Interview with Lukas Tomczyk, Chief Editor of


lukasvistaLukas despite three years of activity on service doesn’t consider himself as “burnt-out”, moreover he still remembers its beginning. Now you have a chance to get to know him better from different side in the following interview and soon you will meet him during the forthcoming convention of FIFA Manager fans. Have a nice read.

At the beginning of this interview I’d like to congratulate the third service’s birthday. What has happened during these three years?
Thank you very much 🙂 Last three years showed us that it is possible to achieve a lot of if you choose the right direction of development and have a fantastic team of people well-suited to work together. Currently our service is strengthening its position on the world FIFA Manager scene, releasing bigger and better patches such as WGP or PGP. Despite three years is a long time we still don’t feel “burnt-out” and we still have lots of ideas in our heads.

What are your plans for the nearest future?
There are lots of plans, but the main problem is to find free time for the realization. Pressure of work, the website and other things which are the components of real life hinder the realization of plans. I believe I will manage to realize at least some of my plans this year.

I wish you manage that and I keep my fingers crossed. Why did you get involved in website related to FIFA Manager If you could turn the time back by three years would you make the same decisions?
My adventure with this game has begun since it was released on the foreign market. The fondness and the kind of entertainment caused the willingness to do something which will let other players get to know this game better and something which will give me a pleasure when working on the website. Co-creating such services was and still is a success achieved by few people, including Piterson who left us last year. Everything what I have been realizing during this period I consider as a success, that’s why I would make the same decisions if I could turn the time back.

How does you cooperation with other important team members look like?
Since the beginning we have known that the atmosphere and the morale have to be on the high level. All the conflicts may decrease the level of service’s quality and none of us want it. That’s why most of decisions are made by voting preceded by discussions.

Do you still remember the beginning of service?
Yes, obviously, despite it’s been three years since the start of the service, I perfectly remember the first talk with Bartek. The common decision and later the pressure of work in order to implement all of our plans and now we are still existing in the Internet. Obviously without the group of friends well-suited to each other, it would be very difficult to achieve anything.

In a previous interview with you I read that you don’t smoke and you prefer cold beer instead of that. Do you still prefer such way of spending a free time? 🙂
I still don’t smoke and I think I won’t do that in my life. And you’re right, I won’t say no to cold beer with frost on the bottle during warm days 🙂

You like to read books. What have you recently read? Is there any book you would like to especially recommend to me?
Despite of numerous duties I always try to find time for reading books. I think it’s some kind of stepping-stone for me. Recently I have read The Deceiver written by Fredrick Forsyth and I can frankly recommend it to you, I can even lend you this book if you visit Kalisz.

Oh thanks, I have now additional motivation to visit Kalisz 🙂 Do you still prefer Italian league and choose Milan when playing FIFA Manager game?
Yes, but I have to admit that now I don’t play FIFA Manager so often like in the past.

And are you still not interested in the Polish league? Do you still think that its level is too low?
I haven’t changed my mind in this case and I think it won’t change in the near future.

Do you think that Euro2012 will be a successful tournament or the failure?
Taking into account recent incidents such as problems with national stadium’s stairs, leaking sky rooms or problems with expressways, the situation is not good. Well, our nation mentality is that we want to build fast and cheaply, not looking in perspective. If we were deprived of this tournament (this is still possible), we would expose ourselves to ridicule in the Europe.

Do you think Polish national team have any chances to qualify for the play-off stage?
It is said that “Hope is the last to die” but in my opinion in this case the hope died just before the tournament has started.

Don’t you believe in our national team?
Do not delude ourselves, the level of our players is embarrassing. Without the drastic changes in the first squad, we won’t be able to achieve anything.

Have you watched the Champions League final? How did you like that match and are you satisfied with the result?
I couldn’t miss such event as Champions League final. That was a good game however I haven’t been keeping my finger crossed for the winning team.

So are you the fan of Red Devils?
I am not their fan, as you know I support AC Milan. After they had been eliminated, I have been keeping my fingers crossed for Manchester United and I liked their style of play. That’s why I preferred Manchester United won the big final.

Where do you see yourself in a year? Obviously if Harold Camping’s vision of the end of the world won’t fulfill in October.
I had a talk with Harold and he said me not to be worry, cause he read something wrong again 🙂 Thus, in one year, I see myself as older and much more busy than now.

Is there anything you regret in your life?
Surely, there are few situations I would change if I knew how they would they take their course. Unfortunately this is the world we are living and we cannot change our decisions.

But do you think that these situations caused that have you learnt from your mistakes?
You know, human tries not to make some mistakes, but unfortunately we often make them. If I notice that I made the same mistake, I take up a challenge and try not to copy them in the future. The best verifier of our doings is the time, uncovering everything.

