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Written by Piterson - Thursday, 03 June 2010 17:21  |  Skomentuj artykuÅ‚

Hello again :)


Bartek, what is for you?

Hmm that’s very extensive question, first I’ll say that’s my passion, my life, a stepping – stone to reality, my way of improving myself, all in all that’s the main element of my life, without it my life wouldn’t look the same.

Bartek, when we have started this service two years ago, did you expect that it would develop so fast?

Obviously I didn’t, one can say that Brus made a great contribution to that, without his support we technologically backward. Obviously the whole current and former team have a huge contribution to that success. That’s why I’m very glad I gained a help from such people as you all.


We will get back to Brus thread later, because that seems to be very interesting.

No problem :)


If you would have to summarise these two year with one sentence – what would you say?

I would like to thank all people related to this project (team members and service’s users) for their help in achieving this level and I hope we will be better than now, piece of good work was done during these two years :)


Bartek, these two years means success or a milestone?

That’s a milestone :) However valuation of our website which you can see here: shows how many we achieved so far.


The most difficult moments during these two years?

There were few difficult moments, but the most difficult was the last hardware failure.


What exactly has happened then?

We had a failure of hard disks, a lot of data was lost.


Was it possible to protect before that somehow?

Always it’s possible, some part of data was recovered. Unfortunately forum remained only in the form of safe copy scraps and it was necessary to create the new one. Currently safe copy is made every 4 hours.


Now it’s time for more pleasant part. The best moments during these two years?

Live meetings for sure, however there were really lots of successes. First dedicated server, the number of Polish Giga Patch downloads, development of English service version (really great job from Jarek and Lukas), start of service, really lots of things :)


Polish Giga Patch – probably the biggest achievement. How difficult it was to made? Where did you encounter the biggest difficulties and what can be improved in future versions?

The biggest difficulty is small number of people ready for help in works on this patch. Big respect for Liber, who has the biggest contribution in this patch.


And what can be improved?

There are many things which can be improved but we lacks sources, we are limited by poor quality of club sites in our country, but it won’t change in a short time. Pictures, players info presented on websites are not up to date.


Bartek, could you reveal to our readers the number of Polish Giga Patch downloads?

Due to the problems with stable downloads of such a big files, statistics won’t be representative, but the current number of downloads reached almost 50 000. But how many users really downloaded this patch, it’s unknown.


We have premiere of World Giga Patch behind us, patch which will have a widespread impact on world FIFA Manager scene. Could you say something more about this patch?

This is the first edition so the future will show if the impact will be bigger than during releasing Polish Giga Patch. The worst is the fact that WGP has been released very late when most of people are waiting for the next edition. It’s a pity there is a shortage of labour, otherwise it would be possible to release this patch at the beginning of January, when people have the biggest appetites for FIFA Manager 10.


However releasing the first edition speed up release of the next edition?

Hehe time will tell that :)


You have mentioned about English version of website. How popular is it on the world?

Gradually it starts to overtake our Polish version.


I know that there were plans to support other languages. I mean you wanted to create German version. What’s the progress of works on that?

It’s the matter of finding proper people responsible for permanent managing the website, if we find them, services will be able to start in 2-3 weeks.


Did you find any eager people so far?

There are few potential candidates, but currently their availability differ from our requirements.


Do you think that the conquest of German market is a key to become the number one on the world?

Language version is irrelevant here. Currently we belong to the top group of FIFA Manager websites (modesty demands not to talk that we are leaders).


Ok, but wouldn’t German users be interested in website which support their native language?

Yes, but number of German visits on our websites is significant, so if we take the number of patches downloads as popularity rate, it means that language version is irrelevant here.


Bartek, we are circling around popularity and countries. It has to be mentioned that a good cooperation with game authors may be fundamental. Could you reveal how do relations between and Bright Future look like?

Relations are much better than in the past, but still it’s not good enough, as I want to see that. I hope at the end of this year it will change for the better.


What lacks to improve there relations?

Hmmm, time supposedly :)

What do you mean?

Waiting for answers from EA or BF always takes some time and it is caused by enormous amount of work they have to do :)


How do relations between and competitors look like?

Which competitors? Do we have competitors?


Hehe, ok, so let it be relations with foreign FIFA Manager websites

Very well, that’s why they are our partners. Not competitors :)


Is that possible to work on next editions of World Giga Patch together with the whole world community?

Sure, but it require a good managing resources, and it will be possible in the future.


Finish a sentence, putting appropriate year. will be undisputed world number 1 in...

2012 :)


Ok, let’s get back to the Polish reality. I will reveal a secret that there are discussions about alleviation of forum rules. Where is this idea from?

There are tests for now, before the start of next services, I would like to check how does the forum rules strictness impact on number and quality of statements.


This quality is sometimes tragic...

When we finish tests we’ll be drawing conclusions.


Bartek, when we were starting to cooperate, there were only 3 people in management board. Today there are 7 people. Don’t you think that’s too much?

Looking at the systematic development, a close team and the same vision presented by all members, I think it was a good move to extend the management.


Could you describe the rest of management board members?

Lukasvista, drunkard from Kalisz – tireless fan of every kind of drinks served in frozen form. There is no vodka he couldn’t be able to stand. Privately he’s a big fan of white, fluffy Persian carpets. To be serious we owe him very good relations with EA representatives and first hand news as well.


Piterson – quiet rationalist who see life steadily and see it whole, supporter of rigid principles, for me he’s a person who is always able to restrain myself using his composed outlook at particular matter. I respect him also for his industriousness, currently he’s responsible for our two projects, which is not easy task.


