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Jochen - Interview with founder of Polish FIFA Manager scene
Written by Piterson - Friday, 21 November 2008 14:58  |  Skomentuj artykuÅ‚

I was wondering for a long time what introduction I should write. So just few words. I’d like to introduce you a founder of Polish FIFA Manager scene – 28 years old Jochen.

Piterson: We know you as Jochen but how is your real name?
Jochen: Artur Jochymek, Jochen is my nickname.

P: Where are you come from Artur?
J: I was born and brought up in Chrzanow, whole my life is connected with this town.

P: What are you doing?
J: Currently I work in “Fablok” factory, I’m finishing my studies and I make sacrifices for my family:)

P: What do you study?
J: Management and Marketing

P: Could you tell us few words about your family? J: For 5 years I’m happy husband and father. Now the most important in my life are two women;)

P: What are their names?
J: My wife Margaret and daughter Emily:)

P: Artur do you have any plans about your professional life? Will your studies change anything about it?
J: As everyone knows there are ups and downs in whole life. I hope now I will make a use of upward tendency. I plan to upgrade my education and maybe change job:)

P: How do you spend your free time? Do you have any hobby?
J: The main “time killer” is computer, but I don’t spend so much time (I think so) in front of monitor, I play bowling, trips to the country, walks, so it could be said I’m active person. :)

P: Do you like to travel
J: I love it! Always I find time to travel, visit something. :)

P: Trip you have enjoyed the most?
J: Every trip contains adventure. So there is always something to reminisce and it’s difficult to choose the best one trip. :)

P: A And your trip of dream? Where would you like to go?
J: We plan together with my wife trip to the tropics: Greece, Egypt. That’s real plan. Less real is Brazil :) To be precisely South America. :)

P: Artur, do you prefer interesting book or film?
J: Film I think, but I won’t say no to good book.

P: Any favourite titles?
J: I won’t be original but I read with curiosity popular titles of Dan Brown “The Da Vinci code” etc. Favourite films? I love comedies, both Polish and French with Louis de Funes.

P: Do you have/had any pet?
J: I have a dog and fishes.

P: What breed is your dog?
J: Husky-Largo

P: Any addictions?
J: Computer.

P: Do you smoke?
J: I am enemy of smoking.

P: Do you have driving license?
J: Yes I do:)

P: How long?
J: Since 2nd March, 1998:)

P: What car do you drive?
J: Sky – blue Seat Ibiza.

P: What kind of person is Jochen (except FIFAM and football interests). How does your every day look like?
J: Hard work, family and social life, studies. That’s all which fills my every day life.

P: Was it difficult to reconcile works over Polish FIFA Manager scene with family and job?
J: I think no, everyone can find little time for hobby.

P: I think we can end thread connected with your personal life. Let’s go to subject which users are interested in the most. Tell us about beginning of website. Why did you decide to found website connected with FIFA Manager?
J: The main reason was that there was no website about this game on the Internet market and lack of Polish localization inside this game. So it started operating in 4.01.2006.

P: When did your adventure with FIFAM/TCM started?
J: I started to play from TCM 2005.

P: How would you summarize activity?
J: In summary? Ups and downs. To be precisely during time of website activity we all learnt a lot of. We waited Polish version of this game, few good users was brought up on my website and I think that many persons fell in love with FIFAM :)

P: Many members from “Old Team” compared atmosphere from the beginning and the end of website. What’s your opinion on this matter?
J: I think forum was something more than only forum. Interesting discussions, advices not only connected with FIFA Manager. You can say that forum was a small society. You could see also black sheep, prodigal sons. But I think good atmosphere will be still on new forum. :)

P: What factors decided in your opinion about the fall of
J: There were many reasons, decision wasn’t easy, to build something and then to ruin that :( But now I don’t worry because this is not the end of FIFAM scene, there are people who love this game the same as me and they won’t allow to make this game disappear from Polish scene. I wouldn’t close this website if I didn’t know that Polish scene will exist after that; :)

P: How long were you making decision about closing your website? Don’t you now regret your decision?
J: As I said earlier I do not regret this decision, I made it quickly and I didn’t think about it earlier.

