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Summary of 2008 year
Written by Lukasvista - Saturday, 03 January 2009 21:01  |  Skomentuj artykuÅ‚

2008 year has already ended so it’s high time to summarize our website and forum activity. During last 6 months we were all witnesses of our service development. We chose the most important events from previous year and set them in chronological order. Let’s start from the beginning:

- 8th June, 0:00 - After one month of preparations we finally opened our service about FIFA Manager. First success was of course establishing cooperational relations with EA Poland.

- 24th June – We officially started works on World Giga Patch. It was intended to be the biggest game patch ever in all history.

- 15th July – First edition of Awards competition where we all chose the best users in 9 categories. That’s the winner list:

Exemplary user: Kily

The most helpful user: m_staszek

The most active user: Liber

Football Expert: m_staszek

The best tactician: Kily

The most favourite user: Piterson

The best avatar: Kily

The best signature: Mieszczuch

The best story: Psiuwa

The best patchmaker: Liber

- 6th October – First technical break, change of hosting services and other numerous changes referring to our users suggestions. Most of them concerned forum because most of discussions about FIFA Manager take place there.

- 20th October – First official competition sponsored by our official partner EA Poland. Users could win such prizes as 3 FIFA Manager 09 games and various gadgets. Prize winners: Azazell, Menelus and Jacór.

- 22nd October – Next element making our service more worthy was opening of TV. Our main aim was to make looking for videos connected with FIFA Manager more easier.

- 1st November – Release of Polish version of FIFA Manager 09 summarized 5 months of informing you about game progress. Through this whole time you could find on our website lots of information connected with the newest release such as news or exclusive screens.


- 10th November – Our website gained official sponsor “Brus”. Thanks to it we received funds for our website promotion and new servers.

- 23rd/24th November – We implemented new initiatives. The first was Blog section where you can describe all your thoughts not only connected with FIFA Manager. The second was the beginning of campaign against piracy which is a big problem nowadays.

- 1st December – After few weeks of localization and technical works we finally opened English version of our website. This website fairly quickly receives recognition among international society. More and more foreign partners, who willingly cooperate with us, are evidence of that.

- 14th December – Big expectations for Polish Giga Patch came to an end. Evidence of patch popularity is the fact that it was downloaded over 2000 times during 5 days.

- 21st December – We decided to change design of our 2 websites just before Christmas. We also started new competition with our official partner EA Poland with gadgets to win. is not website only but forum also which is vibrant with life for 24 hours a day. It’s difficult to quote all dates and memories because every day brought us something new, we had to deal with. There is no summary without statistics:


Forum: 30
Warnings: 68
Registered users: 1200
Total number of posts: 7638
Total number of subjects: 950


Design changes (pol/eng ): 11/1
Number of news (pol/eng): 51/53
Number of articles (pol/eng): 42/32
Team members: 18

In the end we would like to thank you all for your participation in our website and forum life during whole 6 months. We also hope you’ll have a pleasant memory of 2009 year thanks to numerous changes we are planning or working on.


Translation: Kily

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