Interview with Liber, our Chief Patchmaker


wywiadRobert, better known as Liber, Chief Patchmaker of service, admitted that despite the pressure of work on patches, the results can give lots of satisfaction. Apart from that after closing “Komandos” he switched to Heineken, he also thinks that mamba gum is unhealthy. I encourage you to read interview with Robert 🙂

At the beginning of this interview I’d like to congratulate the third service’s birthday. What has happened during these three years?
These 3 years has passed like one day 😀 My private life has changed a little, however “the love” to creating patches stayed the same.

Can the work connected with service hack off? Or maybe it always gives satisfaction and pleasure?
Rather not hack off, at least in my case. Rather the second thing you mentioned about. When working on patches, you have to have lots of free time and patience. When you succeed in creating a patch it’s a great feeling and positive comments coming from people downloading it give you lots of satisfaction to a greater or lesser degree.

Is there anything which can calm you down, when someone or something hack you off?
Maybe it’ll sound obscene, but few beers hang me loose. However I also work off my feelings in other positive way, e.g. I like to watch a good film, play football with friends  etc.

Do you listen to the music when working, or it disrupt your concentration?
It doesn’t disrupt my concentration, however I am not always listening to music when working. It depends on day-time. Sometimes I listen to music and sometimes not. However it doesn’t disturb me when working on patches.

Any song, niggling you recently?
I recently listen to the songs from 80’s and techno/trance from 90’s

I read in previous interview conducted by Piterson that you are interested in woman tennis, and your favourite player is Maria Sharapova, who nota bene has recently defeated Agnieszka Radwańska in French Open. I suspect that you have been watching Roland Garros? You surely regret that you idol has been eliminated in the semi-final?
You are well-informed on the results 🙂 As regards the question, I do not regret, I expected she will reach quarterfinal at the most. This year’s result achieved on Roland Garros courts is very good in my opinion. It’s worth to emphasize that she was defeated in semi-final by Chinese Li Na who later won the final.

Do you also follow man tennis competitions?
Definitely not.

Which sports discipline doesn’t completely interest you?
There are lots of them. I won’t enumerate all of them but I was never interested in figure skating 🙂

Let’s come now to the football. Referring again to interview conducted by Piterson, you are a big fan of Valencia, Arsenal and GKS Katowice, has anything changed in this area?
No and will probably never change, even if these teams will be playing in the lower leagues or will completely disappear from the football map 🙂

It seemed that Valencia after selling David Villa to Barcelona would be weaker team however they took the third place in this season. Are you satisfied with that?
There is such saying: “There are no irreplaceable people”. In this case it proved true, cause two new players – Roberto Soldado i Aritz Aduriz – didn’t let the club down. It should be mentioned that besides Villa other players such as David Villa or Carlos Marchena (current world champions) left the club as well. As you can see the money doesn’t play on the pitch. If the team has players which are well suited to work together, the success is possible.

Continuing football thread, Barcelona defeated Manchester United 3-1 in the big final of Champions League. Did you watch this game? Are you happy with this result?
I won’t hide that I am not interested in these teams, however I expected that both clubs will show us a great performance. Unfortunately only Barcelona played well in this game and deserved to win. Besides the Rooney, Manchester didn’t have anyone else to threaten Barcelona. Recently praised Javer “Chicharito” Hernandez didn’t exist on the pitch at all. The club legend – Ryan Giggs – after the recent affair didn’t show anything positive. Edwin van der Sar in my opinion contributed to two conceded goals. Antonio Valencia was mainly focused on fouling opponents, didn’t look like the fast and dynamic player who we know from Premier League pitches. On the other side all players from Barcelona played on the high level. Even Abidal, who recently underwent serious operation, was able to play on the high level. Generally that was a good game but I expected something more from Manchester especially.

EURO2012 is approaching by leaps and bounds, do you think Poland will be in time with preparations?
When we were chosen as co-hosts in 2007, politicians were promising the wonders. Today we don’t even know if we will be in time with stadiums. We often hear about problems on stadiums being under construction. I won’t mention about building or improving the expressways, stations, airports etc. But in the other hand, if RSA succeeded in hosting World Cup thus we should get off lightly. If not, there will be a big catastrophe…

Do the Polish national team have any chances to qualify for the play-off stage?
Buehehehe. My heart believes we are able to reach the final. But as a realist I doubt we can reach for the play-off stage.

Holidays are close to us, any plans?
I didn’t think over that yet, but who knows:)

If you could choose one place where you would go, which one would you choose?
Desert island, why? To be out of touch with reality for a while.

