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Lukasvista - First translator on Polish FIFA Manager scene
Written by Piterson - Friday, 21 November 2008 15:24  |  Skomentuj artykuÅ‚
Lukas Tomczyk, known as Lukasvista, joined FIFAM society fairly early. He belonged to so called “group keeping power”, I mean I wanted to write “Old Team” :D We know him as person who was fighting for Polish localization to the very end. He released preliminary patch with Polish localization but later EA added Polish language to the game. So after that Lukas devoted his attention to improving all bugs in Polish translation. He released few patches improving Polish localization. He knows English language well so thanks to it he supports our service with news from the official website. Lukas achieved something which no one else made earlier on Polish scene. Thanks to his work EA Poland is our official partner. Lukas is great man and fantastic colleague. Cooperation with him is a big pleasure.

Piterson: Where are you come from? Do you still live in your home town?
Lukasvista: I come from Kalisz and I still live there.
P: Do you want to leave your home town? If yes, where do you want to move?
L: Hmm I think I’ll stay there, this town is not bad. I know this is not a huge city like Warsaw or Wroclaw but I feel here great and this is the most important in my opinion.
P: I agree, what are you doing everyday?
L: I’m working. Then I review my electronic mail, check news, contact with
P: As we know Bartek have a dog, so do you have/had any pets?
L: I saw his dog on picture, that was a great present for his wife. I hasn’t had any pets for many years. Once I had a dog but I had to put him to sleep because of his health problems.
P: That’s very sad. Sorry but I’ll refer to interview with Bartek again. He smoke, and you?
L: I don’t smoke ant I think I won’t, I prefer cold bear and I advised the same to Bartek, I think I have too small gift of gab.
P: He is very stubborn. So maybe you have any other addictions?
L: Except computer and internet nothing more.
P: Do you have any hobby (of course except computer)? How do you spend your free time?
L: I like to read books, work over 3D graphic. Moreover I spend my free time with my girlfriend and friends.
P: That’s interesting. What kind of books do you prefer the most? What’s your last read book?
L: I especially like thrillers, adventures etc. Actually I’m reading “Debt of honour” written by Tom Clancy
P: And what about fantasy book? Did you read any?
L: Hm I read lots of book but not any fantasy book.
P: Why? You are not interested in that kind of books?
L: I prefer political - military books. I’m sure you played Tom Clancy games so you know what I’m mention about
P: So what’s your favourite title and author?
L: There are lots of titles I like so I won’t give you only one. Most favourite author? Of course Tom Clancy, but Forsyth, Ludlum and few others too.
P: You mentioned about your escapades with your friends. Where do you go? Lands of your town, somewhere in Poland or maybe abroad?
L: Escapades near our home town. We have artificial bay at the end of town, where we spend our free time bathing, grilling etc.
P: If you had a choice, where would you live on the world and why?
L: I think in USA, everything is different there, attitude to life too. But this is a theme for other conversation.
P: We know you like to read. But what about watching films? Do you like it? If yes what kind of films?
L: I’m watching when I have a time for it. My favourite subject matter is similar to my favourite books plus horrors and serial 24 hours.
P: Conducting an interview with Bartek I found out that he don’t have driving license, which was a big shock for me. So what about you in this matter?
L: I’ll surprise you but I don’t have driving license too.
P: Are you going to have it in future or this state suits you?
L: Now it suits me but in future I’ll have driving license.
P: Lets end your personal life thread and go to themes connected with the website.
L: Ok
P: Some time ago, when there was no Bartek idea yet, we talk both about small revolution on Jochen forum. And then Bartek comes with his website which was some kind of salvation for us. How do you see it? How do you reminisce first plans of changes?
L: I remember our common conversations but that was only a small part of plan who started to become fulfilled. Then Bartek contacted to me to discuss about lawns patch and then everything happened as you can see now. Over one month of common works and we have
P: How do you assess functioning of website and forum technically and essentially?
L: Everything is well so far, of course we have small imperfections but at the start it is normal. It’s only matter of time we will eliminate them all and achieve the highest level.
P: How many time do you devote to website daily?
L: I can’t tell you precisely, but a lot of. Lot of time I spend over gaining information and contacting with EA. But the website is very important for me.
P: You raised very important issue. You succeeded in something which was expected from Jochen. Say something more about partnership with EA Poland. How does your cooperation with EA Poland looks from technical point of view and how do you assess your contacts with EA representatives?
L: Of course it is not so easy how someone could say. It is not enough to write to them to became a partner. It requires lots of conversations. Currently our contacts are very good. We determine together various thing which has influence on Polish FIFA Manager society
P: You said it wasn’t easy so how do you succeeded in it? Can you describe course of your conversations?
L: Our conversations lasted one week. That amount of time took me to reach Wojtek and later Tomek, who I am cooperating currently. Of course I showed them preliminary project of our website. That was enough to establish partnership and you’ll see how it will look in the future
P: What were first reactions from our new partners?
L: They very like our website (although it looked differently than now). Moreover our articles, ideas for competitions and promotions made big impression.
