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What do other people think about Bartosz Kiewra and
Written by Piterson - Tuesday, 01 June 2010 21:12  |  Skomentuj artykuÅ‚

bart6qxFanatic, workaholic, perfectionist. These 3 words enter my mind when I think about Bartek. This is a man who created project and made the impossible. He created a great community from a small and broken FIFA Manager scene. Despite the big success he’s still unassuming. Every time he emphasize an importance and contribution of the whole team (You will become convinced about that in this interview). However this team wouldn’t be existing without him. and other BweB Group projects are his work in the first place. Due to our website birthday I decided to make a pleasant surprise for him. I have asked group selected people from our scene for writing several sentences about Bartek, the creator of a small Internet empire and about his projects – his virtual children. Thanks to Kily’s help it was possible to collect 3 additional opinions from a” big world”. I warmly encourage you to read this article: “What do other people think about Bartosz Kiewra and”

I was wondering which opinion should be presented at first place. I decided that it should come first from a man who is working with him very closely. Lukasvista is the Chief editor of and one of its co – founders. That’s what he has to say:

I have cooperated with Bartek for 2,5 years and despite the lapse of such a long time nothing has changed in our relations. He’s always ready to hear others suggestions through and to help with implementing new projects. We have a telephone contact every day and this is the way we are deal with most of matters connected with our service working. Other matters, which require long term planning, are discussed during live meetings which we organise from time to time. It has to be mentioned that when he implement changes on the forum or website, he’s always doing that very professionally and carefully. In a word, cooperation with Bartek is a pleasure.


The next opinion come from Brus, BweB Group’s co – owner:


Bartek Kiewra, as a private person, is in my opinion very fair and concrete man, I can always rely on him and I have never heard a refusal from him, even in the slightest matter. He’s one of a very few disinterested people I have ever met. We haven’t met personally so far, however we keep in permanent touch with each other via phone and e-mail. About his work and involvement in creating and, these successes speak for themselves. I’m sure that we wouldn’t achieved this level without Bartek. Taking the opportunity, I would like to thank him for everything what he has done for me, not only for things connected with our services, but for private advices as well. I hope his enthusiasm and trust in people is such huge as mine in him. Good luck Bartek.


I think it’s high time for our two forum moderators who practically have worked with Bartek since the beginning. The first opinion come from Kily and the second from M_staszek.


When I have run into Bartek in the Internet for the first time, I didn’t expected what will happen with the Polish FIFA Manager scene in the nearest future. That was on non-existent already first FIFA Manager forum. During few days we were discussing with Bartek about aspects of player development. Our dispute was tempestuous but factual, however it didn’t herald our forthcoming cooperation. How did FIFA Manager fans fate take it course, we all know exactly. Nowadays, I have a big pleasure to co-create together with Bartek and other great people this great masterpiece which is service. Describing Bartek I won’t be original when I conclude that he is very stubborn. He always tries to achieve his goals with determination and never give up. In my opinion Bartek is half a human and half a machine :) I always wonder where does he derive his self-denial and energy from to devote himself to planned projects in such a broad spectrum, practically not sleeping day and night. In this aspect he should be a role model. Without Bartek, Polish FIFA Manager scene wouldn’t look the same as it looks now. I’m sure that this locomotive with Bartek on board will be still going with the full speed.


First my thought about Bartek that entered my mind when I was joining the team, was that he knows what he wants. He stubbornly pursues his aim. Apart from that, it became known that he values others opinions. However when he expresses his views he knows he’s right. I respect him for implementing his objectives step by step. The fact that became in such short time respected website abroad, has to be appreciated. I am under the impression that amount of time spent on scene’s projects is really huge in his case.


Liber is the newest of management and the our Chief patchamker. It’s high time for his opinion:


Bartek is one of persons who you can always rely on. He also has a lot of interesting ideas and is very ambitious what can be noticed when you look at services he’s running. Cooperation with him is very successful, we practically come to an understanding in most cases. I have known him for over two years and we haven’t had any quarrel so far, that demonstrate something clearly. Additionally he’s hard-working. His contribution to, and soon to as well, is appreciated. That’s not easy to combine that all, family, work and services, but Bartek is doing that really well. I hope his enthusiasm and inventiveness will be still present. I’m sure of that, I know him very well.


