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Interface in FIFA Manager
Written by Lukasvista - Sunday, 01 June 2008 16:11  |  Skomentuj artykuÅ‚
Interface is a very important part of each game. Well-projected and thought-out, can give user big pleasure from playing. Not well-rounded interface may arouse frustration and discourage from game. You can read and see in this article how interface has changed in FIFA Manager starting from 2003 version.


I’ll start from Total Club Manager 2003. The menu is available on the right side. It has specific appearance with crooked shape and various colours underlining each category. The main interface includes 19 menu elements divided on 5 categories. Moreover you can see another menu elements which give you access to more detailed information.




Total Club Manager 2004 brought something new to the game. It turned out later to be the most proven in practice layout which is continued until now. Menu is situated on upper part of window which is divided on 5 categories. After pressing one of them you gets another menu elements, where you can choose option which you are interested in. Additional 4 buttons in right upper corner give you: main game settings, previous screen option, help option and the home screen. In the same corner you can see “Proceed” button which give you a passage for the next game day.




Released in 2005 Total Club Manager brought next changes. Menu was moved to bottom of screen. Firstly we can choose one of three available options (organization, team, club). After choosing one of them we can see a special bar referring to chosen option. Moreover we have “National Team” and “Proceed” buttons available on the left and right side. On the right corner we have four buttons : Home, Help, Assist., and Options.




But the game gives user possibility to feel as real manager in his own office. Each objects around hide functions e.g. clicking on a book on desk gives you access to news center. Of course it take some time to know where all those things lead to, but after that you could feel as in your room.




Menu in FIFA Manager 06 and 07 was completely changed again. Its main structure is imitated on Total Club Manager 2004. Comparing to earlier version changes were made in categories. Categories menu was completely reorganized. In addition new elements appeared in the game: search option, career and completely new screen, where the most important information for each managers are displayed.



There is the same menu system in FIFA Manager 08 as in 04, 06 and 07 versions. But it was little bit changed. Clicking on one of main categories opens all menu tree. On right upper corner you can see option button which gives you access to many game categories. Button situated on the right bottom corner is changing as the case may be. Red button means important message and the green one says you can continue game.




So you’ll ask how FIFA Manager 09 will look? I can claim that there will be no revolution. First published screens are evidence of that, but authors promise interface changes which will ensure easier movement on menu. Actual versions are well-rounded and thought-out which will be helpful for new users who has first contact with FIFA Manager. Because the game first of all should entertain not annoy by not well-rounded interface.


Translation: Kily

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