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Bart6qx - Interview with founder and the main commander.
Written by Piterson - Friday, 21 November 2008 15:04  |  Skomentuj artykuÅ‚

Tuesday, 8th January 2008. What is so special on this date? Just on that day Bart6qx appeared on the polish scene. Bartosz Kierwa, that’s his real name, quickly showed that he won’t be one of ordinary users on the forum. He quickly became famous for being helpful in scene development. He is famous as kitspacks maker. While Jochen’s forum and website were going to the end, Bartek took things in his hands. Effects of his hard work you can admire now. If I had to describe him with three words I wouldn’t have any problems. Stubborn, workaholic and killjoy :D. Of course this last one was a joke but twice he damaged forum :D. First time I was talking to him 8th May and I immediately believed in this project. During this interview I wanted to introduce him from all sides and I hope thanks to it you will get to know him better.

Piterson: Where do you come from, as I know you didn’t born in Strzegom?
Bartek: I was born in Wroclaw and I was living there for few first years of my life, later I moved to Jawor. I live in Strzegom now because of my work, I am here from two years

P: Talking about work tell me what is your learnt profession?
B: Hehe profession. I don’t have any. I has been working in trade for 4 years. In next 4 weeks I am going to open my own business

P: Own website, own firm, are you satisfied with your work?
B: Unfortunately I stopped to develop, that’s why I decided to make next step.

P: You are ambitious, congratulations
B: Thanks

P: I know you smoke. How long?
B: Hmm wait, I think from first high school class.

P: Don’t you think that’s a waste of health and money?
B: Hehe, yes you’re right (I smoke 20-30 cigarettes per day) but unfortunately I have very stressful work, maybe that’s a poor explanation but I don’t have any other.

P: Any other addiction?
B: Wife, work and computer

P: You have wife and work, in spite of that you found a time to establish website and own business. I’m sure you spend a lot of time at works over website, tell me what your wife say about it?
B: Hehe we understand each other very well, moreover she has examination session now. I think life is too short to sleep and till the time I need only 4-5 hours to sleep I’ll make use of it

P: That’s great. I know you have a dog. What breed is your dog? Tell me something about him.
B: That’s a Miniature Schnauzer, 8 months and female not a male. That was a present for my wife (Marzena).

P: Any hobby? Without computer of course. How do you spend you leisure time?
B: Of course football and meeting with my friends. I played active as goalkeeper in juniors league. I was quite good but I had terrible fracture so know I play occasionally now.

P: Do you like traveling??
B: Unfortunately I have lots of business trips so I don’t like it

P: You are developing, you assign all your leisure time to works over forum and website, so what about your family? Do you have any plans in the nearest future?
B: Of course. We try to spend with my wife every our common leisure time. About plans, yeas but after my wife’s studies.

P: So good luck
B: Thanks

P: What car do you drive?
B: Private car – VW Polo, company car – it depends, but I don’t drive by myself, I don’t have driving license

P: That’s interesting, why?
B: Because of work business. If I had driving license I will be now somewhere in Europe on business trip. Privately my wife drives

P: That’s comfortable
B: It can’t be described by words :radocha:

P: If you had a choice, where would you live on the world and why?
B: In Paris because it’s wonderful city

P: And in Poland, which city? Your family Wroclaw, beautiful Krakow or other place?
B: Always and only Wroclaw. Surely I’ll settle down there in future

P: Do you prefer read interesting book or watch a film?
B: Of course the first one but I have a time only for the second option.

P: What is your last read book?
B: Brian Lumley - The last Castle

P: What kind of films do you prefer?
B: Various. I don’t have my favourite kind but of course without melodrama and something like that. I like sensations, comedies, horrors. Everything what is absorbing me

P: Your favourite film you watched few times and want to watch again?
B: All parts of Lord Of The Rings, 60 seconds and Kingdom of Heaven.

P: How looks your typical day?
In this moment Bartek went to give himself to his addiction, to say directly he went to “feed a cancer”.
B: 7:00 am Wake up – morning toilet, coffee, cigarette, breakfast
8:00 am – 4 pm – Work
4:30 pm – Dinner
5 pm – 10 pm – time for my family (depends on our common day schedule).
10 pm – 3 am – polish FIFA Manager scene

P: Bartek tell me about beginning, how it was? You woke up one day and thought about creating a new website? When this idea appeared in your head?
B: I was waiting for changes on Jochen website but they didn’t come so I couldn’t stand more :x So after a month we are working here. The idea appeared during my conversation with Lukasvista. It convinced me to act.

