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The King is dead, long live the King!
Written by Bart6qx - Tuesday, 03 June 2008 18:00  |  Skomentuj artykuÅ‚
Works over creating unofficially website about FIFA Manager is going to the end. I’d like to show you all process of building team and preparing this project. This project cost us all many self-denials and lots of days of hard work. Everything began long time ago, during my works over patch improving lawn colour in the game. As fate would have it, I had some problems with adopting new textures in the game so I decided to make contact with Lukasvista.


We were conducting long and interesting conversation about improving game in various aspects, but in one moment we started to talk about creating competitive service. We both thought that competition is necessary for all FIFA Manager fans, but we decided to wait for Jochen (author and administrator of forum where we all were discussing on) move. He announced long-excepted changes on his website.

The turning point took place after so-called “open days” with Jochen participation, I decided not to wait for results of his works, and to start my works over creating new website. Of course Lukasvista supported me and recruited Piterson an JACOR, what in consequence was the beginning of short FIFAM TEAM history so far. We quickly shared our competences, opened forum (first forum, but about it later) and started to create website. Division of competencies looked as follows:

1. Lukasvista - news, articles and translation
2. Piterson - articles and recruiting people willing to help us
3. JACÓR – articles

Of course the last team member was me Bart6qx, my task was easy, to build service from technical side and prepare forum. In this moment the history of “my last month life” starts.

As fate would have it, I got additional holiday in that moment so I could completely devote to this project. The first stage was to plan service and create layout. This task wasn’t so hard so after one week the most important website sections were ready. Next I got very motivating message about our partnership with Polish Department of EA Sports. This event caused big emotions which I can’t describe now, but it caused also that I started to look at website from other side. I came to a conclusion this website is indeterminate. Positively charged, I secretly started to build completely new website. Of course other TEAM members were working hard too, which resulted in lots of materials which were systematically added on the website, increasing its attractiveness. Minute after minute our website was changing into better and absorbing almost all of our leisure time

Works over service building ended after one week, but on the other hand if we take the time I devoted to it (on average 20 hours per day), we can safely claim it was twice more longer. Fortunately, 24 hours before planned opening for VIPs, in BETA version, was successfully loaded on server. Moreover it met flattering opinions from my Team colleagues and from VIPs who were able to see all contents before premiere.

Unfortunately there are no roses without thorns so additional problem appeared, our forum was insufficiently to our needs (now, 5 days after trial start, I know that monthly transfer offered by that forum won’t be sufficient even till official opening). We made very important decision about installing script on our serverI wasn’t happy with this situation because I had a lot of works in next 24 hours and I was little tired. Fortunately I took up this challenge and we could start according to the plan. Of course that wasn’t the end of works, that was only the beginning. The first note from invited guests was the lack of Chat-Box. As an old forum user I knew that this is very necessary thing! I even was installing this kind of supplement during the visit of our first guests. This cost me another sleepless night. Why? Because I made simple mistake and I had to install all forum from the beginning. Unfortunately you sometimes forget about safe copy. And believe me, that’s very important thing. .

Stress was keeping our works over company. Firstly JACOR left our TEAM because of his personal problems. Fortunately as a replacement we quickly found talented man – Radzio1980 who made up for the lack in our articles base. The next hot event was momentary Piterson farewell with our TEAM. It was caused by difference of opinions but fortunately we reached consensus what made us realize that we are team adjusted to working together.

Writing about our TEAM I’ll explain you dear readers the principle of making decisions in FIFAM TEAM. Of course we know that how many people that many opinions so we chose democracy rules. Maybe it sound funny but it is very useful and infallible solution. Whole decision body includes Administrators, Editors, Patchmakers and Forum Friends (VIPs). All important topics are discussed is specially prepared TEAM CHANNEL and then we make decision referring to all votes. In less important issues we make decisions by voting. We are all convinced that this method will let us to develop this project without unnecessary problems. That’s why occupying one of the upper position means deciding about polish FIFA Manager scene development. It sounds very seriously and official but...

It happened, we are the only one website about our game in Poland. Unfortunately during our works over this website, competition tended to the end. The most painful was that it was the first and the only (before our start) polish website about this game in the whole Internet. I’m writing of course about, the website where everyone of us grew up on. Every of our TEAM member was dreaming about competition with Jochen and his team. In a manner of speaking we wanted to defeat something we were creating for a long time. We were not given even a chance to compete with him. A blessing in disguise Jochen joined our TEAM and will share his knowledge with us.

In the while when this article is written we have only 4 days to official open. Works over forum are going to the end (there is only one modification to install), website works for 5 days (of course only chosen people has access to it right now), but the most important is that persons of merit are now in the forum. I’d like to thank them for their help in creating our project.

I’d like also thank colleagues from my team for letting me fulfill my dream, without your help I wouldn’t be able to do all those things on such high level. But above all I’d like to thank my dear wife who supports me all the time, who was near by me during my “nonexistence in reality”, during the time when I was dived in my fantasy world

Without devotion, understanding and help from all above-mentioned persons, project will be only creation of manager games maniac fantasies. Meanwhile existence of is the fact, exciting hope of creating strong on european area players society, so let me end this story by words:



Translation: Kily

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