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Written by Piterson - Wednesday, 02 June 2010 19:23  |  Skomentuj artykuÅ‚

Bartek, everything what you will say from this moment may be used against you. Are you ready for tortures from my side?

(at this moment he escaped to the toilet and came back after few minutes)

Ok, I’m ready mentally and internally, we can start.

The first question will be untypical. How is your health?

Fairly well, I’m exhausted because of pressure of work.


Like I stated long time ago you are workaholic. How many hours daily do you to work and how many remains for rest (including sleeping)?

I work 14-16 hours daily on average and sleep about 4-5.


So, when you have a spare time,  how do you spend it?

Mostly with my family, moreover I play sports :)


Do you still develop your goalkeeper career?

Obviously, I’ll say immodestly I’m in an excellent form :)


So Kuszczak and Fabianski have to expect the new competitor in the aspect of EURO 2012 call-ups?

I think they should forget about this tournament :)


And that’s the kind of approach I like :) Bartek, I remember an interview I conducted with you 2 years ago. Do you still remember that period?

Naturally, I do. These are the moments which cannot be forgotten :)


I, m asking about that, because you gave me then your day schedule which looked like that:

“7:00 am Wake up – morning toilet, coffee, cigarette, breakfast
8:00 am – 4 pm – Work
4:30 pm – Dinner
5 pm – 10 pm – time for my family (depends on our common day schedule).
10 pm – 3 am – polish FIFA Manager scene”

How did it change? How does it look today?

5:00 am - Wake up – morning toilet, coffee, cigarette, breakfast

6:00 am – 5:00 pm – Work

6:00 pm – Dinner

6:30 pm – 1:00 am - Polish FIFA Manager scene


Significant changes

Yep, there is a really long distance between my home and work :)


And have you changed yourself as well? As a man?

Yes I have, diametrically, it’s difficult to describe what exactly has changed, but my life attitude is completely different.


Maybe you can try to describe that us somehow?

It’s difficult to describe what’s the matter exactly, but I became more cheerless man :) I think it’s because of two different works I have to do, which start to strongly influence on each other.


I see. I will quote now few words:

“(...) he’s one of these persons who you can always rely on. He has lots of interesting ideas as well and is very ambitious...” Do you guess who is these words about?

I have no idea :)


These words are about you (I have asked few people before this interview)

That’s very kind, but recently it’s difficult to rely on me :) but like I said I have to combine two contradictory works :)


Don’t knock it, these are another words:

“(...) he knows what he wants. And stubbornly aim for that.”

That haven’t changed :)


Where do you derive your motivation to work from?

Hmmm... I’m simply perfectionist, when I do something, it has to be ideal :) If it’s not, I can’t sleep :) This is not a motivation, this is a disease :)


During these two years of activity you have encountered few crises. There was a period when you couldn’t devote too many time to the website. Then there were problems with service’s database. But you didn’t give up. How do you do that?

I’m not going to give up, cause our services are the priority and have to work. I wouldn’t forgive it to myself if I failed people who sacrificed theirself to develop these services. We had achieve to too many to resign now :)


One more time I’ll use word said by my interlocutors.

“(...) that’s not easy to combine that all, family, work and services, but Bartek is doing that really well.” How really difficult is that?

That’s bloody difficult :)


Let’s go into details :) Two years ago, when I was conducting an interview with you, you mentioned about changing your job. How does you professional life look like now?

This is exactly the source of my cheerlessness, I still deal with commercial intermediation, but sometimes this work stops to give pleasure to me :) And the most annoying is fact that I cannot fully sacrificed to what I love the most that is our team development :)


Bartek, how does your wife refer to the fact that you devotes so many time to work and services? Is she tolerant?

(at this moment Bartek began to unwind, he made fun of me and tried to cheat me that he is after a divorce; after a while we came back to the question)

I thin I have to ask her about that :)


Ok, let’s do it, if you have an occasion.

“That annoys me” – she said :)


He he ok :)

Frankly speaking, I try to devote her as many time I can.


But there could be more time for her :) I know what’s the matter.

Woman is a woman, she wants to have husband at home 24 hours daily and unlimited funds on account :)


We often jokes on the chat that you became/will become a father. Do you dream about fatherhood?

Yes, in the future, but now one child in home is enough :)


A child?

Yep, that’s the way my wife often calls me :)


Hehe, I wonder why? :)

That’s a good question :)


Bartek, two years ago during our interview, you had to go outside with your dog. Do you still have this pet?

Yes and in 5 minutes I have to take the dog out for a walk.


So the last question before a break. Do you prepare yourself before you start to work? I mean making coffee, putting cigarettes near you, turning the music on etc.?

A coffee obligatorily about 6-7 daily, cigarettes are in the kitchen, my wife would kill me if I smoked in front of my computer, music depends on mood, mostly I turn a computer on before work :)

(after few minutes we resumed our conversation)


We know now that your professional work has a big impact on you. But how big impact on your life have work on services?

It makes me happy and allow me to develop. I cannot imagine my life without that.