P: Did you have prototype you followed during creating this website?
B: Let say I know this work but there was no prototype.

P: Creating website and forum was your main aim or it is just the beginning?
B: Of course it’s only the beginning, I am workaholic, I always want something more. The next aim is to built the strongest FIFA Manager scene on the world
We can make another interview about plans, it would take about 120 pages

P: How do you assess functioning of website and forum technically and essentially?
B: I will express it like that:
Technically – It’s 1 000 000 000 km far away from what I expect
Essentially – I am very delighted, it’s great to find people who can and want to express their feelings on paper

P: What’s your plans for near future about website functioning and development?
B: Firstly I want to implement few modification on the forum. Secondly to find other few editors who will be writing interesting and regularly. I want to build FIFAM website which will be willingly visited by people who not only play this game, by people who want to read also very interesting articles! I want to diversify this website with new sections not linked directly with this game. I’m thinking about various league, rankings, I have a lot of ideas.

P: Let’s go to another questions. How many time daily you devote to website?
B: On average 8 hours.

P: What are in your opinion the most important principles of website and forum functioning?
B: Referring to FIFAM Team the most important is to make all decisions jointly in all cases
Referring to website – hmm... if forum will be developing so the website will too

P: Give features of ideal forum user.
B: There are no perfect people

P: But there are surely features you appreciate and features you not tolerate.
B: : I appreciate user knowledge about topic he’s(she’s) writing about, involvement in forum development. I appreciate calmness in inflamed discussions. Of course very important to me is to have mind of own. What I don’t like? Laziness, rudeness and foolishness. :wnerw:

P: Now the question I like the best. Give advantages and disadvantages of the rest Administrators :cwaniak:
Advantages: commitment, knowledge, calmness, tolerance.
Disadvantages: hmm as Administrator he doesn’t have any one.
Advantages: football knowledge, the same opinion as my about rules breaking, ability to express in interesting way his opinions, determination.
Disadvantages: very stubborn but it is not always disadvantage.

P: Hmm very interesting. Bartek the main difference, which can see every user, between Yours and Jochen forum, is that on the “old forum” was Jochen who was deciding about everything and moderators were only keeping tidiness, but on the new one there are 3 Administrators. What are the main advantages and disadvantages of this kind of system?
B: This system has no disadvantages.
Advantages: Every decision is analyzed by all Administrators which can give you three points of view. It’s very useful when you have to make decision

P: There are three Administrators, for sure there is any division of competencies. How it looks like?
B: Every of us have different skills. I am responsible for technical matters, Lukasvista for contacts with EA Sports, and Piterson for keeping tidiness and writing great articles.

P: Three Administrators means three difference points of view. How do you handle this? You had one big conflict, for a moment there were only two Administrators.
B: Everyone presents his opinion to others. If two of us are for the idea, it passes. If two of us are against, we reject concrete idea. That’s easy. Speaking frankly there is democratic rule by voting. About our conflict, that time our disadvantages (Piterson’s and my) went out in the open. We are booth stubborn, we loose control. But fortunately we reach full agreement and it made our team stronger

P: Bartek when you started to create this website your intention was to compete with Jochen website. But during your works Jochen joined your team. How do you see this collaboration?
B: I hope it will be successful and satisfactory for booth sides. Jochen has big knowledge which can be very useful for all polish FIFA Manager scene

P: How big contribution in your opinion has Jochen and his forum to history of polish FIFA Manager scene?
B: I think his contribution is invaluable, he is the founder of polish FIFA Manager scene

P: What do you know about TCM Poland?
B: I know this project fell down, and there were attempts to reactivate it ( The website with progress count but we all know how it ended (I think Jochen was involved in that project)

P: What was in your opinion the main reason of Jochen’s forum defeat? Do you afraid it was caused by still weak polish FifaM society and it can suffer your website?
B: This website fell down because there were no other sections not linked directly with the game. There are other reasons but I won’t enumerate them now. My aim is to avoid tem on our forum.

