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FIFA Manager 11 review
Written by Lukasvista - Tuesday, 30 November 2010 10:19  |  Skomentuj artykuÅ‚

tactics2FIFA Manager 11 is the next edition of manager game created by Bright Future studio. Every year this game develops bigger depth of its features. As the producers claimed, the main emphasis in this year’s edition was put on transfers and tactics sections. We are quite a lot of time after releasing FIFA Manager 11, so it’s a good moment to rate this product. I’ll briefly introduce the most important game aspects, I’ll focus also on improved sections.

The first contact with FIFA Manager 11 brings at once association with last year’s edition. The game interface and menu structure hasn’t changed except for complexion which is now black. Some of screens such as Line-up, Player details, Financial summary or Calendar has been reconstructed. Thanks to that all the contents included in those screens became even more readable. Generally it should be stated that the game image is on the high level, which obviously creates the game climate. However, the most important thing in such games is playability and broadly understood realism. In accordance with announcements, transfer section together with its background was going to be a big step forward. This game feature presents really interesting indeed, all options available in Transfer Preparation feature give us benefits before transfer talks. Moreover our activeness on this area is commented by media on a current basis. In comparison with last year’s edition, buying and selling players are not so easy anymore, which surely increases the game realism. The big disadvantages was a difficulty in selling own players, however this problem was solved in Update 1.


Contacts with media or player before transfer talks may bring us benefits.

The next element which brings breath of the freshness to the FIFA Manager game is Tactics Editor. Producers resigned from scheme presenting tactics by icons, which was used for last few years. Currently everything is displayed in a big separate screen showing standard options (such as the way of crossing or passing etc.) on a pitch. The new feature in this section is Edit Routes screen, which allow us to order each player where he should be on the pitch while the team is attacking/defending. Obviously all route orders are reflected in 3D mode. Another good option in this screen is the possibility of saving and loading up to 10 formations. Let’s go now to the most important feature in this game which is 3D mode, and look how all our instructions work on the pitch. Game engine come from FIFA 10, has been improved a little and adjusted to FIFA Manager 11. Our tactics orders and instructions are fulfilled by the players, however some bugs happens which ruin the first good impression of the game. We are still the witnesses of incomprehensible backpasses, moreover the game is not balanced and it’s really easy to beat much stronger teams. However producers are going to improve these elements in the second official update, but currently we have to use 3D gameplay patches released by fansites.


Tactics Editor screen – Edit Routes feature.

It’s now time to focus on the next changes which are reflected in the game, let's start from describing the new Morale System. This feature was reconstructed in order to ensuring bigger realism in relations between manager and players. If you do not talk with your player, his morale will decrease and you will need more time to improve that than if you would be talking with player systematically. Thus keeping the continuous contact with players plays a bigger role in FIFA Manager 11 than in previous game editions. The big advantage are developed help screens, which is important for beginners, and “Pure Football” mode which allows to focus only on the most important manager duties (excluding financial and personal life matters). Among the new options there are also paid features. The most noteworthy from all 4 paid features is “Live Season” mode with up to date database (real-life data) for many leagues, including Polish competition. We can select in a calendar any matchday and then we start a game from a date we chose, with a table and line-up appropriate for this date. Thanks to that we can try to avoid relegation with Lech Poznan or try to win Polish Ekstraklasa with Jagiellonia.


Live Season – league selection.

Online mode implemented for the first time in last year, has been also modified in FIFA Manager 11. At first glance you can notice reconstructed game menu, which still focuses on four main game categories, however it looks much better than in last year’s edition. Online mode introduces new elements such as Sponsor Missions, which gives you additional money supplying your budget after meeting particular criteria e.g. 5 wins in row. The next new feature is “Action Items” which may be used e.g. during the match. Depending on its characteristic, we can cause that opponent team will be liable to injuries or our team will get attacking bonus for some time. There are really lots of Action Items so it will surely make the competition more attractive especially when playing in wider group of friends. Online mode is intended for people preferring quick entertainment, if you are looking for a bigger realism, I recommend you Offline mode.


Action items in Online mode.

It’s high time to bring up a subject which is most often commented on each fansite forum – Bugs. Unfortunately FIFA Manager 11 has also many imperfections. Except for bugs well known from last year’s edition related e.g. to stadium editor or Polish localization, there are also new bugs in current game. The most onerous are these related to 3D mode and the fact that Poland and Ukraine do not participate EURO2012, despite both national teams are the hosts of this tournaments. Writing this text I was assured that Bright Future studio works urgently on all reported bugs. We will find out how many bugs were eliminated after releasing Update 2.

To sum up this review I have to write that FIFA Manager 11 introduces many changes which are noteworthy e.g. Transfer Preparation or Tactics Editor. Apparently game producers try to fulfill fans wishes what is the big advantage for them. Unfortunately it is still some kind of habit that we have to wait impatiently for official updates, which will eliminate bug detected after release day (not during the game tests before premiere). At the conclusion of this text it’s worth to ask the following question: Is FIFA Manager able to achieve something more on the manager game market? In my opinion yes, however game producers should focus their attention more on releasing the better game in premiere day (not later), that’s why my rate is as follows.


Game rating is a subjective opinion of reviewer.

Translated by Kily

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