The real stadium in your club.

The biggest disadvantage of every computer game is that first enchantment comes to the end someday and you start to remark big bugs. One of the biggest disadvantages in FIFA Manager 08 is stadium editor. I’m sure that each of you noticed that the public is “dead” on stadiums created in editor. Moreover you pay a lot of money in the game to buy limelights and you can’t see them working because evening matches are played only on the stadiums created by game designers.

Fortunately there is a possibility to solve this problem. Just follow below steps:

Step one:Open editor and mark club you want to manage.
Step two:Choose “Club Settings”.
Step three: Choose “Stadium/Ground” markbook.
Step four: Choose “Venue” list.
Step five: Choose suitable stadium (it has to be Generic).
Step six: Close “Club Settings” and write current database for game.
Step seven: Close editor and start new game.

Important: To see changes you have to start a new game (career mode is not supported).

Translation: Kily