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Karolck93 - Winner of THE BEST GOAL competition
Written by Bart6qx - Friday, 21 November 2008 13:51  |  Skomentuj artykuÅ‚
Today we publish interview with one of the most active users on our scene. Karolck93 winner of "THE BEST GOAL", throw off the mask.

Bart6qx: Say few words about yourself as introduction:)
karolck93: My name’s Karol. I was brought up in Kielce but recently I moved to Piaseczna Gorka, this is a town near Kielce. Anything else?

Bart6qx: How old are you?
karolck93: I’m 15 years old:)

Bart6qx: Tell something about your family, have you got any brothers or sisters?
karolck93: I have brother and sister. Brother is 2 years younger from me, and my sister is one year older.

Bart6qx: So you surely have competitors if you want to do something on computer?
karolck93: Fortunately we have 2 computers in home, my sister rather don’t use it, but sometimes there is a competition because my father seats in front of monitor to long. :D

Bart6qx: Does your father play FIFA Manager?
karolck93: No he doesn’t, he says he don’t have a time for it but he played TCM and Football Manager in the past.

Bart6qx: How long are you interested in FIFA Manager?
karolck93: That’s my fourth part and soon will be the fifth :)

Bart6qx: Did you play other manager games?
karolck93: Football Manager 06 and 07. Maybe I’ll play Football Manager 09 but I don’t know. Surely I’ll reach for FIFA Manager 09.

Bart6qx: Why FIFAM?
karolck93: Because of very good graphic, 3D mode (now Football Manager will have it too), few interesting options which other manager games don’t have.

Bart6qx: So graphic was the main reason you chose FIFA Manager?
karolck93: There are few options more which draw my attention to this game. Other manager games have hard difficulty level, which is low in FIFA Manager. :)

Bart6qx: Do you like other games except managers?
karolck93: PES, I played all parts :D, Call of Duty and Gothic.

Bart6qx: Do you have any hobby except computer?
karolck93: Football. I has played as striker or winger in Korona for 5 years. Unfortunately one year ago all youth teams were closed down so I had to resign. Only sport classes left. I’m thinking about Moravia which finished last season on higher position than Korona, but I have to little free time. I’m also interested in cars and women of course :)

Bart6qx: Do you have girlfriend?
karolck93: I had but she irritated me so much that I had to end this relationship. I’m resting till April, then I will be after my exams, so I have more time now to learn.

Bart6qx: So you have your future planned. What are you going to do after grammar – school?
karolck93: Sure :D Then I’m going to learn at secondary school but it’s difficult for me to choose profile. I try not to think about it, I will make this decision later:p

Bart6qx: What are your marks at school?
karolck93: Quite good, I gets always school reports with distinction.

Bart6qx: So we know something about you :) it’s time for questions about your taste. What kind of music you listen to?
karolck93: Hip – Hop mainly, but some rock music also.

Bart6qx: What do you mean some rock :)
karolck93: I mean catchy songs, my father listen to rock music a lot of so I got used to it. I like Happysad, Placebo, Pidzama Porno and I hate Feel or Gosia Andrzejewicz.

Bart6qx: Do you prefer book or film?
karolck93: It depends what kind of book is it. I mainly read fantasy books. After watching film I often feel that it was not worked out but I think it’s impossible to show all book contents. If I like any book I prefer it from any film.

Bart6qx: Any favourite titles?
karolck93: Book: Eragon (booth parts). Film: Lords of The Rings.

Bart6qx: Ok Let’s go to Polish FIFAM scene theme, how long are you connected with it?
karolck93: For almost two years, I wasn’t active earlier because I didn’t’ know that kind of website exist.

Bart6qx: How did you find out about Jochen website?
karolck93: By google search engine, when I was looking for solution of my problem. That was the only one website where I could find solution. From that moment I decided to act on Polish FIFAM scene and help others to solve problems. :)

Bart6qx: You are one of the most active users on our forum. What do you think about our service?
karolck93: I think this website is excellent. You can find here everything you need. I like the way of forum functioning. There are rules you have to obey and I think this is good solution. It’s easy to find concrete subject, which is difficult on other forums.

Bart6qx: What would you change on our service?
karolck93: I think there is everything what is needed. Maybe few small changes which I am not able to define now:)

Bart6qx: Ok, how do you see our website future?
karolck93: Website is developing all the time. There are more and more active users. There should be even more active users after FIFA Manager 09 release day. Website will develop still with such users.

Bart6qx: I remember you from “old” forum, tell me how was your first reaction when you found out that works on new competitive service began?
karolck93: Firstly I was surprised because “old”forum was pretty good and I didn’t know if the new one will be better. Then “old” forum was closed, Jochen joined the new one so I had to move to your forum. I think this forum is better from previous so it’s no wonder that even Administrator of “old” forum moved here.

Bart6qx: Let’s go to football theme. What’s your favourite Polish and foreign club?
karolck93: In Poland of course Korona Kielce, you know why :), on the world Real Madrid, I was always their fan, my favourite footballers played here. This club always play excellent, maybe except times when Capello was their manager because he prefer defensive football.

Bart6qx: I think you know football world very well. You are the leader of our Typer league. Do you use any method of betting?
karolck93: First of all I look at club position in current table and history of games between two clubs. In Polish league I also look at referee who will participate in a game. In matches with Werder I always choose high results because there are always high results in matches with this team. Sometimes happen I predict results. In other matches I mainly look only at table position and games history.

Bart6qx: Do you think you’ll win Typer and how your bets look in real world?
karolck93: I don’t know if I win, it depends on good luck. You have to be lucky to predict precise result, for predicting only event you gets only 1 point. Additionally unexpected results happen recently, there are not such a big differences between first and the last team in table as in the past. In real world if you bet on Polish league match, you have to pray because it can turn out that this game was sold. :D

Bart6qx: What is you favourite league, which league is the easiest to predict for you?
karolck93: For me the most predictable are English and German leagues. You can often notice there similar results as in history of games between two clubs. Additionally favourites often win.

Bart6qx: Did you play unofficial demo of FIFAM09?
karolck93: No I didn’t because I didn’t have a time to download it at the beginning an later download link was removed. So I have to wait till release day.

Bart6qx: What are your expectations about FIFAM09?
karolck93: I hope it’ll be more enjoyable and players will finally perform our tactical settings during 3D mode. :)

Bart6qx: When are you going to buy this game?
karolck93: About one week after release day:)

Bart6qx: Why, are you waiting for first opinions?
karolck93: No, I don’t look at opinions referring to this game. I have lots of expenditures in current month.

Bart6qx: Thank you for interview,
karolck93: Thank you too. :)

Translation: Kily
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