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Tell me what club do you choose...
Written by Piterson - Monday, 03 August 2009 18:07  |  Skomentuj artykuÅ‚

Tell me what club do you choose, and I will tell you what are you looking for in manager games.
Each of us is a different person, quite a few of us have different interests, we spend a free time in a different way, but there is one thing which is common for all of us – we love to play manager games. Why we do like this kind of games? What is so special in it causing that we spend hundreds of hours playing this sort of games? And the most important question, if each of us play manager games for the same reason?

Regardless of the fact if we are fans of FIFA Manager, Football Manager or other manager game, one thing join us together. We all have common passion. To a greater or lesser degree football is a common hobby for all people reading this text now. When we sit in front of monitor and play our favourite manager game, we join two passions together – football and computer games. But each player differs. Everyone pay attention to different things, enjoy different aspects of game. The first division of players can be made when we choose a club we want to manage. Like I wrote in one of my previous article (FIFA Manager 09 by Football Manager fan(atic) eye) FIFA Manager and Football Manager are intended for different profile of players. However when we make a division of players choosing FIFA Manager and Football Manager, will we get a uniform groups of players? I don’t think so. There is still one difference left – the reason why we play manager games.
The club we chose often cause ridicules on Internet forums. Why? Because players divide into next 2 groups. Some of them prefer to choose club from a lower league and lead it for many years to the top. On the other hand, others like to manage Real Madrid, Barcelona or other big clubs. Does it meant that players from second group are worse? Does it means that these players “cut corners”? No, and one more time NO! I think players from both groups play manager games for different reasons.
Let’s start from a group choosing weak clubs. In general they are followers of “to start from scratch and become a millionaire” theory. They prefer gradual progress. This is a group of people who prefer to work with unknown players, with a budget on a low level, without a possibility of buying stars. Users from this group spend many hours on transfer market looking for low – cost players, players without contracts who are willing to play in a club from lower league. Building a team often base on young players supplemented by experienced players who are not good enough to play in better clubs. This kind of clubs (from a lower league) are chosen by players who want to build the team from scratch.
The second group contain players who choose top teams playing in highest leagues. Why managing Real, Barcelona, Arsenal or Milan give us so big pleasure? Because we are aware of the fact that it is possible for us to manage big club only sitting in front of monitor. We like watching best players in action. We often wonder how we would set a line – up when we were Benitez, Wenger or Mourinho. We often criticize call – ups sent by national team coach. Real Madrid fans cannot understand why Raul is out of Spanish national team squad. Whereas FIFA Manager, Football Manager or other manager game give us a chance decide about that kind of matters. We can make that our favourite club will dominate domestic and European competition. We can buy every player we want and build the real dream team. Managing top clubs give us opportunities which we dream about, opportunities which we probably won’t experience in real world. How many of us will have a chance to sit on a bench on Camp Nou and reprimand player worth 90 mln Euro? How many of us will be able to spend with impunity 100 mln Euro yearly?

Next time if you start criticizing someone, who manage top club, think over it. If someone choose Real Madrid, it doesn’t mean he is worse virtual manager, that’s simply the only one opportunity for him to fulfill his dreams.


Translation: Kily

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