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New WGP 2.0 patches already online
Written by Kily - Thursday, 03 February 2011 16:48  |  Skomentuj artykuÅ‚

wgp2.0After releasing European database modification it’s high time to start supplementing it with graphic patches. Primarily we have published six modifications improving FIFA Manager 11 from its visually side. WGP 2.0 - Europe Adboards Patch 2011 installs adboards for all European countries in FIFA Manager 11. Patch adds adboards for such leagues as: Premiership, Primera Division, Serie A, Bundesliga and much more. Adboards present such companies as: Nike, Unibet or Sky Sports etc. Overall as many as 51 European countries (except for Poland and Liechtenstein) will gain adboards thanks to this patch. On the other hand WGP 2.0 Europe – England Graphic Pack installs graphic elements for all English leagues in FIFA Manager 11. If you install this patch you will get 3D stadiums, home and away kits for clubs from Conference Premier, North and South, and city and stadium pictures as well. The next modification WGP 2.0 - Europe Balls Patch 2011 installs authentic balls (from season 2010/2011) for 3D mode for best European leagues included in WGP 2.0 Europe database. You will find here balls made by Nike, Adidas and Mitra. To gain authentic pictures of trophies for league and cup competitions for European countries we advise you to install the modification WGP 2.0 - Europe Trophies Patch 2011. It will surely make competitions on the Old Country even more attractive. The last two patches WGP 2.0 Europe - City Pictures part 1 and WGP 2.0 Europe - City Pictures part 2 enrich the game with pictures of European cities. After installing both parts you will get 2126 pictures with the size of almost 2 GB. As you see these figures make a really good impression, we encourage to test all the patches, the next graphic modifications intended for European competitions will be released very soon.

Keep in mind that above mentioned modifications will give you the best effect after installing World GIGA Patch 2.0 - Database Europe which is the basic modification intended for European continent.


#1 Kily 2011-02-03 21:19
Enjoy! Next patches are going to be published probably at the end of this week. Follow us.
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