Interview with Brus, co-owner of service


fifaminfo1. Do you remember your first steps on

– Obviously, I was looking for FIFA Manager 2008 modifications in the whole Internet and that’s the way I came across

2. What was the reason that you decided to invest in this project?

– First of all Bartek’s attitude. None of my problems or questions wasn’t ignored, so I thought I can also give something from myself. Then I noticed other positive people such as Lukasvista and Liber, whom I got the biggest help from, so I would like to thank them for that.

3. How would you rate work of three administrators – Bartek, Lukas and Piotrek?


– I think they do a really great job, each of them is responsible for own area, respect is due to them.


4. I know you are passionately keen FIFA Manager player, so how important is Polish Giga Patch (flagship patch) for you?


– It’s a feather in our lads cap. I’m very proud of them. I think that everyone who helped on this patch even in slightest degree, deserve huge recognition. Form me personally PGP is an obligatory modification for FIFA Manager. I think our lads made for this game much more than producers.


5. After two years of activity, Bweb Group starts to be a small Internet empire:, and recently that seems to be only the beginning. How would you rate these other (beside projects?


–  They could be compared to little children 🙂 if we take care of them properly and contribute to their development, we will have another reason for pride.


6. Do you invest in other Internet projects besides Bweb Group activity?


– No


7. How many time do you devote on playing FIFA Manager game?


– Once I was able to play 24 hours without any break, but now due to the lack of time, I play only when I have a spare time.


8. How long do you play FIFA Manager?


– Since the release day of FIFA Manager 2008.


9. Szczepan, I know that some time ago you were football club activist. Do you still do this job, could you say something more about that?


– I was interested in football club “Błyskawica Drogomyśl”, Arkadiusz Mleczko is their chairman. It all has started when I accidentally found myself on their stadium watching the match. I notice they were doing their best but due to the fact they are really small club, no one was interested in them. The were playing then in A-class. My cooperation with a club chairman and players commitment in the first place, resulted in promotion to regional league. I hope they will still keep the great job.


10. Are you still an active football fan or you rather run your eye over results from time to time.


– Due to the lack of time I recently checks only results, but I have to admit I almost always watch matches of my favourite club.


11. Let’s get back to – administrators try to keep the high level of discussion, which is not a norm for other Internet football forums. Do you think this is a good decision or it only frighten potential readers away?


– I think that if someone really wants to be on our forum, it shouldn’t be a big problem to respect the forum rules. I think also that proceedings will attract people who simply are fed up with the lack of culture on other forums.


12. We are celebrating our second birthday. What would you wish to the rest of team members and our readers?


– First of all I wish you energy and perseverance in your doings. To our readers I wish satisfaction from using our service.

Translation: Kily