P: Do you believe your website will survive?
B: Of course. If I wouldn’t believe I wouldn’t be working over this project. I’ll say more, I don’t believe, I know our website will survive

P: Bartek you achieved something that everyone expected from Jochen. I’m talking about partnership with EA. What do you expect from that? What you can benefit from this partnership?
B: For us the Founders: increased popularity of our website and access to game files (to create patches and modifications), which are normally unavailable. In future maybe title of official website and technical support e.g. better server. But mainly I care about our users benefits, I mean interesting prizes linked with Fifa Manager and other interesting ideas I won’t be telling about now.

P: Bartek we were recognizing you on the “old” forum as kits patchmaker. Are you going to create patches on this forum too? Do you plan to create big patches for the new Fifa Manager? If yes, say something more about it.
B: The aim for this year is to beat patch made by FM Corner guys. Of course I’ll create kits packs and other modifications

P: I know you prepare one more surprise, I won’t ask about details, but tell me when we can expect it?
B: I have few surprises prepared.

P: Could you say something more?
B: Everything at right time

P: Bartek you joined Jochen’s forum very late, how long you play FifaM/TCM?
B: J As I wrote in my article the first meeting with TCM was in 2001. But permanently I play Fifa Manager from 2006

P: Bartek I know you play/played competitive manager game. Could you give 3 advantages making EA game better?
B: Ability of editing game, managing club in all aspects and graphic.

P: Do you want to play game which will join together all best advantages from FIFAM and FM?
B: Of course, but I think even EA don’t have such strong computers to create that kind of creation.

P: Never doubt in computers abilities. Do you play still FifaM or you focus only on creating patches and you are waiting for new version of this game?
B: I don’t play for a long time. Even 20 hours per a day is to less to have time for playing. But I have bigger pleasure with creating patches and making this game better.

P: When you had a time, did you play any other games?
B: Of course I’m big fan of RTSs and Tycons.

P: Favourite titles?
B: AOE all parts, StarCraft, Gothic I, II, III. I didn’t finished 3rd part and I think I will do it never, maybe when I get ban on forum...

P: Maybe if you grant it by yourself. Which league were you choosing the most when you were playing manager game and why?
B: English league. Why? It’s hard to say but I felt some kind of specific climate and magic leading english teams. Moreover first manager games had only this league available, I’m talking about Commodore 64 times. It’s very strange to win Champions League with Wisla Krakow and buy Ronaldo to this team. In England it is possible that’s why I play mostly english league.

P: Any concrete club?
B: Various, clubs with problems, from “other world”. In the past that kind of club was Moor Green (not existing now), and now Hull City.

P: So you prefer to play weaker clubs. What about english giants?
B: I don’t like easy challenges

P: What is you favourite club?
B: Legia Warsaw (when I was seven my grandfather instilled me love to Legia).

P: Any foreign club?
B: It depends which league. I have few favourites.

P: Which league is in your opinion the strongest and why?
B: English!!! The best players, biggest money, everyone can win with everyone and two clubs in Champions League final.

P: According to real football give your “dream team” squad and argue your choice.
B: Tactic 4-5-1
Van der Sar - incredibly form despite the age, reliable team member, the best booth legs play among all goalkeeper
Ferdinand and Terry - incredibly bravery and excellent ability to stop strikers.
Right and left defender: I always admire Cafu i Maldini - no one else made so big impression on me.
Midfield: Giggs - Ronaldo - Kaka - Gatusso - Gerrard -
experience, technique, bravery, flair.
One striker: Filippo Inzaghi he is always in right place at right time.

P: When I look at your “dream team” I can see there are only players from two leagues. Where are spanish league players?
B: Hehe. I don’t like spanish league. I can enumerate players from Real Madrid and Barcelona and maybe 3 others from other clubs. But Real and Barca have squads which you can describe as “dream teams”.

P: What do you think about our polish league?
B: Generally our football requires many reforms and expenditures. Of course I watch our league. There is a big problem with youth development. Generally polish league is polish league.

P: I can’t forgot to ask you about EURO. Who is your favourte?
B: At present Netherlands and Portugal, before Euro Italy

P: Football match you especially remember?
B: Champions League final AC MILAN -FC BARCELONA 4-0 and amazing Massaro in attack.

P: That’s all for now, thanks you for interview
B: Thank you too.

Translation: Kily

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