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Face Bank - Using principlesFace Bank
§1 - Introduction

Face Bank is a collection of player and manager pictures catalogued in alphabetical order.

§2 - Tool for converting files from PNG into TGA

All pictures stored on Face Bank are in PNG format and don’t have backgrounds. In order to adapt them to format supported by the game you need free graphic program GIMP (you may download it from producer homepage:

§3 - Converting downloaded images into format supported by FIFA Manager

Step 1 - firstly you have to download an image from Face Bank folder, to do that you have to log in and choose an image you are interested in. Afterwards you have to click on Download icon below the image and save it on your hard disk.


Step 2 - Open GIMP program and follow instruction below:

1. Drag your image to GIMP window, as a result you will get the following view.


2. Afterwards choose “Edit” from Menubar and then “Copy”.


3. Now choose from Menubar “File” and then “New”. You will be shown a window, now unroll “Advanced Options” and choose the following parameters for the new image: Width: 160 px, Height: 160 px, Colour space: RGB colour, Fill with: Transparency.


4. If everything went according to plan you should see a square filled up with other smaller squares. Now you can Paste your previously Copied image. To do that just simply choose “Edit” and then “Paste”.


5. Now you have an image which can be save as a file supported by FIFA Manager.


6. To save a file choose “File” and then “Save as”.


7. Afterwards you will be shown a window where you can choose the name for your file, the place where a file will be saved and the file format. IMPORTANT: You have to choose the proper format by unrolling “Select File Type (By Extension)” option and choosing “TarGA Image”!


8. The last task is to give your image the proper name. This action is necessary. You have to use the following format: LastnameFnDDMMYYYY.tga
Lastname - player last name
Fn - player first name (two first letters)
DDMMYYYY - date of birth (e.g. 25121979 for 25.12.1979)

All data needed for the proper file name you will find in Database Editor.

Sergi Gomez
Santos Andre
Sanchez Alexis
Ortola Adrian
Moura Silva Lucas Rodrigues
Fan Zone! goalpl_240
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