FM Online


What is the online mode?
FIFA MANAGER 10 Online is a game mode of FIFA MANAGER 10 which is focused on speed. Up to 8 players can play against each other in the same league. The online mode can easily be accessed through the FIFA MANAGER 10 main menu.

Do I have to register?
The profile generation is integrated into the game and every player has to create his online profile before playing. Your data will then be saved on an EA server. If you are already registered in the forum, the FIFA Manager 10 website or a different EA website, you can use this account and start playing straight away.

Does the online mode include all features of the main game?
No, the online mode is mainly focused on the core features of the football business – line-up, training, transfers and matches. In addition to that there are several other options, e.g. to expand the club’s infrastructure in order to improve your prospects. You can also invest in your youth teams.

Are all leagues playable?
The vast majority of countries from the main game are available but only with the first leagues (provided that this league is complete and each club has at least 15 players). Clubs from the second league are simulated, meaning they can get promoted and are available in the transfer list or as opponents in the national cup, but they cannot be selected.

What happens when I get relegated?
In this case, you will receive offers from other clubs that are available.

What competitions are available?
For every selectable country, the league and the national cup are available. If you are playing in Europe, the Champions Cup and the European Cup are also simulated.

Are unusual scripts (e.g. Scotland) implemented?
No, we wanted the online mode to be fast and straightforward and therefore we only integrated the “simple” league scripts.

Can I play with my own database?
No, for fairness and the opportunity to compare achievements, there will be one central database all players have access to.

Can I play single player?
Yes, the online mode supports single player mode; although it is obviously much more fun to play with 8 players.

How long does a season take?
As we have optimized the online mode towards speed, it should be possible to play a season in 2-3 hours, even with 8 players. In order to speed this up, the host of the game can set a time-limit for how much time each player can spend in the main menu to make decisions.

Whom can I play with?
This is not really limited. Games are generated through a lobby and every player has free access to those (unless the game is locked by a password). This means you can either play with your friends (there is a friends list), or with strangers.

Why should I play with small teams?
This depends on your own ambitions. One reason is that it is easier to collect manager points with small teams. You receive more manager points for wins or draws against stronger teams than against weaker teams. Besides, there are trophies that you can only win with fairly weak teams. If you intend to win the next championship on a short-term basis, you should obviously select a strong club.

Is there anything I can do to stop my friends selecting the strongest teams?
Whilst creating the game, you have the opportunity to de-activate any club and these will then be controlled by the AI.

Can I continue my game at a later point?
Yes, you can. There is an auto save at the beginning of each turn. This auto save can be re-activated in the lobby at a later date. At least half of the players have to be online again. Players who are not online will be managed by the AI, but can re-enter the game later on.

What happens, if the host ends his game or has problems with his connection?
This will send all co-players back to the lobby. We’re working on a solution which will change the host dynamically and are planning on rolling this out with an update later on. But if the host continues, you can access the available save game and continue playing from there; this will cost you one week of in-game time at a max. At the moment the game ends, if the host doesn’t continue.

How do the trophies and high scores work?
During each game, you gain manager points, e.g. by winning matches and championships or through the training progress of your team. These points are added up through all the games you play and these are displayed in the high score list. In addition to that you can win up to 70 trophies by meeting certain criteria. Trophies can only be won in multiplayer mode. It will be a great challenge to win all these trophies for your collection.

How many traits will the players have compared to the main game?
A player’s level ranks from 1 to 20. We’ve decided to use this system so that there is a more obvious direct effect, if a player moves one level up. In addition to that, every player can have up to 3 special skills (e.g. heading, speed, crosses) which tangibly influence the match calculation. This omits the detailed skill values from FIFA MANAGER 10.

What is the “condition” of a player?
The condition of a player is composed of his morale as well as his performance in previous matches and influences his level. For example the morale is influenced by the frequency of his assignments, a short-term change in the line-up before a match or the approval (or denial) of a pay raise, if the player asks for it.

How does the training work?
Every player has a 5-step training progress for his overall level and his special skills. Progress can only be made if the player’s training goal matches the team’s training goal for the respective day. As soon as the progress has been completed, the player either moves up one level or gains a special skill.

How do the transfers work?
Every week, each club can put one player on the transfer list. All players on this list are sold by auction at the end of the week, i.e. they transfer to the club with the highest bid. Enjoy the thrill of last minute bids! Each player can only be put on the transfer list every six months. The transfer market is open until the end of April. In the future, we will also implement additional features, such as headhunting players.

Don’t the players have contracts?
Yes and no. They have a fixed salary but no contract duration. They are part of their club until they’re either sold or end their careers.

How do I get new youth players?
Every month, you set a sum of how much you want to invest in youth training under the menu item ”Infrastructure”. Depending on how high your investment is, there is a certain probability that you will receive new youth players during the season. Stronger clubs have to invest much more money to find suitable players. At the end of each season, every club automatically receives 1-2 new players unless the squad is already too big.

How are the matches displayed?
The matches are displayed in the well-known text mode of the FIFA MANAGER 10 main game; it contains all important features to take action in the game.

What is the bonus race?
Speed will be rewarded. If you finish your move in the main menu quickly, you will receive points for the bonus race. The intermediate results of the bonus race are shown after each move. Whoever reaches the required points first, will receive an additional budget as a bonus. The bonus race does not determine the game itself but it enhances motivation to make your moves fast.

What happens with the remaining funds at the end of a season?

The remaining funds will be added to your budget in the next season.