P: Give 3 the most important advantages and disadvantages of your old forum.
J: Disadvantages: Lack of the main website and a mess (Yes I admit that). Advantages: users.

P: Jochen I know that few persons offered you a help but you declined. Why?
J: I wanted to build a base (website). Then I could make a use of many users help.

P: What changes did you intend to implement just before sudden website shutdown? Are you going to propose some of them to Administrators?
J: Changes I was intended to implement are the same as they are continued now on e.g. new groups such as Editors, Patchmakers and website contents editing:)

P: Few days before the fall of your forum project of your new website flew out. What was the progress of your works?
J: You can say it was framework of website, contents was going to be copied in a days and supplemented with Editors texts and Patchmakers patches.

P: During interview with Bartek we were talking about TCM Poland subject and website. Could you say us something more about TCM Poland and if you know something about website building? Bartek claims you were involved in this project
J: :) TCM Poland was founded by Regalio, and its main aim was Polish localization in TCM. I contacted Regalio when I was running Main subject of our conversation was of course Polish localization in FIFAM06 because he had a program to splitting huf files. Regalio is very nice and friendly man who convinced me to create one, big website. How it looks you can see now, I don’t have any contact with Regalio now so I don’t know what are his plans.

P: Wait a moment because I have just got another questions for you from our old colleague – szarik;)
J: The prodigal son:)

P: Exactly :D. So question from him is: How do you reminisce period of forum running? Were you satisfied with cooperation with Moderators?
J: surely taught us a lot of. That was a great experience and one word about Moderators: professionalism :)

P: There were few Moderators on your forum. I was Moderator, szarik, Mati, m_staszek and at the end for a short time Lukasvista. How important is a good communication between Administrator and Moderators?
J: That’s very important. Everyone has own character, own point of view and everything have to be integrated to make important decision :) I think making decisions without any consultation leads to conflicts which was difficult to avoid on the “old forum”.

P: How do you feel after changing of the guard? Is that better you don’t have now so many responsibilities connected with forum or do you miss power of Administrator?
J: I felt relieved :) especially I didn’t have time to answer users e-mails so I had to refer them to forum. Administrator is a purchased thing, everyone can govern:)

P: It can be said you have a bad luck to Moderators. Two of them disappeared in unaccountable circumstances (szarik and Mati), two of them left forum (Lukasvista and me) and the one who remain to the end was m_staszek. How do you think why that happened? :D
J: Everyone is individualist, everyone do what want to do. I do not force anyone to do anything so I left everyone free will.

P: Jochen you are Creator of FIFA Manager scene in Poland. How do you assess this scene?
J: “Creator” word surpasses me a little. FIFA Manager scene is being built by casual users from the game beginning. Now I can see big progress so in future it should be bigger from the biggest (German) website:)

P: Jochen your forum was dealing with difficult moments few times in the past. About one year before forum was closed for a long time but you came back. So tell us if the close of is final or you’ll be back as Administrator with your own forum?
J: I think it is unnecessary to build something from basic when exist. It’s better to devote yourself to current website and forum development. Competition will probably bring nothing useful.

P: How was your first reaction when you found out about competitive website?
J: I was delighted that someone is not passive but later I was disappointed when “valuable” users started to leave my forum.

P: How do you assess as experienced Administrator? What changes you will optionally implement?
J: is developing very fast. “Builders” are enthusiastic and I think they won’t give up. About changes, I recommend to listen to users requests and successively realize them. From my side I’ll do everything to help “builders”:)

P: How do you see future?
J: Football manager game is a specific product so I’m delighted that this website is not only focused on this game. Website has lots of valuable helpers, it’s easier to reach peaks together.

