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Written by Kily - Friday, 20 April 2012 14:12  |  Skomentuj artykuÅ‚

your_feature_13Feature C) Repurchase (In certain cases, you might have a bad feeling after you sold one of your players. We will implement a repurchase option which gives you the chance to buy him back if he performs impressively at his new club. This will of course only be possible for a higher prize as the one you got for the initial transfer!) is the winner of the second round, thus it will be implemented in FIFA Manager 13 game. That means it’s high time for the next round, so you have another 5 suggestions you can choose to be voted by you. Here are the propositions:
A) News on loaned out players and on players on the short list
If a player you loaned out to another club is particularly successful, scores goals or gets injured you will receive a news bulletin in the news section. There you will also get informed about goals and injuries of players on your short list. Both these options are of course optional so your mailbox can handle it. In addition, we'll divide the short list into several categories to give you a better overview.

B) Fantasy Draft
We will integrate the Fantasy Draft as seen in the Online Mode in FIFA MANAGER 12 into the main game. At gamestart, this mode allows you to allocate a fixed budget on a pool of players. So it is your choice whether you want to put all your money on few stars and fill the rest of the squad with weaker players or you can put together a balanced squad. In offline multiplayer-mode, you will take turns.

C) Player-names, -pictures and -appearance
In the player info we add a button that allows you to change the 3D appearance of a player (exactly like you design the player-manager). There you can also define a player picture! You can either select this photo from a pool of pre-selected photos or you can use your own photo. For youth players the option will be available to automatically assign the existing player picture of a retired, identically named player. If you activate reincarnation, the existing player picture will also be assigned by default.

D) Regional talent scouts
In a new game area, you get the chance to focus more on talented players who are situated in your region, scout them, foster them and recruit them for your team. To do this, you have to choose staff to perform these tasks and you can also allocate funds to e.g. improve the regional youth coaches' quality who are working at smaller clubs.

E) Youth camps
A detailed filter-option will be implemented for the players currently participating in youth camps. This will make the step obsolete to singularly select the players you do not want to have in a camp any longer. This will make it easier to maintain the overview, even if you maintain a large number of youth camps. In addition, we'll also implement a league position graph in the current league table (so far only available as a widget).

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