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Piotr Chmielowiec (DrHouse)
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Dawid Puk (Gongi)
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Norbert Ka?mierczak
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Who are we?

poczatekThe idea to create service arose in April, 2008 and was caused by poor condition of the only one in Poland service about manager game from EA Sports. Thanks to rapid work and big involvement from five persons, crazy idea acquired the real shape during a few weeks and became the second FIFA Manager vertical portal on the Polish scene. With next weeks of existing, another very important persons joined our team, which let the achieve and maintain high level very quickly.

szata1Today, our vertical portal is the only one place in Polish Internet intended for FIFA Manager game fans. However it has to be mentioned, that from the moment of creating English-language version of service, it became very popular also in other countries. Thanks to it, everyday our service gathers thousands of readers interested in everything which refers to their favourite game. One must bear in mind that our team cooperate closely with Bright Future - making the FIFA Manager game and with EA Polish Department – the game publisher in our country. Thank to this cooperation, game fans receive everyday solid dose of news, modifications and competitions referring to FIFA Manager. Our readers can also show off to be the best informed FIFA Manager society on the world, because lots of news appear on much earlier than on other international services (often including official services).

zjazdDescribing our vertical portal we have to mention about its biggest treasure, which is unique society. From the beginning of existing we can show off the exceptional group of people gathered around the service, who actively participate in its everyday life and not only via the Internet but through meeting in real life as well.

Our projects and initiatives

1. Beta tests and Polish database for FIFA Manager

Our team members have a big contribution to creating and testing consecutive editions of FIFA Manager. We have our representatives in team responsible for creating Polish database and among a group of people whose main task is testing the newest solutions implemented by game producers.

2. Polish Giga Patch with its activity on International FIFA Manager society contributes significantly to popularization of our domestic competition among foreign countries. “Polish Giga Patch” modification made a great contribution to this, year after year this patch extend the number of Polish leagues available in the game. We cannot forgot about increasing base of Polish clubs and players. This modification is very popular not only in our country, but in other parts of world as well. Thanks to it foreign players get to know about Polish football world together with the whole group of companies connected with its functioning. The crucial edition of PGP is 3.0 version from 2010, which let you begin a career with one of 16 fourth division leagues and build powerful club having 14 000 Polish players at your disposal.

3. against piracy

Our editorial staff is actively involved in restricting the violation of copyright. Persons using illegal game versions will not find any help on our service, additionally in most cases person breaking the law is taken away the right to use our service resources. Obviously punishing is not the only way of acting against piracy. Every year dozens of original FIFA Manager games are giving away for free, through our service. Thanks to it persons who cannot afford to buy original game, can rejoice over possibility to play FIFA Manager.

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Santos Andre
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Ortola Adrian
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