FIFA Manager 07 + Extra Time

Player Career
Select a player in Player Career mode, train him & develop his skills up until he’s worthy of a slot in your starting 11. Then showcase those skills on the field by taking control of him in 3D Match Mode. Alternatively, increase your Manager Rating to control a different player every game in Match To Match mode.

Climb the Career Ladder
Scour the Manager Transfer Market as you build your reputation to view other clubs’ opinions of you in real-time. Pre-signature deals that will influence the situation of your future clubs, and so much more…

Build Your Squad
Capitalise on successful loans with extensions or transfers, guided by players’ wishes, and take advantage of swap deals involving up to three players on each side.


Increase Your Options
Team up with another club to establish a Cooperation Agreements. Then pool your resources by exchanging promising players and making use of each other’s youth academies.

Prepare for the Future
Bring through tomorrow’s stars by overseeing your youth team. View line-ups, match reports and full stats or scout international tournaments and camps to discover new talent. Set up your own youth camps around the globe and play the Youth Transfer Market to bring the best early stars to your club

Experience More Realism
Enjoy improved AI and completely free camera control in 3D Match Mode. Make one-click tactical changes and use easy substitution options to impose yourself on the game, then save the resulting highlights to share with other players.

Play it Your Way
Craft your own players, clubs and leagues with FIFA Manager 07’s enriched editor and swap your creations with other players.


Player Manager
It is now possible to start the game as player manager. In this case the player starts a career under his own name. At the beginning of the game, he can choose his character and abilities and in the course of the game he can continuously improve himself and even start an international career!

Ups & Downs
After the pre-season training, at the end of the year and at the end of the season, it will get even more exciting! All players will be re-evaluated and their ratings will be adjusted accordingly so you can see just how well you have performed as their manager. These are the most important minutes of the season for each player, including the reserves, the youth players and the new signings!



New Stadiums
In addition to the already existing stadiums the following stadiums will be integrated. The home of Arsenal, Benfica Lissabon, VfB Stuttgart, Bayern Munich, AS Rom, the Azteca Stadium, etc.

Selling of Stand Names
In addition to the stadium names you can now sell the stands to sponsors to make even more money to buy new players!

More than 30 different statistics screens (nearly 100 in total) leave nothing to be desired.