However not only opinions from the closest collaborators are important here. I asked also few active forum members for writing few sentences about Bartek. At the beginning few words from Morlin:


Bartek is a very nice person with a high personal culture and probably personal hygiene as well :) His relevant retorts in posts written by all forum rules ignoramuses arouse big respect from all users, and a smile on their faces as well. Despite sometimes happens that he uses swear-words, he isn’t as strict as we could perceive him looking at number of bans and warnings he has granted to forum users. In reality he’s a nice, likeable and cheerful man and fantastic Administrator as well. None of service’s failure is a drag for him. He excellently does his work on website and forum. He keeps an order day and night. When I appear on the forum you can expect everything however Bartek is always able to pacify me :) . Our dear and beloved Administrator has also a good sense of humor. He often demonstrates that on forum chat. That’s my opinion about our Director in short :) I hope he won’t be mad at me and won’t send me on leave :)


The next will be the biggest chat spammer that has ever seen – Seba81. He hasn’t had close contact with Bartek so far, that’s why he expressed his veiws about Bartek’s work:


Due to the forthcoming our service’s birthday, I decided to answer Piotrek’s request and to write few words about and its creators.

That’s great occasion because it’s one year since I have entered this website for the first time.

I cannot remember what was the reason I entered the forum, but I exactly remember that I was quarreling with some moderators. I was quarreling as a matter of principles and as a result I got a warning. I remembered that the first person I came to like was Lukasvista cause despite the fact he was reprimanding me. He was doing that displaying moderation, he really didn’t want to ban me (and I was only one step before  that). I thought then It was the time to stop and calm down, because I wasn’t so big caution like I was thinking I am :)

About the website and forum contents, at the beginning of my adventure here, I downloaded Polish Giga Patch 2,5 installed that and that was all. But half a year later, FIFA Manager 10 was released and first talks about PGP 3.0 and WGP 1.0 began and I started to go through that together with all team members. I remember also that few days after the game release, Liber released mini PGP, so my joy was amazing when I saw all badges in Ekstraklasa and I Liga. Later there was lots of spam referring to the release date of PGP 3.0 (I personally was asking about that repeatedly on forum chat, writing posts or private messages :D)

Being on the forum every day, I knew how the work on such a big patch look like, additionally lads  were describing the whole process on the forum. Then I realized how many efforts they put into this patch to make it high quality and how many websites have to be looked through to collect players data, player, city and stadium picture and additionally these lads had also their daily duties on the forum and in private life. And it has to be mentioned that after releasing the PGP and WGP, works on improving database were still lasting. The next grat thing on our service are installers for each patch, so there is nothing you have to do than only clicking next, next, next. Some time ago I downloaded a country file for Finland from foreign fansite and despite there was everything I wanted, each element was in separate folder so I had to put it to appropriate folders by myself.

If someone asked me about website I would safely answer that it is managed professionally and both administrators and moderators are really cool.


Now it’s time for Kalou, another person who has “Forum friend” rank, will share his opinion about Bartek:


Bartek is like Bob the Builder, the work which he is doing to develop this service, is very huge. He hung the crossbar very high not only for himself but for his team as well, showing this way his passion and willingness to develop. Determination is probably his biggest advantage, thanks to it he achieved so much. He can relax and talk with others about less important things, but when it’s necessary to take appropriate measures, loose conversations are going aside. Absolute professionalism.


I asked also Pecelot for his opinion. He’s one from younger and active forum members:


Our service probably wouldn’t exist without Bartek or surely wouldn’t be so popular. This man is doing really great job :) He makes lots of patches and other modifications. Generally a nice man :)


According to my promise there are also 3 opinions from a “big world”. Due to the fact that these people don’t have any contact with Bartek, we asked them to voice their views about our service:




First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I'm glad that a good and prolific team like yours has managed to give such help to the FIFA Manager fans through the hard work for the quality patches that brigs this game so close to reality, in the normal limits that you and everyone could develop it. I hope you would keep at least the same level of work in the next years and we would hear about your team in the future!

Kind regards, Toni Gherghe, FIFA Manager Researcher for Romania.


Soren, a Polish FIFA MANAGER website is a very informative and well organized fansite. Lukas and his team are constantly updating their web presence and the try to offer as much info as possible about the FIFA MANAGER series and about Bright Future alike. They also offer patches, country files for fans and users of our game.

Sören Stöß, International Community Manager




We are really happy and proud that there are people like Lukas and his team who spend their spare time to make FIFA MANAGER a better game for the other users. This a big motivation for our work as well.

Gerald, Game Designer


I think it’s time for short conclusions. I have presented here 12 opinions about Bartek and his work. My objective was to show Bartek how much his work is appreciated. This text written jointly with 12 people express opinion of the majority of our community and is a kind of present for founder and originator. The work that this man is doing is really amazing. Everything in order to derive as many profits from FIFA Manager game as possible. In few days, during the big final of our birthday, the new services will start. Looking at the last two years and Bartosz Kiewra activity, every fan of virtual football can safely look into the future.

Translation: Kily

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