |  Add new comment
I’m probably longer on the Polish FIFA Manager scene than the rest members. Over two years ago I have joined Bartek and Lukas to create something new. A Service, whose second birthday we are now celebrating, was to be only entertainment and hobby. But with the time, it started to be the life idea. The life, which thanks to this service, has completely changed its direction... Let’s get to know my adventure.

I always liked numbers. Not the Polish language, informatics or personal and social education were my favourite subjects at school, but mathematics. Obviously I was handling the other subjects but math was my biggest advantage. I was able to write compositions but I was always encountering difficulties, until now. It was 2008, I was taking the exams for the certificate of secondary education, and then my adventure with has begun. At the beginning I wasn’t too much interested in Lukasvista offer (he reported to me with that). I was thinking “what is this for me for? I haven’t played FIFA Manager for over one year cause I moved to competitive manager game”. But Lukas insisted on me. He introduced to me a vision presented by Bartek. I was going to be responsible mainly for keeping an order and juicing up football threads on the forum. I have some knowledge of these two subjects so after short consideration I decided to join them. However I had an idea on my head that if I didn’t adjust to that I would simply resign in few months.

However I stopped to think about leaving in time. Our cooperation is exemplary. But it didn’t decided that I stayed. The biggest impact on this decision had one seemingly ordinary conversation with Bartek, when we were talking for the first time about writing articles and football texts. At the beginning I was sceptical about that, however on the other hand I had nothing to lose. I wrote first text, then the second and another one. Lads were praising me. They were saying that my articles are very good, super etc. At the beginning I thought they wanted to be kind and won’t distress me. But when praises grew in numbers, I started to like it more and more.

Months were passing, and the football section was greatly developed on the forum. Then the new idea to open football service appeared. Obviously it wasn’t necessary to encourage me a long time to do that. I was always dreaming about something like that. I have interested in football since I was 9 years old. After a false start, we decided to change our conception and start to publish football weekly magazine. Seemingly not important decision had a huge impact on my further history. Approximately for 40 weeks I have written articles, a few pages for each publication. Today I cannot imagine my life without that. became “my beloved child”. Despite I’m far away from journalistic ideal, I still try to develop myself. I’m opened to criticism and suggestions. Today I make fun of my first texts. I devote to this portal few hours daily, often at the cost of other matters. Writing articles became my life idea. I’m thinking of changing my field of studies or start the another one. Of course it will be Journalism. That’s a drastic move for numbers fan. If someone told me two years ago that I could become (in a sense) a humanist, I would burst out laughing. Today I don’t see other possibility. Writing became my passion. For the first time I can make use of my football knowledge which is extensive, saying unbashedly. I always wanted to connect my life with football. I knew I will never be a football player. A short time ago I was dreaming about football manager career, but now I know I found my way of activity.

Many of you will think now, what do I really mean? Where are these life changes and how big impact has on that. I would have never tried that without Bartek and the whole team. owner gave me a chance to make my debut. You can say that Bartek discovered my ability to write articles. I believed in me so I would like to thank him for that. I don’t know if I said that once directly, so I would like to say that in this place. Thank you Bartek and other people who contributed to my development as journalist. The trust he put me in was fundamental. Because I cannot count on that among my closest family. Many of them are not convinced that this is a good life’s idea. Maybe the remember my “love” to numbers and that’s why they don’t like my metamorphosis. My life would take its course differently without Bartek who gave me a chance.

Few weeks ago another situation took place. I got an offer from Bartek to run the new BweB Group’s service. Seemingly nothing special, but for the man whose the worst nightmare was the vision of taking the football weekly magazine away, it was a sign. That was a clear signal from Bartek: “ I’m very satisfied with your work, you managed weekly magazine easily, so I want you to make another step.” So I would like to thank you for this gesture as well. At the beginning of birthday week we published the text:  “What do other people think about Bartosz Kiewra and” Despite this man claims stubbornly that the success belongs to the whole team, I think that everyone who cooperate with him have no doubts. We wouldn’t see success without Bartek. There wouldn’t be weekly magazine published by And finally there wouldn’t be another BweB Group’s services. And for that all what you have done for us I would like to thank you very much!

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