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Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Bright Future
Platform: PC
Release date (Polish) 21.10.2011 r.
Release date (World) 21.10.2011 r.
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Wymagania sprz?towe
Operating system Processor
Windows XP, Vista lub 7 P4 2,4 GHz or equivalent
Hard disk space
1024 MB (Vista 2048 MB) 10 GB
Video card Audio
128 MB + Pixel Shader 2.0 compatible with DirectX 9.0c
x8 version 9.0c
internet 128 kb/s or equivalent

Supported chipsets:
ATI Radeon X700, X800 series, Radeon X800 Pro not supported, ATI Radeon X1xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx series, NVIDIA GeForce 6800, 7xxx, 8xxx, 9xxx and higher, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 and 280. There might be some minor graphical errors with the Intel GMA 900. Note: Intel i915g, Intel GMA X4500HD (G45) and ATI Radeon Xpress 200 are not supported..

Laptop versions of these chipsets may work but are not supported.

To activate the game you need an Internet connection.

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FIFA MANAGER 12 is the 11th edition of the franchise, featuring more than 700 hundred improvements across the board with a special focus on the offline mode. In the game the manager has full control over the management of a football club. You are responsible for the line-up, the tactics and the training of your team - and for signing the right players, improving the club facilities and the stadium.

Special highlights are the FIFA license, the FIFA 3D engine, more than 41,000 licensed players (more than 13,000 of them with original player pictures), the player manager mode, the national team manager mode, the Create-a-Club mode and the Match Prognosis Tool. The game also includes a comprehensive editor.

3D Mode

A special highlight this year is the 3D match of FIFA MANAGER 12. For many players this is the core element of the game and this year an entire team with a dedicated designer and several artists and engineers worked exclusively on the gameplay of this mode.

The result is a completely new player AI and huge improvements in areas like realistic substitutions, tactics and tactical changes during the match, e.g. after a sent-off. The new intuitive user interface gives the manager full control to get all the player data or to make tactical changes instantly – by simply clicking on a player and doing the changes on the fly. It is no longer required to open comprehensive screens to change tactics!

New Club Facilities

25 different buildings with 289 extension levels were created. In addition you can own up to three stadiums with a capacity of up to 120,000 seats directly on your club grounds.

Also every extension level has an effect on other parts of the game. Buildings wear out and must be renovated. As a manager you must make frequent important decisions to develop the perfect strategy for the future of your club.


The Finance area of FIFA MANAGER 12 is completely new. Clubs and managers now must gain financial trust first by successful management. A realistic income of the main sponsors helps to represent the differences between the big and the small clubs realistically in the game. There is even a share market for all the clubs who went public.

Also the sponsor options were vastly extended. There is now a pyramid of sponsors of various sizes and with different commitment. It is possible to launch a sponsor campaign to find new candidates for possible co-operations. Also the main sponsor becomes more important and it is an important task of every manager to keep them happy

Transfer Market

In the Transfer section it is now possible to test players on trial in friendly matches. It is also possible to commission a squad analysis to find the weak positions in your team and to sign the right players.

The AI managers will use this kind of analysis as well and this will make the transfers in the game even more realistic. They even try to sell players that do not want to extend their contracts if their existing contract only runs for one more season.

Improvements in Core Areas

In the calendar you can find many new options, examples are the new Charity Gala, direct requests for friendlies and a lactate test in pre-season.

Training can now be planned on a daily basis with specific sessions in the morning and in the afternoon. Player development has become even more realistic, which makes the game significantly harder in the higher difficulty levels. A special fitness coach offers his services at the beginning of the season.

Especially cool is the new Weekly Progress screen which allows you to select the information you really want, like the training progress, information on your next opponents or the status of your club facility extensions.

Also expanded are the Instant Calculation mode, the co-operation with the Board, the player talks, the interviews and the optional Personal Life feature.

Online Mode

Action Items

Use the new action items to boost your gameplay and enhance your squad! You will be able to get more and better action items in exchange for your manager points.

Avatar Editor

Create your avatar from various individual pieces, such as skin colour, hair style, eyes, mouth, glasses etc.

Host Fantasy League

You can now host your own fantasy draft league. All players can then join your league and play under your rules.

Additional Stats

This year’s Online Mode is perfect for statisticians. Get all the information on:

- Transfers
- Team Levels
- Best Rated Players
- Most Expensive Squads
- Foreign Players
- Injuries
- Player Fairness
- Salaries / Market Values
- Stadium Capacities

Extended Player Search

Browse the countries and clubs for players. This extended feature includes many additional filters for Player Level, Positions, Nationality, Age, and Special Skills, to narrow down your search and quickly find the exact players you are looking for.

Sergi Gomez
Santos Andre
Sanchez Alexis
Ortola Adrian
Moura Silva Lucas Rodrigues
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