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Wis?a, Porto, Celtic, Lyon i.e. tell me what club do you choose, part 2
Written by Piterson - Thursday, 13 August 2009 22:25  |  Skomentuj artykuĹ‚

I didn’t expect the second part of this text. My last article Tell me what club do you choose... aroused very big interest in both manager’s communities (FIFA Manager and Football Manager). I enjoy positive comments about my little text but during writing first part I forgot about something I plan to write about. If you read previous article you know I divided players into 2 groups. Very extreme groups. What an ignorance from my side! I am apologetic and I hope you will forget it to me.


First of all I’d like to devote my attention to thing included in the title. Wis?a Kraków, FC Porto, Celtic Glasgow, Olympique Lyon and not enumerated Anderlecht Brussels, Olympiakos Piraeus, Zanit St. Petersburg, PSV Eindhoven – what is common for these clubs? It’s of course unclosed group. How you can see there are representatives from various countries. There are such teams as Wis?a Kraków or Celtic Glasgow from not the best leagues and Lyon from fairly strong Ligue 1. But these teams probably have something common as I enumerated them. This common feature are their successes. Some of you are now laughing and stop to read this text having not a good opinion about its author. But managing these clubs without bigger financial costs we are able to dominate domestic competition and do not achieve significant successes on European area. Obviously managing Lyon we set higher aims in Champions League than managing Wis?a, but we don’t assume that we will win this competition in first 2-3 seasons. To build the best team in domestic league is not so hard task, but when we are going to be on the top of Europe, we have a hard, long and laborious work to do. Someone could ask, which criteria has to be fulfilled to classify a club to this group? It’s difficult to say. I will try to enumerate few more clubs which match this group and it maybe will help you to understand the characteristic of this classification. I mean Legia Warsaw and Lech Pozna? in Poland, Glasgow Rangers in Scotland, Ajax in Netherlands, CSKA in Russia, Benfica in Portugal etc. As you can see I didn’t enumerate clubs from England, Spain, Germany or Italy. Because it’s much difficult to dominate domestic competition in these leagues managing clubs not from the TOP.

Different situation concerns such teams as Fulham. Obviously this is significant group of clubs. What is their characteristic? They are to weak to achieve champions title and to strong to be relegated. However this group is not fairly coherent. You manage club from England in a different way than in Poland. In the best clubs we have millions Euro to spend on transfer market. Managing Polish club you enjoy every earned 100 000 Euro. In stronger leagues the level of satisfaction increases when you have much bigger money at you disposal. Managing that kind of clubs we want to play in the best leagues on the world. We want to compete everyday with such teams as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Arsenal or Inter. Our aim is to gain any points with the strongest opponents, a fight for a place guarantees European Cups qualification and a fight for domestic Cups. Certainly it is not an easy task. The biggest difficulties are transfer market actions from bigger clubs. When our player receives regularly offers from Chelsea or AC Milan, it’s very difficult to persuade him to stay at our club. Sometimes it’s difficult to refuse offers for our best player, when offered price is bigger than the whole budget at our disposal…

I think the last group of virtual managers I forgot to mention about in previous article, are persons who choose clubs from the city they live or clubs which are their favourite. When we live near to Kraków we probably want to manage Wis?a Kraków or Cracovia Kraków. People from ?ód? will choose between Widzew and ?KS, and players living in Pozna? will play Lech. Whereas when we support Leeds United for many years, when we are fascinated by Green Street Hooligans and sympathize with West Ham United or after watching first part of GOL movie we are interested in Newcastle, we will choose these clubs to play. Then we follow our ordinary or sometimes extraordinary fondness. Because there is nothing better than managing our favourite club.

I listed definitely the biggest groups of players. Of course some of you will say that you doesn’t match any of these groups, but for these persons a create sixth group – OTHERS. Obviously there are also players who will match few groups, I didn’t say it is possible to belong only to one of them. If you read both my articles relating to this topic, you will get fairly coherent classification. At the end there is one more thing I have to explain. The reason I wrote the first part of this topic was to defend and excuse such persons as me who like to play such clubs as Real Madrid. Thanks for reading both part of articles and for all comments.


Translation: Kily

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