P: Few days ago works over World Giga Patch began. What do you think about this project?
J: B It’ll be a vary hard work, few websites undertook that kind of task with different results. This patch has to be not only the biggest but in high quality too, that’s very important!

P: Do you think this project will succeed?
J: I’m sure this patch will be released but we’ll se if it will fulfill users expectations.

P: You belong to WGP – TEAM. What is your task?
J: There are no assigned tasks to me yet, but I’ll do my best to perform the best I can, using my experience.

P: Do you work now over any patch or article?
J: I work over some patch which is different than other. There are lots of patches to FIFA Manager but none of them is similar to patch I work now over. I won’t give more details now:)

P: It sounds interesting;)

P: is official EA partner. How do you see this cooperation and what do you count on?

J: For a long time EA base on users opinions and advices. This cooperation will be profitable for both sides.

P: Try to compare “old” and “new” FIFAM website.
J: Both websites are visually different, but essentially they are the same.

P: Do you think this forum will meet the same fate as yours?
J: Everything depends from forum users, when they are there, forum exists. Another very important thing is Administrators work. They can’t let it happened that users are bored.

P: Administrators of new forum are going to use strict rules. What do you think about it?
J: It’ll surely cause many claims, but if you want to keep forum on high level you have to use strict rules.

P: What character features you appreciate and what you don’t tolerate as a former Administrator?
J: The most important for me is truthfulness, own point of view and loyalty. I don’t tolerate lie and rudeness.

P: Are you going to create new website with different subject matter?
J: Internet and computers are my hobbies, I won’t surely give up html and other languages:)

P: Your first PC. Describe configuration and compare with current?
J: What a question :D. That was celeron 333 Hz, video card SiS probably 2MB, 256 MB RAM. Current PC: AMD 1666MHz, video card Radeon 128 MB, 768 MB RAM, hard disk 80 GB, sound card integrated with motherboard.

P: Jochen you said you play FIFAM/TCM from 2005. Did you play any other manager games earlier?
J: Few on C64, surely Championship Manager, short adventure with Football Manager and finally FIFA Manager:)

P: Which Football Manager you played the last?
J: The newest one, I wanted to check where the competition is, and I know now that behind FIFAM. :)

P: I think competition has the same opinion about FIFAM;)

What are the most important advantages of FIFAM comparing it to Football Manager?

J: The biggest advantage of FIFAM is its editing ability in each game element.

P: And are there any advantages of Football Manager which you want to see in FIFAM?
J: Surely Football Manager is more focused on purely manager thing so the biggest advantage is its engine

P: Do you play other games except managers?
J: Rarely, I’m more focused on programming and surfing etc. but I like tycoons and various simulator games.

P: Let’s go to football theme, what’s your favourite club?
J: Polish corruption affair discouraged me from Polish clubs, the one I like is Fablok Chrzanów. If we look more to the west I’ll choose “Red Devils”:)

P: Which league is the strongest in your opinion and why?
J: Surely English league, you can see it on Champions League and UEFA Cup.

P: Referring to real football give your “Dream Team” squad, choose tactic and argue your choice.
J: Buffon - Vidic, Terry, Puyol, Ferdinand - Giggs, Kaka, Scholes, Ribery- Zlatan Ibramovic, C.Ronaldo, I could say a lot of about each of them, but how you noticed I base on Man Utd players, because they are currently the best team.

P: What’s your opinion about our Polish league?
J: Matches between Polish clubs are very interesting but you never know if winning team didn’t buy game earlier. This league is unpredictable:)

P: Football match you especially remember?
J: Liverpool-Milan, Champions League final, unpredictable match :)

P: I have to ask you about Euro 2008, who in your opinion will win European Championships this year?
Currently whole Europe is orange so Netherlands is my favourite but they are unlucky team and I’m afraid they won’t reach final:)

P: Which Euro 2008 match was the most interesting for you so far?
J: Czech Republic – Turkey, again unpredictable match:)

P: Thank you for interview.
J: Thank you for your perseverance.


Translation: Kily

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