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“Files Centre” is a collection of modifications and patches improving and expanding FIFA Manager game series.

Modifications published in “Files Centre” folder are created in most cases by game fans who are not related to game producers or publisher with the exception of files which are marked as files created by game producers and/or publisher (including official updates) and also files created in cooperation with software producers and/or publisher. Files created in cooperation with producers and publisher or files published directly by these entities are always respectively described, pointing out modification’s author and cooperating entities.

You may also find in “Files Centre” folder links redirecting to other modifications and patches created by external authors not related to owners. In such case file source and its author are clearly defined in patch description.

Each file created by Team is intended only for private use of person downloading it.

It is categorically forbidden to publish downloaded files, their modified versions and their individual parts on forums and websites without the knowledge and consent of their authors and Administration. It is also forbidden to disseminate such files via data carriers or in other way.

All trademarks and materials used in files and modifications (including brand logos, pictures, images etc.) which are owned by external entities are the property of their respective owners and may be freely used by these entities excluding the right to distribute entire patches or their individual parts which are not the property and/or copyrights of these entities.

7. Administration and Publisher and also patches/modifications authors shall not be liable for potential damages which may arise from installing and running these patches/modifications.

Users download files at their own risk being fully aware of the risk resulted from installing and running these files.

9. Administration and Publisher and also patches/modifications authors shall not guarantee that files available on the service are compatible with users’ hardware configuration and software as well.

Files published on “Files Centre” are free and are available for all users. Administration and Publisher do not collect any charges from users however reserves the right to impose download limits on not logged in users or other limits in order to make access to files easy for logged in users.

11. Administration and Publisher guarantee that unregistered user have an access (excluding technical breaks and potential server breakdown) to free download of files intended for latest FIFA Manager game edition. In a moment of releasing the next FIFA Manager edition, all patches and modifications created for the previous one goes into archive which is available only for registered users.

12. Administration and Publisher respect EULA resolutions. Representatives of entities possessing the rights to files available in our archives and wanting to gain access to these files in archives without registration an necessity of making a payment should contact Administration or Publisher in order to get installation version of respective patches and modifications free of charge.

Pursuant to the provisions of art. 10 and 11, Administration and Publisher declare that do not conduct any commercial activity consisting in selling files (patches/modifications) published in the service. Potential charges are collected from users on account of using server space intended for archives or access to certain software features which are used for service structure.

Downloading files from service amounts to acceptance of these provisions.

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