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Written by Kily - Tuesday, 27 March 2012 12:43  |  Skomentuj artykuÅ‚

your_feature_13It’s high time to start Your Feature campaign. The first round is in the air and you finally have a chance to impact the game for the first time this season.

A) Shooting-Star

Specific players will develop in a never before witnessed kind of way. An unknown Joe Everybody will become a young adult with a well versed personality in only few months. But it is not always a one-way street; a player might enter a state of crisis, might be starting to take it easy or get to eager.

B) Negotiating with the TV broadcasters

Given a certain level of success, you can bring to a life a commission to bargain for a good deal with the broadcasters. Here you have to make a decision! Do you want to fight for the smaller clubs as well and strive for an equal budget for everybody or will you try to get as much as possible for your club? Do you have what it takes to endure the negotiations or will you sell the rights to quickly for too little? Will there be conditions, e.g. if the audience grows or international victories happen?

C) Special up- and downgrades after Euros/World Cups

A special screen will appear after a Euro or World Cup tournaments that will present the top players of the tournament and their different upgrades. If a player with a level of 70 scored five goals, he will receive an impressive boost and his market value will rise as well. This makes the performance of your team’s player way more important and the transfer market gets more interesting as well.

D) New departments

In a special area of the game you can found and finance new departments (women football team, hockey, handball etc.) within your club. Depending on the success, you might also get a revenue from your departments and one or two titles as well. Occasionally you will also observe inter-departmental effects. This means that you can for example become the first coach to win both the men’s and the women’s championship.

E) Additional staff

Many additional options could be brought to life here. Being it a yoga teacher or a nutrition expert, diversified coaches, chiropractors or acupuncturist. In modern day football, it often is the little things that make the difference. We will analyze clubs from several countries to put together an assortment of realistic (but maybe also rare) jobs.

Everything is in your hands, thus do not hesitate and cast your vote here:

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