Changes of newspapers appearance in FIFA Manager

Most of you surely remember how some game elements looked like few years ago. How they have changed, which gave users better readability, appearance, more information and many other features. I will present in this short article all changes which were made in newspapers and websites in whole game history.

For the first time we could see sport magazine in Total Club Manager 2003 (in 2002 version you could see only text in windows). That was a Kicker newspaper. Structure of newspaper based on real magazine available in newsstands. All contents of news appeared when you clicked on title.



TCM 2004 and 2005 based also on the same format of showing football news as in TCM 2003. Main structures and functions remained the same. Only the general graphical appearance was changed.



FIFA Manager 06 introduced big changes. To be concrete you could see footballworld website in the game. It was the main source of the newest domestic and foreign information. Moreover you could see there polls, public opinions, results and tables. The structure was transparent ensuring right away the view on most important thing in manager life.



FIFA Manager 07 completely rejected conception of website presented in FIFAM06. Appearance of website based on official newspaper websites. Part of statistic, which were available on website in FIFAM06, were moved to separate menu in FIFAM07.



FIFA Manager 08 is more abounding in news than previous versions. Website contain information about forthcoming matches, news from the world such as transfers etc. There are newspapers with current statistic (such as “Who is the top scorer” or “Football ranking”) back in the game again. Game newspapers reflects real newspapers.



How you can see game newspapers and websites evolved comparing it to first released version. Authors try to ensure more valuable information in one place and to keep it as transparent as it’s possible. What will bring the newest version? As we know it will bring new newspaper subjects, rebuilt website and video presentations. We will find out soon how it will look exactly.


Translation: Kily