Let’s get back to the past one more time. There was a moment, when you disappeared from Polish FIFA Manager scene for a long time. What was happening with you then?

I had some personal problems which anyway still drag on me but I don’t want to remember that, it’s water over the dam, almost.


Do you wonder, how it would be if didn’t start?

Frankly speaking, reading this question now, I have no idea what to say. I cannot imagine my life without all of you.


Ok, maybe from different side. Have you ever wondered, that via the you have changed life of many people?

I have never wondered, I know that the start of service had a significant impact on many people. It’s too short time to talk about life. In 20 years we will be able to state that has changed someone’s life.


Let’s change the subject :) I know you have invested a lot of money in service. Was it worth that?

Definitely yes, I would do that second time without hesitation.


But is it possible to earn money from that kind of work?

Currently it’s not, but we work on that. Otherwise I wouldn’t have to take the second job :)


Everyone has different financial needs :) has a huge needs :) 10 TB of transfer monthly is quite a lot :)


Bartek, we will talk about tomorrow, but I want to continue thread about people involved in this project.

Willingly :)


Thanks to you had an occasion to meet considerable group of people. Some of them only via the Internet, others in reality as well. How is it possible, that people who haven’t known each other earlier, living on different edges of Poland, are cooperating with each other so well?

Yes that’s true, I met to a greater or lesser degree hundreds or even thousands people. I think that if one passion unite people, the distance doesn’t mean anything and this is a secret of our success.


How many of these people you had an occasion to meet in reality?

If we are talking about live meetings it will be about10 people, on the other hand if we consider phone conversations it will be more than ten :) and if we add GG (Polish communicator), e-mails or other source of message exchanging I have to say then my mailbox is bursting at the seams every day.


Bartek, how would you describe relations with these ”most important”?  Ordinary work, camaraderie or friendship?

Definitely friendship, I owe you a lot.


We owe you a lot as well, I hope you’ll become convinced in that reading my birthday article :)

I’m waiting impatiently for that :)


Bartek, we are going to the end of general subject matter, that’s why I would like to go to the last threads. You are Legia Warsaw fan. How do you feel when the whole bad situation is happening in this club currently?

Deep and unbridled anger, save your breathe.


Is there any solution for this situation? Obviously assuming that ITI won’t leave the club.

Obviously there is a solution. Reaching the compromise isn’t a difficult task in my opinion. People responsible for club management have to replaced.


Currently despite the fact that only one stand is available on the stadium, the attendance is very low. What will be when the full stadium will be available and only 5-6 thousands of fans will be on the stadium? That situation may cause big financial loss.

This is one huge misunderstanding.


Apart from the conflict between fans and club owners, there is also poor sports level. Is that possible to improve that in 2-3 months?

Unfortunately no. The fish has spoiled form the head, and in a stinking atmosphere the results will not come, that’s the truth.


Isn’t that a joke that in one moth contracts of 8-9 players will expire? Half of them are first team players.

Only people from the club know how it is in reality. In my opinion Legia doesn’t have players who deserve to play in this club. “L” letter on shirt obligate  to something.


Maciej Skor?a will be the new coach of Legia – the press say like that – is that a good or bad idea?

It will be worse, Legia needs ballsy coach, who will have club owners support.


Who in your opinion should be Legia coach? It’s obvious that new coach should have a big contribution to creating the new team.

I would look for a new coach abroad. There is no one in our pathological yard who will do any result in European cups.


Finishing Legia thread. 2010/2011 season, without European cups, how it will look like? It will be the season of rebuilding the team or we will see the declining tendency?

Like I said, without the real revolution the next season will be much worse for Legia.


How do you rate Smuda after few months of his work with national team of Poland?

It’s too early for any rate, we will be able to say something constructive after EURO 2012. Then will be the time for rating but in my opinion there will be no significant changes. You cannot get water out of a stone.


Bartek, World Cup will start very soon. Which team is your favourite and why?

Hmmm to be frank, I suppose that referees will be the tournament stars.


If you raised this thread, I have to continue this topic. Replays for referees during matches – yes or no?

Of course I am big fan of this idea, this season referees ruined the whole fun when watching football matches so I don’t know if I watch any game, I skip European cups finals, World Cup probably too, football hit rock bottom and start to dig a hole. Replays for referees have to be allowed and none of statements, that it will extend the game, doesn’t appeal to me. In NFL it was possible to introduce this idea, so in football will be as well.


In NHL too.

Anyway they withhold the time here, there are lots of breaks and this sport is more spectacular and dynamic than football :)


NFL is your passion?

Passion is maybe too big word, because our community is the passion, but surely it’s one of my favourite entertainment. I like also NHL, which you have mentioned about.


Which club do you support?

I don’t have any favourite, it simply depends on the match.


Where this liking to NFL came from? This sport is not popular in Poland.

I am a big man, I like contact sports, few years ago Madden NFL fell into my hands, and this is how it began :)


Thanks, that’s the end for today. Tomorrow we’ll start the second part :)

Thanks for conversation too.

Translation: Kily

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