Short history of Polish localization in FIFA Manager (TCM)

My adventure as a user playing FIFA Manager began in 2004. That was the first time I was playing this manager game known as Total Club Manager. Of course I didn’t have any problems playing this game in English, but who didn’t want to play in your native language, didn’t it? Then I’ve heard for the first time about project of translating this game into Polish. I was looking forward to seeing results.

Everything has changed when FIFA Manager 07 was released. I wanted finally find out if the translating process is so difficult. I started from searching files which might be edited without decoding. And that was the way I found EAMailText file, which included precisely 2213 sentences appearing in the news window. After many attempts, I succeeded in replacing English text by Polish which was noticeable in the game. I knew that no one released at least a part of Polish translation, I decided to register on forum to show off my achievement, but unfortunately most of people write me off. They claimed that they were trying to do that in previous (06) version and they failed, but I met also a support especially from my college Sebastian (nick: Sebek). He offered me a help and then my adventure with translating FIFA Manager into Polish began. Works lasted over 3 months, during this time I encountered problems with values, number of letters and problems with translating. Finally I reached the stage when I could officially release this patch. It caught on very well, everyone was glad to read mails in native language.

The patch was a success and I started to feel willingness to do something really BIG, but it wasn’t so easy. Decoding of translations.huf file turned out to be impossible despite many attempts, lots of mails sent to EA, and contacts with other websites about FIFA Manager. The turningpoint occurred when user Deejalukas joined the forum. He got decoded file from Czech users. Of course team was formed straight away, and I didn’t have to wait for invitation too long. Our team included 5 persons plus plproject group (two persons). Each team member got 3500 lines of text. Those were full sentences, not simple phrases. So you can imagine how many text we had to translate. Believe me that wasn’t easy and many people gave up. But we were making progress and first results of our hard work started to appear. You can see it on screens below.



Believe me, we were so much delighted with each new translated element, which appeared in the game. Finally we succeeded in creating Polish font, so that was the next phase of our project. In the meantime Extra Time update was released so I together with Sebastian translated added mails. Our work was making progress cause we had team adjusted to working together. Suddenly on the official EA website we read the following news: „We’ll add new polish language to game. Have a fun!”. We have heard earlier about possibility of adding Polish language but we thought that was a mistake, everything has changed with that news. So we decided to suspend our works because what was the sense of translating that game for next few months if the next 08 version was going to be in Polish? We released beta version of patch to commemorate our hard work which lasted few months. Finally came so long expected day, professional Polish version of the game! But it turned out to have many bugs. The biggest one was of course the lack of press conference talk referring to other localizations. So my curiosity leaded me to the file responsible for that again. We formed again team of users who I can always count on, and started to translate. This work lasted long time but results enjoyed as always.

Of course works on this patch still last, similarly as attempt of gaining program for improving bugs in the main huf file. I hope we will succeed in this and the game will be free of any translation bugs. At the conclusion I want to thank everyone who helped me so far. There are lots of people that’s why I’ll enumerate only persons who I’m translating with from the beginning i.e. Sebek, Marcel, Pawcio and many others. I hope that after this modest article you’ll appreciate a little bit the work we did during translating this game.


Translation: Kily