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FIFA Manager 12 unfriendly for Polish users!
Written by Kily - Thursday, 08 September 2011 19:10  |  Skomentuj artykuÅ‚

fifam12The worst dream for all Polish FIFA Manager fans has come true! In this year’s edition of FIFA Manager game, published by EA Sports, we won’t see the real names of clubs playing in Polish leagues. Instead of that we will get unlicensed teams such as  L. Warszawa, L. Pozna? and W. Kraków etc. Obviously, due to the lack of licenses, we won’t also see kits and other graphics elements for Polish clubs. To make things worse, looking at pre-order offers, there will be no Polish localization in FIFA Manager 12, it means back to the past for us, when all the info on the game screens appeared in English language.
Looking at the announcements of changes and new features in Bright Future’s product, it’s hard to be reconciled with the loss of Polish licenses and localization. As far as in the case of Polish licenses, Ekstraklasa’s authorities should be blame for that, however as regards the Polish localization we can only guess why EA decided to terminate the works on it. Most probably big number of new features caused that the costs of translation increased drastically, thus as a result Polish and Italian localization has been removed.

Obviously such situation gives a chance to even bigger development of Polish FIFA Manager community. Undoubtedly the popularity of Polish Giga Patch (modification improving and expanding Polish competitions, being released for 4 years) will be even bigger. It’s already known that few weeks after release day game fans will be able to manage clubs from Polish fifth division, if the game engine will allow that. As regards to Polish localization, we can promise to all Polish fans, that we will start our own translation works as soon as the game is released, it mean all the Polish fans will be able to play FIFA Manager 12 in Polish.

It’s a pity that the release of probably best edition of FIFA Manager game in the whole history will be accompanied by such unpleasant for all Polish fans circumstances. Nevertheless we are convinced that such situation will lead to even bigger development of Polish IFFA Manager community.


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