Description of the second pack of shots


fifam12As promised, description of the second pack of screenshots from FIFA Manager12 have been published. Gerald Köhler published his own comments referring to the pictures coming from the upcoming FIFA Manager game edition. This way you can learn something more about weekly progress screen, building extension, instant calculation mode, the board, 3D match mode, finances, fans assets, club members, training camp, friendlies and the trail day.


Weekly progress


The goal for us was to funnel the huge amount of data on the one hand, on the other hand we wanted to offer players a choice to determine what he or she wants to see. The two shots show an altogether of 4 out of the 6 possible choices the player can now make. In addition you can also see that new special overviews called “transfer status” and the new tab “club facilities” which provides updates on the state of your buildings.

Building extension

This shot reveals a bit more than the first shot we published of the new club facilities design. As of now, certain buildings require the construction of other facilities or certain levels of buildings before you can start construction. If one or more of these criteria are not met, you can directly switch to the respective building screen and start construction immediately. Important for us were two aspects: Many extension levels and short construction times, offering players interesting and continuous tasks.

State of development: Concerning the graphics, we now still have to create four more buildings, afterwards we have some more time for additional “cosmetic surgery” in order to make it look even better. Our agenda contains little animations which will practically bring the club facilities to live.

Instant calculation

Finally, we have a comfortable screen design for single players. Besides important facts and an improved selection of these it also is important to offer a certain control over the game’s calculation speed. If you turn down the speed, it will no longer be a “instant” calculation but definitely adds more suspension to it.

The board

The area of “dismissal” was redesigned completely and now receives more attention than before. As soon as your reputation in the board changes, you will be notified via a special screen.

3D match

The screen pretty much is self-explanatory. You can see the additional set of data and player levels which can be activated by clicking on the respective player – you can do so at any given time during a running match, no need to pause the game beforehand, this will be done automatically.


What you see is the new central finance area of FIFA MANAGER 12. This whole screen and part of the game was designed and then programmed from scratch. New allocation of television funds for certain countries as well as for the European cup is part of the new finance area. At the bottom of the screen you find two new areas, “fan assets” and “membership campaigns”. The next two shots will deal with these two new features more detailed.

On the upper left part of the screen we also see one of the new manager heads. For FIFA MANAGER 12 we do not only guarantee almost twice as many heads to choose from but also more attractive men and women you can marry. Fun fact: Almost every save game we received from the community, players were married.

Fan assets

Long overdue, many will say… rightly so. In FIFA MANAGER 12 however, you have the chance to generate up to three fan assets, max one per season. I do not have to tell you that you better pay the money back to your fans – they are not be messed with nowadays!


We went for the statistics screen to show you the members’ section in FIFA MANAGER 12. Clubs now have members and can actively try to raise their fan base. This will consequently lead to higher revenues as well.

Training camp

The changes concerning training camps are not only optical ones. A total of 92 training camps are now at your disposal, parameters were edited as well. The new maps also provide a better overview of the region and the country maps in the whole game were exchanged with newer, more beautiful ones in addition.


The new “arrange friendlies” screen is divided into three distinct parts. At first we have the weaker clubs you can play against, followed by Top Clubs and at last the chance to actively invite a certain club of your choice. Once you invited a club to a friendly game, you will receive words a couple of days later – of course, not all the clubs will play you for free, fees may apply.

Trial day

We nearly reached the end of this blog, a perfect time for a new feature: Trail day. 100 players appear for a training day; your task is to separate the wheat from the chaff. Is one of these guys the next star of your team? Or are they all just talk and cannot overcome the tiniest obstacle? Find out for yourself. It is important that at the end of the trial day you do not have left too many candidates, since you want to gather useful info on every one of them through your assistant coaches.

The feature consists of two separate, yet interconnected, parts. At first, you have to put together a training followed by the evaluation process with the option to directly start first contract talks with players.