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Written by Lukasvista - Thursday, 02 July 2009 16:59  |  Skomentuj artykuÅ‚

4:15 a.m., sound of alarm clock wake me up, that means this is the time to begin the new day. What will I see and what will I write about, I didn’t know. Everything was going to become clear at 1 p.m. in Warsaw. But firstly I had to reach there, my journey started at 6:01 a.m. in Kalisz. I had to cover 230 km which means 4 hours of travel, so that was the time to plan the day. I reached the point of destination at 10:00 a.m. and had 3 hours before presentation. I decided to look for the place where the presentation took place and to visit few locations

The weather was fine, to fine, 25 degrees Celsius became tiresome. At 12:30 I reached “Sketch” club where presentation of FIFA 10 and FIFA Manager 10 was going to start in 30 minutes. The demonstration took place on the first floor, and the first thing I had to do was to sing confidentiality clause. Everything what I saw, heard and recorded I had to keep confidential until the fixed date. That’s why this article couldn’t be published on Tuesday, just after my return. When I entered the room I caught sight of fansites members, services’ editors, EA members and game producers. Bright Future was represented by Adrian Wahl, with who I had an occasion to meet for the first time during this presentation. After we introduce to each other, and my question “Will you show me something new in FIFA Manager 10?”, Adrian invited me to the desk where his laptop was. I saw the Wis?a Kraków line – up firstly, but that was not the thing which focused my attention. I was impressed by changed interface. The first improvement is the possibility to change gadgets displayed on our virtual manager desk e.g. instead of scarf which you can see on one of screens I could choose bonsai tree, sunglasses, charms and other elements, which you can count up to 50. The next option is the possibility to move side elements such as notepad, widgets, manager info, where you want to move. This gave us option to position elements which we want to see in concrete place. Thanks to it we can adjust interface to our individual preferences.

If you want to see your entire virtual manager desk, you have to choose the highest resolution 1920 x 1200, otherwise you have to use mouse to scroll the screen and see all contents. To do this you have to press left mouse button and move mouse to any direction. After acquainting myself with interface, it was high time to see what improvements were implemented in other sections. In the line – up besides adding players’ pictures which are back again, we got the option to load one of four earlier saved line – ups. Info screen doesn’t changed so much, the text informing us how many games player have to play to receive a bonus was added here. You can also see here the help screen which can be called by pressing the button placed on the right corner. On the screen in book shape, hints are displayed. Currently the whole contents of help screens are being translated into English. The next thing which I saw was automatic substitution option, which you can set according to your own criteria. In my opinion this feature presents very well. I saw also the option to move players to reserves after selecting the duration of the stay e.g. for 3 weeks. What new we’ll see in training section? We can see little changes on the main screen. General rule in training schedule didn’t change. We choose the percentage of time we want to set for concrete training goal. But on the next screen Adrian showed me very interesting option – I was able to made my all defenders focus on tackling. From pull – down menu we choose one group and set the training goal. After acceptation we see that the training goal for selected group has changed.

Next element which I could see was the option to assign 3 training goals to a player, which will be achieved one by one. But it is possible also to set that the player has to raise the first training goal (e.g. acceleration) by 2 levels, and then to focus on the second training goal. After presenting training section we moved to calendar, where Adrian set the friendly game. Firstly I saw improved text mode. I didn’t see big changes in the interface but of course I could see manager shout feature, heard fan chants in the background and see few minor improvements. I couldn’t see other things such as new texts and videos because these are not yet finished. Of course many FIFA Manager fans loves 3D mode so after a short question “Can we test it?”, I saw nice looking loading screen and our dressing room on the background. On the panel which we know from FIFA Manager 09, I could see manager shouts which have really impact on the game. Additionally 3 new cameras are implemented, I like the most manager eye view.