How do you think, what will you be doing next year in the same time? Do you have any long-term plans?
I never go too far in the future with my plans. My life experience realized me that I have to enjoy every single moment, cause you never know what the next day will bring.

Do you have any life motto?
Rather not. However Lukasvista gave me one example of such motto during last conversation on GG but I won’t share it now, it should have been censored 🙂

Piterson asked in his interviews about advantages and disadvantages of your team-mates. I have a little bit different question, what are your 3 most important advantages and disadvantages?
I don’t know if I can objectively answer this question. You should ask other people about that. I would say I have more disadvantages than advantages 🙂

Name 3 things you cannot live without.
Water, food and sunshine 🙂 To be serious there are no such things. Things are the same as money – sometimes you have them and sometime you do not.

Would you like to go back on your past to the childhood? Do you have pleasant memories of something special?
Each of us sometimes dreams about going back to the childhood. Me too. Why? Spending the most of time, from morning till evening playing the ball with friends – this is the thing I miss the most.

How does you everyday look like?
It depends. If we work on a big patch, I try to devote most of my free time for that. Obviously it’s impossible to spend the whole day in front of monitor cause you may go crazy. Thus going outside to take a breath of fresh air is desirable. And it doesn’t matter if it is a pitch or just a bench 🙂

You are responsible for creating the official database for FIFA Manager. How does the cooperation with BF studio look like?
As regards the communications, I don’t have any objections. There are some problems when setting the levels and other elements of Polish database. We have to keep the limits set by producers.

Are you going to be involved in creating Polish database for FIFAM12?
We’ll see. I hope so 🙂

How long it takes to create the complete database for WGP Europe for example?
Don’t ask 🙂 There are lots of teams, players, statistics, data etc. I try to devote as much time for that I can. Generally it takes few weeks.

Do you like creating patches or do you treat it only as a job?
Both. It’s a well-known fact that even the best game have bugs which can be improved etc. FIFA Manager game enables you to edit and modify many game elements. It gives me the “power” and even bigger willingness to work on this game.

How do you rate this year’s edition of PGP 4.0?
Very positively. I am worried only about the fact we released it so late, however it was worth to wait for that.

Do you  already know what PGP 5.0 will include?
If game producers improve scripts, we will be able again to manage clubs from Polish IV Liga (4th divisions). I hope so.

What are you currently working on?
Currently I work on the next part of World Giga Patch 2.0 database. I also work on premiere edition of Polish Giga Patch Legendary and on Mega Facepack (which will be released just after the premiere of FIFA Manager 12) together with other team members.

And now it’s time for questions from Lukasvista 🙂 Where do you derive your ideas for such patches as Playboy Covers from?
I visit various FIFA Manager fansites. I watch what other websites release and always try to create something original. I think no one would say today that releasing Playboy Cover patch wasn’t a good idea, number of download demonstrate that clearly 🙂

Say few words about your girlfriend, Kate. You are spending lots of time working on computer, so is she tolerant?
She has to 😀 Obviously we make ourselves understood somehow. There are worse and better days as well but generally it’s ok.

Do you know advertising spot “Everyone has got the mabma, so do I”? 🙂
Yes I know but mamba gum is unhealthy. It’s made of cow gelatine 😀

“Komandos” (company making Polish alcoholic drinks) has been closed. Where did you switched to?
To Heineken 😀

We know you have a brother. Is he still fighting with you?
I don’t know anything about that 🙂

Is a Chief Patchmaker position on a difficult role?
Coordination and taking care for the highest possible quality of patches requires a little bit efforts. However if you have a great team at your disposal it’s a big pleasure to perform your duties.

You are going to open tennis related website soon. Do you expect the fast success or slow development?
I succeeded with the forum in almost one year. It’s time to go with the punch and show tennis scene to the wider audience. So creating the website should help with that. Will it develop in a fast pace? I hope so, however I have to take into account the fact that our country is not interested in tennis so much. Despite that I want to try it.

I will surely be the frequent visitor on your website 🙂 Is that possible that our Polish FIFA Manager scene will produce someday own football management game?
I dream about that. But it’s a very difficult task, but who knows maybe will be releasing own games in the future 🙂

How in your opinion will the game world look like in 20-30 years?
The end of the world will take place in 2012 🙂 To be serious I cannot even imagine that. Nowadays we have a great technology in games so I cannot predict what will happened in 20-30 years. Then we will probably be playing with androids 🙂

Thank you very much for this interview, I wish you next successes with service and your own website as well 🙂
Thank you too 🙂

Interview conducted by Paulina Solarz

Special thanks goes to Lukasvista for his help.