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Piterson - The main TEAM editor.
Written by Bart6qx - Friday, 21 November 2008 15:26  |  Skomentuj artykuŇā
Piterson, person connected with Polish FIFA Manager scene for a long time, but not playing this game for 2 years. Member of ďOld TeamĒ, best Ė known Rules watchman. For many users heís perceived as necessary evil but for me and my team heís reliable and trustworthy friend so thanks to it our cooperation is a big pleasure. He has a strong will and own point of view which he is always able to solid and fully argue.

Bart6qx: As introduction say few words about yourself, whatís your name, how old are you and where are you come from?

Piterson: My nameís Piotr Sobolewski, Iím 19 years old. I was born and brought up in Staszůw. Thatís the small town in Swietokrzyskie voivodship.
B: Recently you had renovation of one of rooms, by the way we found out you have some distance to your neighbours, tell me where do you leave?
I live in a tower block, my neighbours are close to me but I donít know them so well
B: Why? Are you a loner type?
Not exactly, but Iím not so outspoken. The problem is that I moved in here not so long ago. Moreover I donít like spend my time in front of tower block. I prefer spend my free time in my home or with my friends
B: Are you interested in something else except fifam and football?
Itís hard to say fifam is my hobby
B: So change it to Football Manager.
Last time I played in FifaM 2006 and now I am only connected with this game by our website and forum. What about my other hobbies? Meetings with my friends, family and of course with my girlfriend. My third love just after my girlfriend and football is fantasy world.
B: Letís start from your family. Have you got any brothers or sisters?
I have two sisters older from me. Kate is 12 years older and now she leaves in Kielce. Agnes is 10 years older and leaves in Krakow. I have really great relationships with them.
B: Hehe you are apple of your family eye, am I right?
I donít know what are you talking about :Lol:
B: Recently you took the exam for the certificate of secondary education, what are your results?
I am delighted. Oral exam was the mistake of Polish education, not any academy will take it into account. Written exams: Polish Ė I reached 54%, English basic Ė 86%, mathematics extended Ė 74%. I was counting on something more but I am hopeful before recruitment process.
B: Whatís your plans for future, what are you going to do?
Iím going to study. Of course my aim is Krakow. Iím trying to get to AGH or University of Economy. Iíd like to study on ďInformation Technology and EconometricsĒ specialization. I hope Iíll be AGH student from October.
B: Whatís your way of every day stress abreaction?
Meeting or conversation with my girlfriend, if itís possible. Moreover meetings with my friends and good music will also help. It depends on situation.
B: Whatís your favourite entertainment?
Hmm I forgot about it: fantasy books and football.
B: Any favourite title and author?
Favourite author? Of course king of fantasies J.R.R. Tolkien. Iíve read 3 times Lord Of The Rings. I also like Sapkowski, now I read Saga of Witcher again.
B: Hehe again, how do you find time for it?
I donít know but I always find time for a little pleasure.
B: What about films? Do you like to watch something from time to time? If yes what kind of films do you prefer?
I like to watch films also. Of course my favourite title is Lord Of The Rings all parts (not trilogy!!). I also like good comedies.
B: Explain me what does it mean ďnot trilogyĒ?
Lord Of The Rings is not a trilogy. It was released in 3 volumes because of historical Ė economic factors.
B: Ok I donít want to discuss with expert.
If someone is interested in it I can explain that by Private Message.
B: Do you have any home pet?
Unfortunately I do not have. I donít have conditions to keep a dog. But I would really like to have.
B: Itís not so nice when heís squealing at 6 a.m. when you went to bed a moment ago
I agree, thatís one of reasons I donít have a dog. Itís huge responsibility.
B: We know you love Krakow. Why? And maybe there is any other city you would like to live in?
Krakow is a beautiful city, with interesting history and wonderful historical monuments. Walk along Vistula near to Wawel is something magnificent. This city has a soul. Any other city? Yes, Zakopane. View of mountains is priceless.
B: Any foreign city?
If I could choose it would be probably Madrid. The reason is simply. Iím Real fan for a long time. There is also beautifully in Prague. Other cities I know only from TV or Internet so I am not able to assess them.
B: know your strong will, tell me who is your authority, someone who is your role model?
I do not follow anybody example so there is no authority. Iíd like to derive everything the best from everyone, but itís not so easy.

B: Ok letís switch to other subject which all users are interested in, that is Tell me how did you find out about plans of creating the new website and what was your reaction?
Firstly I was lightly shocked. Then came the dilemma because I didnít want to be connected with FIFAM scene again. I asked Lukas for few days to think about it but he is also stubborn so he convinced me.
B: What was the deciding argument?
Full collaboration, the way of deciding about everything, and football section strongly developed.
B: Tell me how do you compare your function as moderator on Jochen forum with responsibilities on
Responsibilities are very similar but now I have extended powers. Additionally on I work over football section. I am also the author of forum rules.
B: Could you say something more about extended powers?