P: Lukas what do you expect from this partnership? What it can give to users, patchmakers and EA? What’s your aims referring to this cooperation?
L: Of course cooperation with game publisher brings lots of benefits e.g. access to materials which are normally unavailable, editing tools, putting our links in game manuals etc. For our users: interesting competitions, which we will organize together. For patchmakers: possibility to cooperate during making patches and getting tools which requires to sign a deal (I have one deal signed for translation). I hope this partnership will be effective. This cooperation is building up in way as we expected.
P: Lukas, you have just opened new website and forum. Don’t you afraid you’ll end in the same way as Jochen?
L: No, I do not. First of all our website is updated all the time. Secondly we keep our forum in tidiness and culture. Moreover our team is well-adjusted to working together
P: You raised here two important things. What in your opinion was the main reason of Jochen forum failure? I think our scene of Fifa Manager is still weak. Do you think it contributed to this failure?
L: Many things contributed to this. No update, poor culture on forum (especially in Shout Box) and unfortunately Administrator who wasn’t able to do all thing by himself but he didn’t want us to help him. If you think Polish FIFA Manager society is still weak, wait some time, you know we will change that.
P: I hope so. You were supposed to be alternative/competition for Jochen forum. But during your works over new website Jochen joined you. How do you see this cooperation?
L: We didn’t expected so early fall of as you know. But we knew that was a matter of time. I’m happy of cooperation with Jochen, it can only bring us positive results.
P: How big contribution in your opinion has Jochen and his forum to history of polish FIFA Manager scene?
L: His contribution is surely huge. I was “brought up” at Jochen forum, met lots of people, who I cooperate with and create this website now.
P: What would be if website wasn’t created?
L: I would be still moderator on “old” forum. What else? It’s hard to say, maybe old website will be still working or maybe not, I don’t know.
P: Lukas there are 3 Administrators on your website and this is a big difference referring to Jochen forum. What are the main advantages and disadvantages of this kind of system?
L: The advantage is that we are all making decision about website and forum development. We also consult users punishments to be more objective. The main disadvantage is that sometimes we have differences of opinion so it could lead to disputes but we are well – adjusted to working together team and we handle this.
P: Lukas give advantages and disadvantages of rest Administrators.
L: Bartek super lad, very ambitious, always reaching his aims. He devotes lot of time to website and forum, it’s always possible to talk him on private matters. The main disadvantage is that he smoke, really to much.
Piotrek super lad too, has a large knowledge about football world, he always express his own opinion on various matters. Ready to help in various situations, talkative. Disadvantage: he’s stubborn but disadvantages often changes to advantages so do not take offence.
P: I don’t have any reason. I’m very stubborn. Let’s go on. What features presented by users you appreciate and what you do not tolerate?
L: I don’t like when someone writes off tops, only to make his post account higher. I don’t like also stylistic and grammatical errors. I appreciate own opinion and individual user features which we get to know after some time.
P: How is your cooperation with Bartek and Piterson?
L: Our cooperation is great. We always reach compromise. We implement together our individual ideas, we are well - adjusted to work together, we are really strong team.
P: Lukas we know you as patchmaker. You especially worked over implementing Polish language to the game and now you work over fixing languages bugs. What’s your plans for nest releases? Are you creating now any patch?
L: Currently I work over Media Polish Patch, all the time German translation is being added which I am going to use in 09 version. Additionally current version will be updated.
P: When has your adventure with FifaM begun?
L: I play this game from 2004 version. But my adventure with creating patches and activity on forum has begun since December of 2006. >
P: Did you played other manager games earlier?
L: No, TCM was my first and the only one manager game. And I think it’ll stay like that.
P: What kind of games (without FIfaM) you are interested in?
L: I very like strategies and fps’s.
P: Any favourite titles?
L: C&C all parts, Rainbow 6 all parts without Las Vegas, GTA and few smaller titles.
P: What league you mostly play in FifaM and why?
L: I play Italian league because it has specific style of play which I prefer.
P: You mainly choose Milan or maybe other clubs?
L: I like Milan so mostly I choose them.
P: Milan is your favourite club?
L: Yes it is, for a long time.
P: And what Polish club you prefer?
L: I’m not interested in Polish league. For me it’s to low level, you can add here corruption scandal and Football Association members which all gives miserable picture of Polish football.
P: Which league in your opinion is the most strong and why?
L: Unfortunately not Italian but English. There are lots of talented players, big money and strong clubs.
P: According to real football give your “dream team” squad and argue your choice.
L: I think it would be very similar to squad given by Bartek so I don’t want to duplicate it. Notice that 5 players are from Milan.
P: Football match you especially remember?
L: Milan victory over Barcelona in Champions League. That was a really great match.
P: Do you think that website and forum will evolve to subjects not directly connected with FIFA Manager game? What do you think about this kind of website and forum direction?
L: FIFA Manager is manager simulator game so each subjects connected with clubs and leagues are relates to game. As you can see on our forum game and football subjects complements each other.
P: Thank you very much for interview.
L: Thank you.



Translation: Kily

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