Kily – a man from a shade, there wouldn’t be the English website version on such level without him. Admirable and unassuming man, we all owe him a lot of :)


M_staszek – another man who do a great job and is not conspicuous. Privately I like that he always has a different point of view from mine :)


Brus – mysterious good spirit of our community, who pushed us into completely new direction, we owe him a lot of. Privately he’s an amazing man with unearthly sense of humor, who you are always able to come to an understanding with, and who during at least expected moment, with one sentence, can cause that you are not able to stop laughing. He’s really unimaginable mixture of professionalism, self-control, sense of humor and willingness to help.


Liber – Green berets member, commando unit from Katowice :) he knows two languages i.e. Polish and his own which he sometimes tries to present on our forum chat :) To be serious he’s a main driving force supporting our download section, without him it would be difficult like hell. It is said he support Gieksa (GKS Katowice, Polish football club).


Let’s get back to the thread we mentioned about earlier i.e. Brus. How important was his appearance on our scene?

It was probably the most important event, he pushed us into new development directions, without him we wouldn’t be able to develop so fast.


And how did it happen that strategic sponsor became co-owner?

He made for us so many things that it was natural he joined our team, especially that his help was much bigger than ordinary sponsor activity.


We mentioned about people from management working for service, but maybe there are others who do you want to talk about?

Obviously, there lots of such people. I mean people who were making PGP and other patches, people who were writing articles and blogs on the website, people who visit us every day and two persons who were helping us at the beginning i.e. jACÓR and  RADZIO. I would like to thank them all very much.


What requirements have candidates to fulfill to join

Game modifying skills, ability to create graphic modifications and writing skills. Additionally we require willingness to work and improving yourself :)


What can you say about people who we are doing it all for? How would you describe Polish FIFA Manager scene?

Hmmm, it’s a really explosive mixture, it’s really hard to describe. Surely there is much more well-mannered than in other communities focused on other games :)


Bartek, do you think the same like me, that should be granted an award from Ministry of Education for contribution in Polish language education?

Caring for Polish language is natural behaviour, there shouldn’t be awards but punishments for ruining it.


If at least half a nation were thinking the same...

We shouldn’t be taking about Polish society :)


Bartek, recently we drew a conclusion that we have a peculiar opinions about Internet forums. We achieved success with What are your advices for administrators of other forums?

Everything depends on your outlook on life. I don’t want to give any advice to anybody, because it’s an individual matter how other people perceive themselves in the Internet :)


Let’s summarise these two years. Would you change anything?

No, I wouldn’t.


I you were to advertise, which characteristic would you enumerate?

Reliability, industriousness, disinterestedness and professionalism.


In the first part of interview I was quoting other people and I will do it again now. “I can’t understand you... :/ great website, forum as well, everything ok but ... administrators...” – are we really so bad?

There were a lot of such statements during these two years. Many people forget that these bad administrators are responsible for this great website and forum, so this statements is one big contradiction.


Let’s focus on the future. An information which many of our readers are waiting for is the question “Our community convention – will be or not?”.

I can’t answer this question. If we are going to meet in group of 10-15 people, that’s not a problem. But if we are talking about mass event, we have some plans and maybe we will be able to organise something noticeable in media :)


Is that possible to gather so big group of people in one place in Poland, bearing in mind that many our users are very young and their lack of mobility?

Like I said, if I come to an understanding with sponsors, there will be such a possibility.


Does such talks last? And what it EA outlook at this matter?

Such talks, it can be said, not last but reached an impasse, we’ll write about details at the end of June. About the EA, such events are not in their promotional plans.


There is nothing to hide, Bartek, EA cut their costs. Is there any possibility that this situation may impact somehow on community?

No, it doesn’t pose a threat to our community, because these costs are very small, in our country at least.


Bartek, what are your aims for the third year of activity?

The aim is one, development of the main service and expansion in direction to new communities.


Let’s get back to our flagship projects i.e. PGP and WGP. Development of WGP is something natural, but what can be improved in the case of PGP?

Obviously, there is always something to improve. However everything depends on new game editions and their technical capabilities. Who knows maybe in next year we will create all domestic leagues :) This year yower had a really difficult task working on scripts, game producers are simply blocking us setting limits.


During two years we could notice frequent changes of website layout, sometimes even radical. Can we assume that your artistic approach has ended and you will change nothing during next year?

Change of layout doesn’t mean an artistic approach, it’s a symptom of service development. I can only say that soon we will change the old engine into the new one and it will has a small impact on graphic looks.


Can we see somewhere the previous incarnations of, including the first historic one?

The first one is available in All about section on our website :)


Bartek, the next year means revolution, because new paid services will appear on the website, don’t you afraid that it will be an own goal?

Why? Paid services will be additional. Our website will be still the same as now, however we will implement additional services for people who wants something more.


How big response do you expect?

The future will show, giving any numbers now will be like reading coffee grounds.


Do any surprises wait for us in the forthcoming year?

Obviously, but these are surprises, so I won’t reveal anything :)


Maybe you’ll say something?

I will tell nothing, follow our news on the website, first info should appear soon :)


Ok. When can we expect the next competition?

From 1st June to 16th June we will organise birthday competitions :)


Any interesting prizes?

Everything will be revealed in the right time.


It’s hard to extract something from you. Bartek, is it possible that will have any competitors in Poland?

It’s always possible, but if our current team members will stay with us, no one will threaten us.


What are your wishes for the third year of activity?

Good health for the whole team and 48 hours day for me.


So I wish you that :)

Thank you :)

Translation: Kily

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