Your Feature – Round 6


your_feature_13This is the last round of this year’s „Your Feature” campaign. This round is very special cause it lists all the features that took the second place in previous rounds. That means it’s the last chance for them to be implemented in FIFA Manager 13. Everything is in your hands, here are the final proposals:
A) Special up- and downgrades after Euros/World Cups
A special screen will appear after a Euro or World Cup tournaments that will present the top players of the tournament and their different upgrades. If a player with a level of 70 scored five goals, he will receive an impressive boost and his market value will rise as well. This makes the performance of your team’s player way more important and the transfer market gets more interesting as well.

B) New departments
In a special area of the game you can found and finance new departments (women football team, hockey, handball etc.) within your club. Depending on the success, you might also get a revenue from your departments and one or two titles as well. Occasionally you will also observe inter-departmental effects. This means that you can for example become the first coach to win both the men’s and the women’s championship.

C) Set of features
We include the option to create the partner of your character on your own, design him the way you want him to be. In addition, we overhaul the UEFA Coefficient Ranking, differentiate the various positions by color and also show how many clubs of a country were qualified for the competitions and how many of them are still in it. In the player search you will be able to select the desired position (via a small pitch). If we have time left, small ideas from the thread of wishes will be realized as well.

D) News on loaned out players and on players on the short list
If a player you loaned out to another club is particularly successful, scores goals or gets injured you will receive a news bulletin in the news section. There you will also get informed about goals and injuries of players on your short list. Both these options are of course optional so your mailbox can handle it. In addition, we’ll divide the short list into several categories to give you a better overview.

E) Escape clause for particular clubs and getting loaned-out players back
During negotiations, players might from now on demand an escape clause for certain clubs. Some players have a club favorite club, a club they always wanted to play for or a club where they want to end their career. You can select such a club in the editor. In addition, we implement the option to get a loaned-out player in the winter break back to you club, for example if they haven’t played for their new club.