Interview with Bartek – after two years, part 3


bart6qxHello for the third time.

Hi there.

Bartek, in a day when you devised, were you also planning another services?

I wasn’t, some time has lasted I thought about another websites, but I cannot remember how much.

The second project was football website, that was your first idea after or first able to implement project?

First able to implement 🙂 there are still few unfinished projects which will be completed in the future 🙂


Internet Football Centre – do you remember you first project called as that?

Yes, it was planned to start in 2012 and it’s still valid.


Was the start of football informational service a waste of time for you?

No definitely not, that was the beginning of evolution, and its effects after 12 months are satisfactory 🙂


Would you do the same with one more time? Or would you rather decide to keep still informational service and not to change into football weekly magazine?

The current form of is something rare and as a result of this fact its popularity is growing. On September few technical modifications are planned and it should make this project even more popular.


How would you rate the work of editorial staff?

I’m very satisfied with the quality and progress. I hope they are satisfied with me as well 🙂


But what are their advantages and disadvantages?

I won’t do any public judgments, because these matter should only be discussed with interested parties. The wider public should get only a perfect football magazine.


I see. Bartek, many people demand changes in the way how the magazine is published. Will it be possible to read the magazine online without downloading?

Yes, it will be possible, but not in the whole. It’s no use to make journalistic service out of magazine.


There is also a charge of  poor magazine’s colouring, are you going to do something with that?

I don’t understand what does poor colouring mean 🙂


Some people think there is too many white background.

Gazeta Wyborcza (Polish newspaper) has it even more and is more popular.


Has a magazine a chance to become really noticeable?

Our magazine is planned to be published in a paper form as well, obviously in the future.


You have announced changes after holidays, could you reveal any details?

Among the other thing we will change the layout, modify magazine’s website to make it compatible with reading online.


Unexpectedly, few weeks ago, BweB Group has increased its resources buying service – where did this decision come from?

That will be my secret 🙂 has been online for over 2 years. Do you think that entering new people into existing community is a hard task?

Everything depends on a point of view, from mine it is not, but from users’ point of view it is. Anyway, the community of is a subject of a long discuss 🙂


So let’s talk about that. On, we have developed high standards, which in smaller and simplified form we try to move to as well – will the changes be possible without the loss of current readers? community includes mostly young people who have a very strange life’s approach. I won’t do into details but in the most cases my presence in the Internet is much longer than the age of some people visiting this service. Reading comments written by people who made 40 graphic projects or run a website with 500 daily views, is sometimes very annoying. Nut that’s the reason we entered this area. I think there is a huge potential in young people nut they need someone who will lead them into the right direction.


Now uncomfortable question. You have entrusted me managing Don’t you afraid that due to my difficult character I will fall into conflicts with readers or I will just not handle with two projects simultaneously?

I’m not afraid of result of conflicts. Moreover I believe that you are responsible person and you will let me know if you will not have enough time for running two projects simultaneously.


What are your objectives in connection with

Development and education of football websites’ owners.


You will have a lot of work on during holidays. Graphic and technical changes and surely other things. Could you say something more about that?

Ideas implemented on are really interesting, unfortunately limitations caused by poor contents manage system are very bothersome that’s why the first phase will be the change of website engine and obviously its layout. The current one doesn’t meet standards determined by our marketing partners. Our aim is to create strong community and provide them with appropriate tools to activity and development.


In few days we’ll see the big premiere of service, how long are you working on it?

If you are asking about plans – I don’t really remember. But if you are asking about implementation – it lasted one month.


Do you have any other people who help you on technical matters?

I have few helpful people 🙂


Could you reveal who are they?

Due to the personal data protection act I can’t do that without their consent 🙂


Bartek there wasn’t any competitors on FIFA Manager scene, but in the case of FIFA there are few websites. Do you expect a fierce fight for being no. 1?

I hope so, that’s the point of competition. The bigger competition the higher level of own skills. However I hope it will be a fair rivalry and sometimes common activities for our community good.


People responsible fro will be also responsible for FIFASeries or we’ll see new faces?

There are few new faces, however everything should become clear in first month. became famous for Polish Giga Patch. Now World Giga Patch is being released. Can we expect similar patches for FIFA?

Obviously, due to the significant similarity of both games, it won’t be a problem to make use of PGP foundations in FIFA series.


What was the reactions from EA when they found out about FIFASeries?

All talks with EA will be kept in secret until they come to an end.


Do you have any attractions for FIFASeries readers on start day?

Of course 🙂


I’m sure we won’t find out details now, but could you reveal what kind of attraction we will see?

For example it will be possible to see how I look like


But something what will encourage readers? 🙂

That was a joke obviously, I won’t reveal any surprises 🙂


Few days ago, a fragment of interview with Robert Lewandowski, took from appeared on our website. Is that a single action or the beginning of permanent cooperation with service?

After a conversation with owner I hope that it will be the beginning of our cooperation. We plan a common release of Polish Giga Patch for FIFA.


Bartek, besides FIFASeries we will see the start of another service called as Gold Club. I know we were talking about that but I want to ask one more question. What advantages will result from having a premium account?

Faster downloading, access to more contents and other things.


On the promo graphic we can see 30 zł per year, this is very small charge, will be there also shorter subscriptions?

2,5 zł per month is a really small charge in my opinion, additionally each user will get professional 2GB mailbox 🙂 About the length of subscription, I think that access to one release season is optimal.


Do you envisage any trial period? Everyone could then see how it will look like.

Unfortunately there is no option for that – there will be a demo and the full website contents will be available only for members. Obviously we will inform about new contents on other services.


Bartek we were talking about your biggest work –, today we are talking about other projects, which are already working or will make a debut soon. Now I want to talk about projects which were planned to be implement but… There was bookmaker service which was going to start, I even saw it on my own eyes. So what has happened?

Hehehe let’s change the subject cause my pressure is starting to be high 🙂


Ok so next project – football forum run together with administrators of small websites – what went wrong here?

I came to conclusion that the potential number people who were interested in joining this project is too small to work properly. After announcing this decision I heard few tart words from community, there was also created such forum ( – but how you can see now my decision was correct. I take a look now at this forum’s statistics and today only 11 people visited this place, including 10 administrators/moderators.


During these two years there were also other ideas: football forum, Internet store with our gadgets, online manager – why these projects haven been implemented? Lack of time, technical/financial possibilities, interest?

Beta version of store will start on FIFASeries, online manager is completed at 80% (thanks to helpful people), but I don’t remember football forum…


There was such forum on after separating football subject area from

Yes that’s true, but website users weren’t interested in forum and I’m not surprised because there is a big splendour in this area.


What can we expects in next year. As I know you, BewB Group will be still developing.

I want to focus on current projects development, maybe one new idea will be implemented, however during next 12 months I want to focus on developing the services we own currently.


Are you able to coordinate few projects simultaneously?

I can handle that 🙂


Have BweB Grop a chance to become a small empire?

We don’t have imperialistic plans 🙂


Do you have plans to create in the future services about Pro Evolution Soccer, Football Manager and other football games?

Yes, however we’ll be entering this market very slowly 🙂


What do you want to say to our readers at the end of this interview?

Thanks that you are with us and you grow in numbers every day. Starting works on I didn’t realize that there will be such a big interest and it will so change my everyday life. Thanks to you something really exceptional is being created and I hope you will be still with us in next years. I wish all our projects will meet your demands an will be your everyday source of information and fun.


Thank you very much for few hours spent on this interview 🙂

Thanks for this interview and for supporting me during these two years, it would be impossible to achieve that all without you and the rest of team members. I send you big words of thankfulness, my friends.

Translation: Kily