Description of the third pack of shots


fifam12Over a week ago, just before the start of Gamescom game fair, Bright Future published the third pack of screenshots from FIFA Manager 12 game. Today Gerald Koehler described all of those nine shots on his official blog. All his comments can be read below:


Club info/transfers


This screen is now filled with all data from reality which adds even more realism to it. Loans, returning players and the like are listed as well. All players are sorted by their level and the top transfer can now either be a new signing or a player you sold. In addition, the transfer fee is displayed as well.

Announcement of the finals’ hosts

These two stadiums will be the venues of the international finals after next. This feature was one of the “Your Feature” campaign winners. After you have filed your application, this screen will inform you about your success or loss.

Live Season

Live Season will be this year’s only Premium Service for FIFA MANAGER 12. Live Season enables you to get the latest data from the real pitches from over 11 international leagues on a weekly basis. You can start a game at every match day of the 2011/12 season whenever you want and influence your club’s future. The Premium Service will be available at 4,99€ and features data for the whole season.

In total 11 leagues are supported:

– Austria (1st division)
– England (1st division)
– France (1st division)
– Germany (1st-3rd division)
– Italy (1st division)
– Netherlands (1st division)
– Poland (1st division)
– Spain (1st division)
– Switzerland (1st division)

Live Season data covers:

– League results and key match events like goals, cards, and substitutions
– Results from various cup competitions
– Player ratings and form
– Various player stats such as matches played, goals, cards etc.
– injuries

As soon as you start your game you are immediately taken right into the real-life situation of your club. It’s your decision whether you face a relegation battle or can go for the championship. In addition Live Season this season includes for the time first database updates with the very latest club and player data. You can now always play with the most up-to-date data, also in case you want to start your game in the traditional way with a full season preparation.

Our traditional database updates will remain free of charge. This means, that database updates will again be part of every FIFA MANAGER 12 update and the traditional database update after the winter transfer period will also remain a free download.

Manager Tasks

This screen shows you, how many tasks you have already finished and completed. The mobile phone image means that you can only complete the task if it pops on the mobile on the right part of the screen. There are also tasks which can also be achieved in the background; always 40 tasks are active at once, the rest is signified by a “?”.

New stadium

Another winner of the “Your Feature” campaign. As of now, you can choose to build a new stadium which you can select and use after it has been constructed.

Personal Life

Amongst other changes, we implemented two new hobbies (Marathon and Mountaineering), your partner now also shows a certain interest in football. Due to latest events, you can now also buy gold next to funds and shares. The whole area of luxury has been overhauled as well.

Stock Market

The new stock market also lists club shares, at the beginning of a new game only those clubs are represented here that are actually traded on the market in reality.

Since we are bound due to legal issues, we cannot fill the stock market with more than these shares. However, we integrated the option (for our fansites and users) to include your own companies and shares (with logo) which will also be simulated by the game – this lets you create your own stock market very easily. It all can be done very easily and will be explained in an updated version of the workbench document.

Last 24 hours of the transfer period

You can now negotiate the transfer sum directly on the screen; more last minute direct offers for your own players are flying in and ongoing transfer negotiations can be continued on this screen as well.

TV revenue allocation

In this subject matter, the last four years are taken into account. This means that a club who won the title some years ago still profits from that past event till today.