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bart6qx_2It’s time for the second birthday interview, today we interrogated co-founder and the main commander of service – Bartosz Kiewra, who consider himself as stubborn egocentric. He admitted that it never crossed his mind that he could resign from He didn’t also give up smoking during the three years of service’s existence. Bartek told us about changes that has happened, so we warmly encourage you to read the following interview.

At the beginning of this interview I’d like to congratulate the third service’s birthday. What has happened during these three years?
Thank you in the name of the whole team. As regards changes, at first glance it can be seen that evolves all the time. It’s hard to enumerate one specific thing, cause the entire service (that is contents, functionality, technical resources etc.) is developing.

What are your plans for the near future?
As regards the service, it is going to be the start of English-language forum in the nearest future. Moreover we are going to start an action to encourage people to try FIFA Manager game and this way to join our developing community. In private life I expect a baby, so it’s going to be a huge change in my life which excludes long-term planning.

Could you imagine what you will be doing next year during the fourth’s birthday? Any plans for evolution?
I’d like to create players database available for researchers from all over the world, who will be updating statistics of particular players.

If you could turn the time back by three years, would you make the same decisions regarding
Obviously, pace of development and the place in world community are the positive recommendations of chosen development strategy.

And what would you do differently during these three years?
I don’t belong to people who are making conjectures and are looking back on the past. Everything what has happened in positive and negative meaning taught me a lot of and let me make better decisions when planning the future.

Bartek, you are famous for inventiveness, so maybe new projects are floating in your mind?
Summertime means always a pressure of work for me, that’s why I currently do not plan any new projects. I am also not going to be involved officially in other projects, however unofficially I am a part of few smaller or bigger initiatives and I am happy with such activity.

bart6qx_5How does your relations with team-mates evolve during these three years?
I have to admit that I loose a lot of colleagues and now I don’t have any. On the other hand I won much more friends and it is the biggest success I have achieved. I never thought that website activity would let me meet so fantastic people from all over the country.

When Piterson was conducting an interview with you one year ago, he asked you about your goal for the third year of’s activity. You answered then: “The aim is one, development of the main service and expansion in direction to new communities”. Have you managed to achieve that?
Yes, in 100%, however like I mentioned earlier I have changed a little bit the approach towards other communities expansion. Now I do it very slowly without importunate squeezing in other scenes.

So what are your goals for the next years?
Besides the world player database, I plan also to open other language versions of website.

In the same interview you wished day have 48 hours, I suspect nothing has changed in this case, but maybe am I wrong? Do you have more time for yourself?
I have significantly less time for myself now 🙂

Do you still consider yourself as workaholic?
No I don’t, now my family and my wife consider me as a workaholic. I think I am not addicted to work, it’s simply important for me on the same level as breathing. Since I cannot hold my breathe for a longer time, I cannot stand without work for a long time as well.

Piterson asked in his interviews about advantages and disadvantages of your team-mates. I have a little bit different question, what are your most important advantages and disadvantages?
Other people should express about my advantages and disadvantages, however I can tell you that I am stubborn egocentric and sometimes I don’t care other people opinions. I am also kind, friendly, cute and have pretty eyes 🙂

Definitely 😀 Have you ever been thinking of giving up and resigning from
No, I have never been thinking of that.
I suspect that with such pressure of work it’s easy to throw you off your balance, is that easy to hack you off?
Oh yes, very easy during last few month especially.

Is there anything which help you control your nerves? Or something that calm you down?
Smoking xDDDDDDD I smoke a lot of and always go smoking in a moment of extreme emotions. Prohibition of smoking in public places and now also in my home due to my wife’s pregnancy cause that when I go out for a cigarette I can be out of touch with everything for a moment.

Last year you have opened Światowa Piłka service, where I was an editor 🙂 Unfortunately something went wrong and you were forced to close it. Do you think that the time spent on that service was a lost time?
I never regret what I have done in my life and the same refers to Światowa Piłka service. We didn’t managed. Hard luck! However the cooperation with people creating that service was a great time so if I said it was a lost time, it would be the lack of respect for all people involved in that project.

If you could turn the time back, would you change something as regards Światowa Piłka service?
Like I mentioned earlier I don’t belong to people who are making conjectures and are looking back on the past. It’s no use crying over spilt milk. We have to draw conclusions for the future.

