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Save & Load
Written by Piterson - Sunday, 26 July 2009 22:01  |  Skomentuj artykuÅ‚

Today I’d like to raise a very significant issue. The way of playing manager games – save@load – has excited the whole computer game society for many years. Talking about save@load, you can see much more antagonists than followers, but is that really right? If an incessant criticism on Internet forums is not the idle words? If save@load is something really bad? I’ll try to ask these and other questions in this article.

What is save@load? I’m sure every player knows it, but despite that I’ll try to define it. This is the way of playing which means saving the game regularly and loading it in case of failures. This phenomenon doesn’t concern only manager games society, but it is much more visible when we talk about sport games. I have been related with manager game’s forum for 4 years and I noticed that when some player boast about his successes, he is always attacked by other users, who accuses him of using save@load as a way of playing.
But if save@load is something which shouldn’t be used? Definitely not! Why some users cannot be allowed to play whatever they want? Computer game should be the source of entertainment. When we come back home after a long and hard day, we sit in front of monitor and want to relax. Human is complicated being but I’m sure that after a hard day no one will look for additional negative feelings in computer games. Bigger pleasure brings series of wins than defeats. When we loses match after match, and instead of desired victory, we fight in relegation zone, the game loses its basic function. It stops to bring entertainment and start to add nerves and stress. Why someone, who pay for a game, cannot choose the way of playing it, without exposing himself to criticism?
There are always many critics and suspicious persons on Internet forums. But if each of them has a clear conscience? To be frank, I doubt it. Most of players have used save@load method at least once. But why so little players are able to admit that? Why we choose to live in a hypocrisy criticizing others? I think psychologist will be able to give the answer, not me. I can admit that I have used and still use sav@load. Not always and with various intensity, because the game is for me only the source of entertainment. Yes, it is nice to have a winning series without continual loading the game, but sometimes someone simply want to increase his morale beating Real Madrid or Barcelona. Is that bad? I think not. Is that a cheating? Again I think that not, because who is then cheated? Computer?
So where is a problem? In my opinion the problem appears when someone who uses this way of playing, boast about his “successes“ on forums. Then save@load start to be a problem and became to be a cheating. Only then person using save@load expose himself to criticism.
Today this text is exceptionally short, but I think I set forth an overview of this problem. In next article, which will appear soon, I’ll try to raise another interesting issue, which is choosing a club for competition.



Translation: Kily

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