Do you listen to the music when working, or it disrupt your concentration?
When I work, I am listening to the Internet radio, my favourite songs. However if I cannot gather my thoughts I prefer the silence.

What’s your favourite music?
It’s a genre called as alternative rock, but I also listen to the music which is popular and played by radio stations.

Any song, niggling you recently?
No, there is no such song, I listen to everything what I hear from the radio.

If you get a proposal to participate in “Strictly Come Dancing” or “Soapstar Superstar” programmes, would you agree that? How are your dancing/song skills?
I would deny, I don’t need a nationwide shame. I can’t sing, but can dance what I proved during the last wedding reception xD

Are you so good dancer? Well, I already know where to report to when I will be needing a partner for dancing 🙂
I could show you a wedding film, if you will be needing the dancing partner, do not hesitate to write to me 🙂

I will keep in mind that 🙂 Piterson asked in his interviews about advantages and disadvantages of your team-mates. I have a little bit different question, what are your 3 most important advantages and disadvantages?
That’s a difficult question, you should ask other people who I cooperate or spend a lot of time with.

Holidays are approaching, do you have any plans for this period? Or maybe the pressure of work will constitute an obstacle for planning anything?
Obviously I have to be out of touch with my computer for one or two weeks and go to the lake. Currently I don’t know when it will happen, I haven’t get a leave yet, but I will surely go there.

Could you name 3 things you cannot live without?
It’s difficult for me to answer this question, cause it is possible to get used to everything. If I don’t have a computer at my disposal, I have a book and vice versa 🙂

Are you pessimist, realist or optimist?
I am pessimist in the slightest degree. Generally I am an optimist, however realism is very important characteristics and I sometimes lack it.

What are you going to do when you retire? 🙂
If I live to a retirement, I will be reading books 🙂

Lukas, I know you are still cooperating with Bright Future, how does your relations with studio look like?
Recently our relations are strengthening and following right direction. We try to help each other, cause we both “play on the same pitch”. The results will surely be visible in the forthcoming FIFA Manager edition. Generally our relations are very good and evolve all the time.

And how does you cooperation with other service’s partners look like?
Very good as well. In previous year I managed to establish cooperation with, whereas Bartek managed to gain an Internet game shop as a new partner. Thanks to that we are able to promote our website even more effectively. Obviously I cannot pass over EA Poland, they have been helping us for three years. That’s why I’d like to express deep gratitude to all of our partners.

You are planning the first convention of FIFA Manager fans. What do you expect from that?
As always when I meet my friends from, I expect a great atmosphere. I hope you will participate this event too 🙂

Thanks for invitation, I’ll meet you there if I can, especially that you promised me a beer 🙂 But let’s get back to the subject – what are you expecting from this year’s FIFA Manager edition?
Reading initial info and looking at features implemented thanks to “Your Feature” initiative, offline mode is really going to be significantly improved. Due to works on online mode, an offline mode wasn’t work out well in FIFA Manager 11.

Now it’s time for questions coming from your friends.

How big was your contribution during works on PGP 4.0?
Like every year, I was responsible for training camps scripts and creating an installer. This year I was additionally responsible for description of 54 cities and creating Polish derby matches database.

This year, after releasing FIFA Manager 12, will release jubilee edition of PGP 5.0. So can users expect any surprises in connection with the above?
They surely can expect the bigger size of the patch and new stuff if the FIFAM12 game will allow us to implement novelties. Currently we have started works on this patch and you will surely see next descriptions of cities and history of club competitions since 1990.

Lots of people claims that FIFA Manager development follows the wrong direction. Do you share this opinion?
I think that bigger and bigger pressure coming from game fans has a positive impact on the game producers. If BF studio continue “Your Feature” initiative, the game will be better and better.

What FIFA Manager game lacks the most in your opinion?
Bigger emphasis put on tactics and new match engine e.g. the same as in FIFA 12 🙂

How would you rate the current 2010/2011 season for our Polish FIFA Manager scene?
It’s very successful. We have released many patches which won recognition among the world community, we have also gained new website’s partners. We are slowly starting to focus on the next season, I hope we will meet with other team members to discuss the tactics 🙂

Are you an abstainer?
I know there are such people, however I have never met any of them and moreover I don’t belong to such people  🙂

You are electrician. Why did you choose this specialization?
I like the risk and in this profession I deal with that 🙂 There is such saying in this job: “Electrician, the same as sapper, can make a mistake only once” xD

Bartek will soon become a father. And how about you, do you plan to follow him?
I don’t have such plans in the nearest future. Currently I have different priorities. By the way, I’d like to congratulate future parents.

Thank you very much for conversation and your help with other interviews. I wish you next successes with service 🙂
Thank you too for your time spent on interviews.

Interview conducted by Paulina Solarz