Interview with Liber, Chief patchmaker of


wgpHello. I’m glad you found time for this interview.

Hi, no problem.

Liber, could you say few words about yourself?

I’m Robert, come from Katowice. I’m interested mainly in sport (football and tennis).


How long are you interested in FIFA Manager issue?

The first EA game was Total Club Manager 2004 🙂


Do you remember your first steps on That wasn’t easy time for you.

My adventure with Polish FIFA Manager scene has begun on non-existent currently forum This is the place where I really have started to act for our community making patches. Some of these days were more and some of them less successful, but you know that 🙂


Yes I do, I remember fight with “robi9” (the first nick used by Robert). Let’s get back two years backward. First information about new forum and website appears. Do you remember, what were you thinking about that?

I was sure I will stay on the old forum, I was going to act there making game patches. But things turned out in a different way, old forum had been closed and almost everyone moved to FIFAM.Info, including me. I do not regret that decision.


That’s right, however at the same beginning you were thrown out of the new forum. Frankly speaking you were public enemy no 1. Weren’t you thinking then about resigning from acting on FIFA Manager scene?

No I wasn’t. I decided to improve my behaviour, and try get second chance.


Exactly. Your metamorphosis during these two years surprised everyone. You have changed from public enemy into one of the most important persons on our scene. How did you do that?

I thin that making patches and my age helped me with that. I also knew that with my misbehaviour I wouldn’t be to stay on the forum. People form our scene had also a big impact on my metamorphosis.


You have mentioned about people from the scene. What do you think about service co-founders?

Bart6qx – he has head full of ideas. We rarely meet such people nowadays. His big work for FIFAM.Info and other services shows how ambitious person he is. Such people are respected. Moreover he’s a great man.


Lukasvista – In my opinion he’s Bartek’s right hand. Self-assured in his doings, we can always rely on him. The same as Bartek, he’s a real friend.


Piterson – At the beginning there were different relations between him and me. However “old wounds” have healed. His work on shows the true view of ambitious person working for community good.


Robert, you have joined recently management board. What is the atmosphere backstage?

The atmosphere is very well. There is nothing you can quarrel about with other management member. You can come to an understand with each of them. Everybody knows that the community good is the most important.


How would you rate two years of activity? Big success or a lot of work before us?

Current FIFAM.Info position can be perceived as success. During these two years we showed that we are able to compete with such fansites as FMCorner, however there are still a lot of hard work before us. We cannot rest on our laurels.


I would like to ask you now Robert about two flagship projects. Polish Giga Patch and making his debut World Giga Patch. How a big achievement are these two patches?

Although we are on the market for two years, our team counts only a few people. Other fansites have definitely bigger shortage of labour but in spite of that releasing such patches we shows that we are able to do the impossible. Both PGP and WGP are huge projects, which needed and still need a big devotion. Anyway FIFA Manager users confirm that both these patches are very popular in Poland and abroad. I think it demonstrate something clearly.


You are chief Patchmaker. What do you feel when you hear praises from Polish and foreign community?

That’s very kind. You can say that it motivates to further work.


How many hours daily do you devote to work on patches? I mean obviously an average time.

It depends on what am I doing, but 5-6 hours daily on average.


Could you describe our readers the whole process of creating such patch as e.g. PGP? What has to be done, how many stages it requires etc.

Firstly you have to collect adequate group of people. Unfortunately, in our case, that’s very difficult task so the patch which should be made by  at least 10-15 people, is made by 5 persons maximum. That obviously create such problems as e.g. release date. Then each task has to be assigned to competent people. I for example take the database, pictures, Yower is responsible for scripts, Bartek creates kits and graphic elements, Lukas together with Jarek are improving and extending localization files base. When everything is done we put it together and publish. It seems to be very easy and fast but it’s really hard work in reality.


Why in your opinion so little people commit to this project?

I have no idea. In return for few hour work they can get free download codes for a game or other things, recognition among other users as well, but despite that there are so little people who want to help. I cannot believe that this is caused by lack of graphic programs skills or something like that. There are a lot of manuals on our website. I have no idea why there are so little people who want to help us on patches. Maybe that’s a laziness?


Maybe the problem is the age structure of our community? There are a lot of young people or older people who have a work and family?

I don’t think so. The problem is the current youth fashion. 15 or 16 aged young people find their way to drunk-pounds or to jail in the worst case. When I go to watch a football match live I see young people at age 10 or 12 who had a beer before the game. It’s simply depraved youth. What’s worse more and more such people we meet around.


There is something in that, but let’s get back to work. Recently you have joined management board which means also moderator work for you. forum rules are very strict. Do you think that frighten potential readers and users away?

Admittedly forum rules are strict but does it frighten away? I think it doesn’t. If someone is looking for any solution, such person surely will write on the forum despite strict rules. Whether such person will be still active on the forum, it depends on himself/herself. I run my own forum so I know how people are.


How would you refer to the fact that many people have problems with PGP installation process? These problems often follow from not reading the instruction.