Don’t you think maybe about any similar project in the near or far future?
I am thinking about that all the time and I have some offers to participate in various projects. However currently I am not going to be officially active in such initiatives.

Let’s go to the football now. Have you watched the Champions League final? 3-1 for Barcelona result made you happy or not?
In each country there are clubs I like more and less. Blaugrana and Red Devils are the clubs I sympathize with, that’s why the result wasn’t so important for me. I counted on something more from English team, but Barcelona is currently the best team on the world.

EURO2012 is approaching by leaps and bounds, do you think Poland will be in time with preparations?
I have always said that we’ll be in time but the “product” quality will be on low level. We are such a nations that it will never be good in our country and I don’t believe that will change soon.

Most of forum users already know that you will be a father in one month. I’d like to congratulate you and ask: how do you imagine yourself as a father?
Thank you very much, I have to admit that I cannot imagine my fatherhood but it will be fantastic for sure.

bart6qx_3Name 3 things you cannot live without.
That’s a difficult question. But I won’t surely imagine my life without closest people including my family and also people I met thanks to

Are you pessimist, realist or optimist?
Definitely optimist 🙂

Lukasvista said in his interview that the relations with Bright Future are strengthening and following right direction. Do you share this opinion?
Definitely yes, I hope nothing will change that.

You are planning the first convention of FIFA Manager fans. What do you expect from that?
I wish it will be finally held, because it was difficult to organize “mass levy” so far.

What do you expect from this year’s FIFA Manager edition?
I hope we will finally get the game deprived of glaring bugs.

You have released Polish Giga Patch 4.0 this year. What were the comments coming from community?
Like always after releasing PGP we have received lots of positive comments from the world community. This year DVD with PGP were sent to six continents.

Now it’s time for jubilee edition of PGP 5.0. In connection with the above, can we expect something special?
The problem with PGP is that its contents depends on the main product that is FIFA Manager game, thus we will know what will PGP 5.0 include not earlier than after the release of FIFA Manager 12.

Your biggest success in FFIA Manager?
I have achieved everything on the world with Dorchester Town 🙂

Now it’s time for questions from your friends from 🙂 Do you smoke a cigar (like Maaskant) when Legia wins the league?   
Obviously, I especially import it from Cuba, unfortunately it recently got wet so I will smoke it after the first success after many years in European cups 🙂

When you were starting your adventure with FIFA Manager (earlier known as TCM), did you realize that it was a game you would stay for so many years with and you would open a fansite?
I have to emphasize one important thing, not the game attracted my attention but the people creating the community. If I hadn’t met so fantastic people in previous website, service wouldn’t have come to light.

You will be soon a father, do you go to school of birth with your wife?
No I don’t…

Have you ever got ticket for speeding?
Yes, as a present for this year’s Easter, so big greetings for policeman from black Opel Vectra.

Do the Polish national team have any chances to achieve success during EURO2012?
We always have big expectations before big tournaments and later we are disappointed. Frankly speaking I don’t expect any revolution and our team won’t be playing important role. We don’t have strong team able to fight in this tournament and it won’t change in the nearest future in my opinion. We don’t have alternatives for players playing currently for our national team.

bart6qx_4How is your pet, I mean your wife’s dog?
Generally ok.

Once you have said that Polish FIFAM scene needs competition. One new competitive website appeared recently, any comments on that?
I will leave it without any comment…

This is the next time we come across the plagiarism. This time someone made use of pictures published on website without your permission. Do you have any idea how to fight with that?
In the same way as with football hooligans in Poland – close the Internet. To be serious, without the parents involvement in young people education, this problem will never disappear. In the most cases plagiarists are the children who want to show themselves this way in the Internet and this way to compensate the lack of parents interest. In the most cases plagiarists use the other people work due to the lack of own skills or just want to achieve fast results without any efforts.

This way we came to the end of this interview, I hope it wasn’t so bad, was it? 🙂
It was nicely, I hope my answers satisfied the curiosity.

Thank you very much for this interview, I wish you next successes with 🙂
Thank you too 🙂

Interview conducted by Paulina Solarz
Special thanks goes to Lukasvista for his help.