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Written by Bart6qx - Saturday, 03 January 2009 21:57  |  Skomentuj artykuÅ‚

Finally, unprecedented so far possibility to have own club, appeared in our country. Thanks to new project, which is called (KupimyKlub = We’ll buy a club), each of us may have influence on most important decisions connected with football club development.

This project is completely innovate in Poland and was inspirited by success of British project. Prototype came into existence in 2007 thanks to British sport journalist Will Brooks idea. English project members collected funds during 12 months and bought club from the lowest English league. Club is named Ebbsfleet United and reached for first success winning F.A. Trophy. They win in the final 1-0 over Torquay United at Wembley stadium (attendance 40 000). Identical projects are also developed in Germany and Italy. Italian side realize currently second phase – choice and buy suitable club.

Polish project was created thanks to cooperation of wide group of people with passion to football. They created introductory description of project and its programme. How project authors claims it is dedicated to all football fans who want to join this project, express own opinion, present ideas and discuss on forum to contribute to project development which will finally result in creating a club. All members will decide about future club shape. Polish project began in15th July 2008, and was divided on 3 phases.

First phase: time of accumulating minimal number of users (50 000) who will introductory express the wish to support this initiative by free registration. First phase will last 12 months, till July, 2009. Afterwards all registered users will be asked for declaring their membership. Declaration of membership is not obligatory, everyone may resign from further participation.

Second phase: it’s time of paying membership fees (20 zlotys yearly). Then number of potential members and estimated sum of money will be published. That will be the base for analysis of possible investments. There will be 2 options: to buy a club from lower league or to create a new club from scratch. Second phase will be also focused on looking for potential project and future club sponsor. End of second phase is planned for December of 2009.

Currently it is more probable to buy existing club because it’ll be cheaper way of gaining “Our club”. Building the club from scratch is the venture for many years and very costly. Of course building club from basics will ensure bigger delight because “Our club” will be really our. But this solution means longer process of creating and may discourage potential club co-owners.

Third phase: the last part, time for finalizing project goals:
1. Registration of club and association, articles of incorporation passage, election of club hierarchy.
2. Choice and buy existing club or suitable back-up facilities and creating club from basics. Decision about club localization will be made referring to members propositions.
3. Begin of statutory club activity.
4. Conclusion and verification of third phase is planned for December of 2010, so we are going to take participate in league competition from 2011/2012 season.

Project is opened for all football fans, we warmly encourage you to participate in it because it’s unique occasion to fulfill your dreams, every football fan dreams about own club. More information you can find on website.


Translation: Kily

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