Of course everyone likes something different, a camera for the complete ground will be chosen by hard-core tactician, who like to work on finding the perfect formation, and an individual camera for certain players will be chosen by users who like to feel the game from pitch perspective. Another feature – 3D Live Player Info, looks very promising and every user will appreciate the fact that all important information about a player are displayed on one screen. That’s a very useful tool, if you e.g. notice a well playing player from opponent team, you can just click on him and you are able to send a scout who will focus on this player straight away after match. 3d match looks also promising. Players models, adboards, manager figure build the great vibe. In addition the figure of manager can be adjust to your preferences, but I couldn’t see how it looks in details. Of course 3D mode is not the only element of this game so we moved to staff section.

The new thing I saw here was the option to retrain staff member. I could e.g. change Amateur Coach position to Assistant Manager. That’s very easy and quick, you have to only choose the new position from a drop-down list, then the confirmation and you have retrained staff member. The next new option I saw was simplified stadium editor. If you want to extend stand capacity, the only thing you have to do is to move the scrollbar to a number of seats you want to have and all is done. Club facilities generally didn’t change comparing to FIFA Manager 09, but you can see completely new section here – stadium infrastructure. As you surely noticed on published screens, we can decide about few categories e.g. appearances of our locker room. Next point for Bright Future for inventiveness. The next detail which was added to the game is manager diary, which you can read about in so-called product description. It looks very nice, as a book with FIFA Manager 10 logo, you can turn pages by grabbing the bottom corner. The animation of turning pages makes a good impression, like on real.

That’s the time now to introduce website pages. Icons for Website, MAT, Search and so on were moved to the right upper corner of interface. Website is displayed on laptop screen which is located on manager desk. It’s yet on work phase but I noticed one change comparing to last year edition. That is the text which appears only after choosing one of few subjects displayed on website. It surely gives better transparency if you want to be up to date with information. On the upper bar, besides well known tabs such as domestic and international competition, you can see the new category annual magazine. With its appearances it resembles papers which appears during the game, but the contents is different. On the right side you can see pitch and the best eleven on it. On the left side there are lot of texts with pictures.

I can’t describe many option which are not finished yet and it wasn’t able to test them. Above description refers to offline mode. Of course as you know FIFA Manager 10 will have online mode too. I had a pleasure to find out how this mode looks thanks to Adrian. The separate icon runs this mode, in the window which appears we enter login and password. Of course Adrian had an account created so we didn’t have to pass through the registration process. After login you see place so-called lobby where you can join running games. You can also host your own game, which was of course showed to me. You start with choosing avatar which will represent you. You can choose from more than ten avatars, which looks like figures from South Park. The next step is to select the game name and set time limit for everyone. You can also set a password for closed competition. You can choose from 20 main world leagues, after choosing one you start competition from perspective of 4 categories, which form the main game interface. Online mode is focused mainly on speed that’s why many things were not moved from offline mode or are simplified e.g. player info screen. Instead of lot of values describing e.g. goalkeeper, we got here his level and 3 special skills. Stadium extension is limited to only choosing the number of seats and finances are restricted to key decisions referring to club management. Training section is also very simplified. You can only choose one of few options such as regeneration or form.

Transfer market looks very interesting in this mode. You have to make fast decisions because it will depends on your speed if the player join your club. You have only few seconds to raise the price so you have to think fast. There is a chat in this mode so you can comment your doings with other users. As I mentioned earlier there is a time limit. If you didn’t set you line-up in time, it will be done automatically. To keep the speed of competition on the highest possible level, matches are played only in text mode, which looks very similar to text mode from FIFA Manager 09. Of course chat is implemented here too, so you can comment the match with your opponent.

At the end of the match you can see matchday summary. Simplicity and speed are the main advantages of the online mode. I like it and I am sure that many of you will like it too. After 3 hours spent in “Sketch” club on testing FIFA Manager 10 I thanked Adrian for game presentation. One photo with Adrian and after few minutes I was making for home. I had lot of impressions in my head so my return trip was the great occasion to plan this article. At the end of this article I’d like to thank to my colleague from EA Poland, Adrian Wahl for devoting his time and Brus for his help.

?ukasz Tomczyk
Chief editor of

Translation: Kily

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