On Jochen forum I could only give warnings. I could also delete or edit posts and move subjects. Here I have full Administrator powers. Focusing on moderator powers I can ban and delete users
B: How do you feel as ďwriting AdministratorĒ? Do you prefer role of Administrator keeping website and forum in tidiness or do you feel better as Editor writing articles?
Role of Editor is completely new for me. Anyway as my last results from exam for the certificate of secondary education showed Polish language is not my favourite discipline. Writing articles or running interviews is a new experience for me but I have to admit that suits me. Keeping website and forum in tidiness is also very important for me. Iíve created rules to obey them.
B: People know you as a strict watchman keeping users to obey rules. Are you going to be still so consistent?
Definitely Iíll keep our website and forum in tidiness. There will be a place for deviations but only in peculiar situations. The truth is that you absolve once or two times and all tidiness is ruined?
B: What users character features annoys you the most?
Lack of personal culture, using vulgarisms, lack of willingness to improve and lack of cooperation. Haughtiness is also irritating.
B: Could you enumerate user breaking rules the most?
I do not remember names of that kind of users. Head is not a rubbish heap. There was a few that kind of users but their adventure with forum wasnít too long.
B: And now the opposite, user who is an example of obeying rules?
m_staszek, Bart6qx (I refer mainly to ďoldĒ forum) and Kily. But there are not many users like that, I enumerated only the most active users.
B: Whatís your dreams about website development?
Few thousands wisely active users.
B: And thatís all?
Now I am not sure I would enumerate 20 of that kind of users. If there will be thousands I will be dreaming of more.
B: I mean if number of active users is only thing you dream about?
If there will be lots of active users it will mean our work was done perfectly. That we are able to encourage users to discuss on forum.
B: How do you see the future of Polish FIFAM scene? What do you count on?
Questions about Polish FIFA Manager scene are very difficult for me. I think itís still weak and lots of work have to be done to change this situation.
B: How in your opinion will website look in one year?
I have no idea. Everything changes quickly and often, so itís difficult to say how it will look in one year.
B: TMaybe in other way, what our website lacks?
Website is developing very quickly. Now everything is great. I only miss few modifications on the forum but I know it will be implemented during first technical break.
B: How do you compare your expectations about before start and now? What did you expected and if it was realized?
I expected high level of discussions and it is being realized. From technical view both website and forum are developing very fast and I believe it will be kept on. Our task is to keep or even improve this level.
B: Are you satisfied with Team works?
Yes, I am
B: What in your opinion is the main TEAM strength?
Great collaboration, great contact and we are team adjusted to working together.
B: Could you characterize rest of Administrators?
Bartek Ė stubborn workaholic, very ambitious person. There are no impossible thing for him. He learns quickly. He try to achieve perfection. Cooperation with him is a big pleasure.
Lukas Ė ambitious and hard Ė working. He performs his tasks very well. Thanks to him EA is our partner. I am also very satisfied with cooperation with him.
B: Hmm you forgot about the most important our characteristic features.
What features?
B: Our disadvantages.
If I notice any I will keep it to myself.
B: Why?
Both you and Lukas know what disadvantages you have, I am not right person to assess them.
B: Perfectly diplomatic answer.
Once I wanted to be a politician.
B: You were Moderator on ďoldĒ forum. Why did you leave that forum and donít you afraid you will have to leave this forum in future?
There were lots of reasons. The truth is if I will have to leave it will mean our all TEAM failed.
B: You are going to study and work, itíll be a difficult phase for you. Do you think youíll be able to engage in website and forum development?
Iíll try. Itís difficult to say what will happened. If I wonít equal to all my tasks Iíll inform my TEAM and we will find a solution.
B: Are you going to increase Moderators group?
Everything will depend on time we will have and on number of active users. We are thinking about it now. We even have our candidates but I wonít give you their nicks because they donít now we think about them.
B: Is that mean that you are starting to have problems with forum running?
Currently we have no problems. But we look ahead. Itís better to prevent problems than to fight with them later.
B: Letís go to EURO 2008 theme. How do you assess our national team performance?
B: What was the main reason of that poor performance?
Itís difficult to say. I think there were many factors. Poor level of training, lack of form, wrong fitness preparations, lack of regular play in league games, wrong call Ė ups.
B: You said wrong call Ė ups, say something more about it.
I think players who play regularly in their clubs will present better form than ďforever substitute playersĒ. I especially missed Artur Wichniarek and Wisla stars. I can also add more players. Seweryn Gancarczyk is one of the best left backs in Ukraine league.
B: Give your first eleven who should have played in EURO?
You mean first eleven of Polish national team?
B: Yes!
Boruc Ė he is the best!
Defense from the right: Wasilewski Ė heís a fighter type, Zewlakow Ė the best Polish central defender, G?owacki, Gancarczyk/Piotr Brozek Ė best left backs
Midfield from the right: B?aszczykowski Ė if heís healthy but if not I choose Smolarek, Gargu?a, Mariusz Lewandowski, on the left side Krzynowek/Zienczuk, offensive midfielder Ė Roger and one striker Wichniarek.
B: Describe tactic that our national team should have used?
4-4-1-1 with one defensive, one typical and one offensive midfielder.
