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FIFA Manager 11 - new details
Written by Kily - Sunday, 03 October 2010 19:28  |  Skomentuj artykuÅ‚

fifam11Thanks to Bright Future and EA we found out new game elements which will be included in FIFA Manager 11. It’s worth to become acquainted with the following article, which will reveal unknown so far details. We warmly encourage you to read this text.

P.S. The following publication is based on document sent by Bright Future to This is not the final version and may be changed at any time.



Pure Football
- Full concentration on the typical tasks of a UK manager
- Simplified menu structure concentrating on his tasks
- More than 20 improvements thanks to UK Focus Group (simulate to next game, automatic preparation, you can add money to player swaps)

Cup Draw
- New beautiful screen (different screens for respective competitions (Champions Cup, Europa League etc.)
- Correct allocation of the single teams and leagues in the draft
- Comments on previous finals

Main Menu
- New widgets=> Navigation, League overview, double-click function (after update 5 FIFA MANAGER 10)
- New Search function (Widget)
- 3D head as manager picture
- Right-click on calendar will open it
- Newscenter => many new hyperlinks
- Season preparation mail through assistant (Focus Group)
- Simulate to next game (Focus Group)
- Finance assistant (takes care of the complete finance part of the game; can be activated and deactivated during the game in the options)
- New help screen at gamestart for newbies
- New tournament status screen => information on all national team competitions (various new screens)
- New mail icon

Player Info
- New layout
- Experience
- Moral (rubber band effect)
- Self confidence
- Position overview
- Position Level
- Notepad can be opened directly
- New screen
- Hint for new moral system (colored circles)
- Full screen overview
- Tactics assistant
- Individual
- Player paths
- New settings for corners and goal kicks
- Fast formations (10 formations ca be preset and selected from the calendar =>young team for friendlies, best team for important games)
- Shirt numbers can now be edited directly in the lineup screen

Transfer Market
- Summer: Big time for deals
- Aggressive rivals try to lure away your players; respective loss in the player’s morale if the offer is turned down => typical decision situation in a real manager’s life
- We also included sham offers, in this case the player will be disappointed by the offer from the apparently interested club and will forget his annoyance about this
- Communication via media before the actual offer is made (praise, exaltation, intend to buy, interest (“An interesting player.”))
- New screen for the negotiation status (which transfer will come off, which one rather not?)
- Special Transfer bulletins with new headlines (the complete negotiation, including all preceding rumors are documented in this way). A transfer can produce up to 10 or more headlines in various sizes (1. Page, small article – depending on the player’s importance.
- Newspaper articles about player transfers outside your own club
- Video after successful the contract with a star player has been signed
- Relegated teams struggle to keep their good players (players receive offers from other clubs, players become angry if they are forced to stay)
- Players wait with contract renewals (for example until a befriended player prolonged his contract)
- New screen for contract terms (the amount of terms was confusing for novices, now it is clearer and shows clear demands for players/player agents)
- Improved “last 24 hours” feature with increased offers (the last day of the transfer phase runs down as a countdown)
- Internal transfer prestige for an evaluation of interesting clubs
- AI intervenes more often if contracts are running out
- Transfers at the beginning of the first season are detected in the game (club information is outright correct)
- Player can generally be offered for sale via the agent
- Improved rating routine in longer negotiating rounds with AI clubs; less fast negotiation break ups
- Board can question the transfer policy
- Search for “similar players” now possible
- Transfer value is now displayed (package => transfer fee + salary)
- “Real” youth player contracts (considerably more detailed)
New Player Level and Experience System
- Position level (70%) + ability level (30%)
- Experience system (-4 to +3)

- Automatic training intensity
- New types of injuries and illnesses (can be edited in the editor) =>before 41, now 104
- Flu epidemic, infection => effects the whole team

- all teams can be selected in the team scouting area
- Scout level of former players is now higher
- Scouting hints for player from the club’s vicinity

- New Overview

- New screen
- Option to simulate to the specific game
- Teams for friendlies are available right away (in the past you had to play the first day), sufficient participants for tournaments
- Before a game, quick formations can be directly set for upcoming games

- New screen

- Many new texts that create more atmosphere (e.g.”Affelay signs with Gunners”)
- Use of fan names (e.g. “Citizens happy over Balotelli deal”)

Match Announcement
- New screens (backgrounds can be replaed, individual themes for every competition, 50 different designs at sales launch)
- Separation between match day (three top games with important info concerning the games) and your own match
- City texts

- New derby videos
- New goalkeeper videos (XXL player pictures are used) =>clean sheet, good goalkeeper performance
- Player signing
- Transfer gone bad

- New live-events (11 new events => foul at the edge of the box, injury after sprint, powerplay, dangerous return pass, revenge foul….)
- Provider now shown in goal pop-up
- Improved feedback on selected tactics
- Use of the city name for players and teams to generate variety (now in English too)

3D Game
- Action Mode has been revised
- Improved AI
- FIFA11 owners can now play Full “Team Control”.
- Overlays with individual color themes for each competition
- New option to change the player in the career mode
- After three strong games in the career mode you can now give out a bonus

- Colored balls for goals, assists and own goals on the post match screen
- Historic results of all World Cups
- All time table for the third German Bundesliga

- Learn a position (like in the first and second team)
- Player must play
- Higher chances to lure youth players away from better clubs => the perspective plays an important role for the youth player
- Contract negotiations for youth players

Rules improvements
- German Supercup
- Turkish foreigners limitation
- Home Grown Rule in England

- New trophies for the German third League Champion
- New trophies for the German fourth League Champion
- New trophies for the German Supercup
- New trophies for the ADEG Erste Liga (First Austrian league)
- New trophies for the Russian Premier League
- New trophies for the Russian Cup

Script improvements
- New team member who only works on scripts
- Realistic fourth division system in Germany, 11 (instead of 8) leagues with correct relegation)
- More than 15 foreign countries have been overhauled

- Staff is now in the club area

Story of a Season
- Relegation (only shown when the user has registered for the Online Mode)
- Big Spender (only shown when the user has registered for the Online Mode)

Ups & Downs
- Increased talent revaluation
- Higher difficulty to “breed” good reserve teams

Found a Club
- Own league structure can be set in the editor (important/useful for fansites)
- Club badge can be used in the club name
- New fonts for badges

World Cup Mode
- Mode from this year’s update 5 also playable in FIFA MANAGER 11


- Show friends’ games
- Host can add a game description at game start
- Youth Draft
- New trophies
- Global Chat

Main Menu
- New Layout
- Screen resorted => finances incl. infrastructure, own transfer screen
- Calendar

Action Items
- At least 50 different (Fitness Boost, Cure Injuries, Budget increase, fountain of youth => selected player becomes five years younger and many more)

- Player search; searched position can be set (response shown on transfer market); search of other clubs
- Hidden offers
- Player request with bid
- Direct transfers between users

Player info
- Penalty for strikers who struggle for goals, bonus for strikers who are on a run
- Use of new 3D faces

Sponsor missions
- Missions during the season that reward players with money

- Club statistics
- Additional statistics

Training camp

Game calculation
- Improved AI substitutions  

FIFA MANAGER 11 - Data and facts
- 12.768 player pictures
- 657 XXL-player pictures
- 558 city pictures
- 175 stadion pictures
- 37.513 real players
- 4.033 clubs
- 62 playable countries
- 172 playable leagues
- 86 leagues with real player names
- 43 ability attributes per player 0-99
- 17 position levels
- 11 special abilities in the Online Mode
- 153 different adjustments per player
- 108 different adjustments per club
- 1.400.263.200 different ways of creating a player face

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