We live in such country where most people think that everything is due to them. I’m really annoyed when the same people ask the same question many times despite they have clearly given answer. If someone really wants to play PGP, he should devote few minutes to reading instruction. Many people are too lazy to read one line of text. I try to help such people as little as possible.


Ending this thread, I have one more issue. Many people have problems with our patches due to illegal game versions. However when we organise competitions with prizes in the form of free game, only a few people are interested in that. How do you think, why?

I don’t know. I don’t understand such people. This is an occasion to won original game effortlessly. But they would rather cry on the forum that they cannot afford to buy a game and they have to play on illegal version. I understand that not everyone is able to buy a new game but when they have an occasion to won free legal game in competition, they ignore that.


For a long time has English version, but recently it is said that another languages may be supported, in the first place the German one is going to be introduced. Do you think is it possible? Does has a chance to become no 1 on the world?

Obviously it does. This is our objective. To encourage as many FIFAM maniacs as possible to visit our service. To achieve that we have to release as many quality patches as possible. The next language website versions will surely help with that.


May the conquest of German market be a key move?

I think so. Mainly due to the fact that users from this country are the bigger number of FIFA Manager players. You have to also keep in mind that game is produced by German studio.


The new Bweb Group portals will start on 8th June. in the first place. When will be the no. 1 in Poland in your opinion?

If the work on this service will be done in the same way as in the case of, I think that after few months most of players should hear about us.


Would you be also responsible here for creating patches?

Ask Bartek about that.


But if he ask you to make patches for as well, would you be ready for that?

Definitely yes.


Would you find time for that? Works on PGP 4.0, WGP 2.0 and additionally you start to act on

I would handle that.

Apart from, we will see gold-club, where user will have to pay for some services. Do you think that’s a good solution?

We’ll find out after first months if it is a good option. I know websites which introduced similar options and they are doing very well. Looking at PGP downloads count I’m sure it’s a good move.


But do you predict any losses?

Rather not. We are the only one FIFA Manager service n Poland. Additionally we create many quality patches for this game. But these patches will be available free of charge as well. This service which you are talking about (gold-club) is intended for people who want to download patches faster.


Bweb Group has also and recently as well – it looks like a small Internet empire is growing?

Yes, it looks like that. Someone wants to seize the Polish Internet 🙂


What’s the secret of Bweb Group success, cause you can talk about a success after these two years of activity?

Well – adjusted to working together team.


Let’s talk about your activity. You are running Internet forum. Could you say something more about that?

This forum was created thanks to Bartek help (universal man xD), he made scripts and set it on its feet. This forum is about women tennis, I’m interested in that since 2004. So far it develops very well. Especially you cannot see lots of such forums in Poland.


Where does your “love” to tennis come from? Maybe women beauty has an impact on your interest?

Generally my “love” to tennis, as in the case of football, came from nowhere. I watched one game and I got used to that. About the women beauty, I pay my attention to that in the slightest degree. O course, it’s nice to watch a game when two pretty women are playing, but that’s all. I mainly focus on the game.


Yes but you favourite player has both beauty and playing skills. Obviously I’m talking about Maria S. 🙂

In football I’m a fan of Arsenal, Valencia and GKS Katowice, so in the same way I treat Sharapova in tennis. Aggressive play on court, good backhand, these are skills I like the most in tennis. Maria perform in that very well. Moreover when she was 17 she won Wimbledon which shows she’s really talented. About her beauty, it depends on taste. I prefer brunettes, so she’s not my type.


So what about Polish tennis players? Apart from Agnieszka Radwańska, I cannot see other talented players. Is there any chance to improve this situation?

It’s not a good situation for now. Marta Domachowska, who once was the best Polish tennis player, now is going only down. Younger Agnieszka Radwańska’s sister doesn’t develop her talent due to serious injury. And we don’t see successors.


You are fan of Valencia. How does the situation look like there? It seemed they are off to the races. They stabilized sport form, achieving the third place in the league. In the previous year they kept all stars in club which indicated stable financial condition. And now they are selling Villa. What’s going on in this club?

The situation is difficult for a long time. Valencia has gigantic debts estimated between 400 and 600 million euro. The fact that last season all stars remained at club is due to their club loyalty. Villa, Silva or Marchena didn’t leave the club because they became attached to the club. This year Villa could stay at Mestalla but club has to repay part of contracted loan to private businessman who lent them last year 50 million euro to ensure the club solvency. Barca offered 40 million for Villa so both club and player made such decision. Club dents follow from decision of building the new stadium and from global economic crisis. There was a plan to sell old stadium plots to private people. But nothing was done with that so far. Maybe something will change now, because Valencia has qualified for the Champions League, where are big money.


Who will win the forthcoming World Cup and why?

Few weeks ago I was would choose Argentina. But after recent call-ups I doubt they will qualify for 1/8 phase. Now Holland is my favourite (despite I support France with all my heart) especially if Roben and Sneijder will keep their good form. These two players are able to do a lot of for their national team. Anyway I think now they have the biggest chance for triumph. They may not get another chance.


What about Spain?

I think they will not win. It’s very difficult to repeat France achievement from 1998 and 2000.


Ok. Thank you very much for this interview 🙂

Thank you too.

Translation: Kily