B: So you choose defensive tactic?
Currently you can notice more defensive tactic! Beenhakker chose two defensive midfielders instead of creative players.
B: Which players failed the most during EURO?
Our ďstarsĒ Krzynowek and Smolarek. Zurawski was going to be in best form ever and we could see how he played.
B: Our best players on EURO?
Of course Boruc. Zewlakow and Roger played well too.
B: What new clubs for Boruc and Roger?
Boruc should play in strong club. Arsenal, Tottenham and Milan are good clubs for him. The problem is price that Celtic demand. Itís difficult to say where Roger should play. He should choose club where he will be a first - team player.
B: Tell me who should take over our national team if contract with Leo will be terminated after EURO 2008?
I hope it wonít. But for me there is only one candidate, Henryk Kasperczak Ė he has great experience, has worked with many national teams and achieved lots of successes. Ideal candidate!
B: Enumerate 3 teams which showed the best football during EURO 2008.
Spain, Russia and Netherlands. I will also add Turkey for dramaturgy.
B: What caused the situation that Turkey and Russia achieved such a successes and favourites were eliminated so early?
Great fitness preparation. Moreover their squads included players mainly from domestic leagues. Turkey showed great ambition and willingness to fight. Whereas Russia showed great finesse and great play. Big role was played by coaches.
B: What in your opinion was the main reason of French failure on EURO 2008?
It was said about conflicts and fights between players. If the team means 23 players instead of unity, you canít talk then about achieving any success.
B: Which team was your favourite before EURO?
Germany, Italy and France but after group phase I counted on Netherlands.
B: Thatís all about Euro 2008 and letís go to general football theme. Whatís your favourite club and why it is Real Madrid?
donít know why. It started long time ago and itís still the same now.
B: What do you mean long time ago?
Hmm...Itís about 8 years I think.
B: Who is in your opinion the best manager of the world and why?
Difficult question
B: Anyone said it would be easy?
Hiddink showed himself from the best side in various environments. Mourinho during his work in Porto also showed he has a talent, weíll see what will he show in Inter. Those two managers are currently the best in my opinion.
B: Your best eleven ever, argue your choice and express yourself if they would have any chance in modern football?
I wonít ask this question from obvious reason. I was never specially interested in football history. It would be difficult to enumerate really best eleven ever. Asking the second part of this question I doubt if they will manage in current football. In the past the most important was speed and now technique and strength are more important.
B: Enumerate best in your opinion five goalkeepers on the world?
1) Iker Casillas
2) Edvin van der Sar
3) Artur Boruc
4) Petr Cech
5) Gianluigi Buffon
B: Which league in your opinion is the most strong and why?
English league. Best players, biggest money. Last Champions League competitions showed that Premiership fully deserved it. English clubs were eliminated by other English teams. Premiership is now very balanced league.
B: What would you say about Spanish league, how do you assess this league?
Spanish league is very strong but deal with crisis now. Problem is that every year only two teams fights for champion title and rest clubs have different aims. Both Real and Barca showed nothing in Europe during current season. I hope next year will be much better.
B: Itís time now for our Polish league. What do you think about it, what is necessary to make this league stronger?
Iíll start from second part of this question. All Football Association members should be replaced by young persons who didnít participate in corruption affair. Polish league needs huge reforms and even more huge money. Money should be invested in youth and training centers. Currently it is said mainly about corruption affair. All people and clubs connected with this affair should be punished. In the sort run it would be good solution. But number of matches should be increased. Footballers should play in about 40 league games during season. Our clubs performances in European cups shows that Polish league is weak.
B: Enumerate 5 the most dramatic matches in all football history.
Another question from history...Iíll enumerate matches from recent history. Champions League final between Liverpool and Milan, another Champions League final Bayern Ė ManU, Euro 2000 final Italy - France and Euro 2000 match between Czech Republic and Turkey. Those are only 4 matches but I donít remember more.
B: Ok and now computer games. Your favourite kind?
I like strategies, but from 2 years I play only one game.
B: Let me guess, Football Manager?
Exactly! Football Manager 2007 and now 2008 version.
B: What do you exactly like in this game?
Everything, contents of manager in manager. It has something which FIFAM doesnít have.
B: Supposedly they are going to implement 3D engine to this game?
3D engine is the rumour, SI didnít confirmed that. Of course they formed cooperation with PES authors and were looking for 3D graphic artist, but I hope 3D wonít be implemented.
B: Do you like any other game except Football Manager?
Definitely Heroes 3.
B: Your record of playing computer games without any break?
Itís difficult to say, I donít remember, but surely few hours.
At the end of this interview finish following sentences
I am...
Intriguing man
I have never succeeded in...
Winning of lottery
My biggest disadvantage is...
Iím bloody stubborn
My biggest dream is...
To be happy.
I am afraid of...
Best meal... specialty, macaroni with sauce
Hero from my childhood...
I donít remember
My motto...
If we fight we can loose, but if we do not fight we are losers!
Ok! Thanks for interview.
Thank you.

Translation: Kily
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