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The war has begun!
Written by  Bart6qx - Monday, 13 September 2010 13:06  |  Add new comment

fifam_fmThe final countdown has just started, big premieres of Football Manager and FIFA Manager are very close to us, which result in appearing a lot of news on the fansites concerning these two games. Obviously such news are followed by users’ comments, expressing their opinions about these games, however the same people always forget about differences between these two titles. In particular it applies to the fans of a game created by Sports Interactive, who in pursuit of realism forget that the game should also provide us with an entertainment.

At one time I was also excited about Championship Manager and later Football Manager, however I have transferred to the game from EA Sports for three years. Why? There were a lot of reasons for that, at the beginning I wanted something new, cause after eight years of playing this game I've had enough of searching the statistics and watching 2D match engine. The second reason supporting FIFA Manager game was the fact that every day I had less spare time which unfortunately meant that there was no sense to play Football Manager anymore due to the time-consuming competition.

Unfortunately Football Manager became such a good game that it lost its main purpose that is providing users with pure play. This game is so much developed that if you have only one hour of spare time weekly, your in game progress may be compared to a competition in real time. This game has realism on really high level and it’s increasing with every new game edition, however we can ask here one question if it doesn’t go too far? I have lost few computer mouse and keyboards playing this game, which were shattered into pieces after I had unexpectedly lost the match. I also messed up a considerable number of school lessons playing until early morning the matches deciding about the entire season. As a matter of game realism and what is most important of tactics options, FIFA Manager is left far behind Football Manager, however EA Sports game gives to its users something completely different.

The game produced by German Bright Future studio provide users with an entertainment in the true sense of the word and that’s the reason I have been with this game for all these years. Unfortunately each of us is growing older, starting work, raising his own family and haven’t got much spare time to play his favourite game. FIFA Manager doesn’t demand form its users to give the whole attention to this game, to have “all set”. This game forgives mistakes and not to infuriate users. Lots of young people expressing negative opinions about this game often forgive that computer games are not the only pebble on the beach and there is a considerable number of users who are looking for something different in the game. As far as negative comments concerning the game are individual opinions, treating FIFA Manger fans with disrespect is very unfair in my opinion. I may as well conclude that playing Football Manager game which requires so much spare time follow from poor private and professional life.

That’s why I appeal to common sense, I hope there is still a little bit of prudence in the football manager games community and at least some people will think over before express unfair opinions.

Last modified on Thursday, 20 January 2011 20:04
Author: Bart6qx
I have started to act on the Polish FIFA Manager scene since 2006. Two years later together with Piterson and Lukasvista hit upon an idea to open our own FIFA Manager service, which has started to operate in August 2008 and operate to the present day.
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