Interview with Gerald and Adrian on FIFA Manager 13

Two months left until the release of FIFA Manager 13, in connection with the above we decided to check how is Bright Future getting on. Our questions were sent to Adrian Wahl – responsible for the game database and Gerald Koehler – one of the game designers. 


1. What is the current stage of works on FIFA Manager 13?

Gerald: We reached the Alpha status two weeks ago, all the features of this year’s game were implemented at that point. In the previous two weeks the team was already fixing bugs and this will continue for another 7-8 weeks. Then the production process of the DVDs will start.

2. What was the main goal of Bright Future studio when designing FIFA Manager 13?

Gerald: The main goal was to bring the relationships between the players of the team to life. There is now a completely new section in the game that focuses on team hierarchy, personal goals of the players, connections between the players, a good team structure etc. This is visualized using e.g. a player matrix, a hierarchy pyramid and a team matrix. The database will even know if two players are cousins or brothers and will use this kind of information in the game. For example a player could have the objective to play with his brother in one team.

3. Our partners has visited recently Vancouver to see the announcement of FIFA Manager 13.  Among many positive opinions, there were also the negatives, e.g. some of player talks seems to be very numbly or that you are focusing too much on the game look than the tactics section. How would you express your standpoint with respect to these objections?

gerald1Gerald: FIFA MANAGER is a big game and we work on many areas during the year. There are about 15 new player talks, some of them work together with the new team dynamics section, but most of them were implemented after a poll on our website. This poll clearly indicated the most important areas for player talks, e.g. to tell a player you won’t need him anymore, to explain him a move to the Reserves, to congratulate him for certain events or trophies, and finally to explain him why he should accept to be loaned out. This is what the users wanted and this what we have implemented.

Although the look of the game is important to us, the more relevant change this year is the new basic screen resolution – and this is something every player will like. The result is a much better user experience.

In the tactics section we also made several improvements, e.g. tactical options are now no longer limited to 3 or 5 different values. Instead there is now a continuous selection.

4. Many people claim that FIFA Manager series is approaching up to the hilt. Is the BF studio still able to surprise us with something brand new e.g. new game engine improving significantly 3D mode?

Gerald: We don’t have a new 3D mode, but we definitely have lots of surprise features in this year’s game. E.g. a new option this year is to collect reward features for successfully playing the game (you cannot simply “buy” them).

This means that even after you have played FIFA Manager for many hours there are still new features to see. In total you can add 30 of these features to the game. Some of them are really comprehensive.
I would like to stress that the game will have no features where you have to pay additional money to get them, with the exception of Live Season/Live Database – a service we now offer in the third year.

5. Did you increase the group of reaserchers this year and which stage of works are you currently at?

Adrian: We didn´t increase the number of editors. We are happy with the team and we managed to include new researchers for countries we searched for. The overall number of editors is 60. All researchers already sent their second deadline file and they are now finalizing their countries and will send their final work in early September.

  6. Adrian, how do you see the further development of Live Season feature? What would you change in this section?

Adrian: This year Live Season will help us again to improve the general database work as well. We improved the Live Season editor to enter the match reports faster, so we can spend more time in analyzing the statistics afterwards. With Live Database, implemented last year, you can download an updated database every week. The top 3 ups and downs you can see on our website as soon as Live Season starts.

7. What did make you to resign from the position level and replace it by a special formula?

Adrian: After implementing the new level system with position level and ability level we often received questions of consumers  who didn´t understand the calculation of the overall rating. The new system is much more intuitional than the old one. Especially the 3D engine was tricky to balance with the old level engine, from now on it will be much easier. With FM13 we´ll have the same attributes as FIFA 13 has which is also a big plus for players who play both games

8. Every year the game Editor becomes more and more developed tool allowing users to make their own database. Do you have still brand-new ideas how to improve it and please tell me what has changed in this year’s version of a game Editor?

Adrian: I still have lots of ideas of features I´d love to see in the editor. We have a list of possible new features and this list has more than 100 pages. For this year the main improvement is the new level system. From now on the overall rating is based on the abilities of a player in combination with his playing style. For example Messi will be Dribbler with overall striker 93 and Target Man only a rating round about 80. We also add lots of new character traits and many more new features.

9. In our last interview you promised us to have a closer look at the script of our league, in order to enable us to expand our Polish Giga Patch.  Can we count on your help this year?
Adrian: For FIFA MANAGER 13 we unfortunately didn´t have time to improve the scripting system.

10. This year the game will probably miss again the Polish localization. What do you think about localization patches created by users like me?

Gerald: For us these patches are very important because they will allow many players to play our game who don’t speak English or one of the other supported languages. FIFA MANAGER is a huge game with a lot of text, that’s why the professional translation of the game is very expensive. The fact that there is so much text is definitely a big disadvantage for us when it comes to localized versions, but we simply need a lot of text content and it would make no sense to reduce it and to make the game smaller. It’s simple – as soon as more people buy the game in Poland there is a very good chance it will get translated again. Still 80% of the text in our database exists in Polish.

11. Do you follow the competitors (I mean creators of Football Manager) doings in order to be always one step ahead them?

Gerald: This is part of the job. In the traditional market there are at the moment only two big games left, and they are very different. Both games sometimes cover the same topics but most of the time the features are implemented in a very different way. We look of course also on browser, facebook and mobile games to see what’s going on in these areas. But this is just one source, more important is looking at the real football world to see what’s going on there and to implement the latest trends.

Finally I would like to thank you for your ongoing support and the FIFA MANAGER team wishes all our players in Poland a lot of fun with the new game!


Interview conducted by Lukas Tomczyk

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