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Advertise in service gives you the possibility to reach a wide group of people, whose main passions are computer games and football. Thanks to attractive forms of advertising offered by our service, you can successfully direct your message to selected destination group and quickly achieve intended objective indicated in your advertising campaign.

About us

We are the only one such service in Poland and one of the biggest FIFA Manager game (published by EA Sports) fansite on the world.

Everyday our service provides FIFA Manager fans with latest news and huge number of patches and modifications improving and developing the game. offers also free and professional help in solving technical problems which are encountered by the fans before starting and during their virtual in-game adventure. service, thanks to its strong position in FIFA Manager community, acquires everyday new users from all over the world. In connection with the above our service is an ideal place for promotion of the products which are sold not only within the territory of Poland.


Our service is visited on average by 4500 users daily, which results in more than 30 000 pageviews on average daily. The biggest group of’s users are young men in the age of from11 to 25, they are mostly pupils and students. Most of the users comes from Poland (31,13%) whereas 23,63% comes from Germany, 10,79% from Russia, 8,83% from France, 5,6% from England and 2,5% from Spain. Within the territory of Poland the pageviews looks as follows (as regards provinces): Mazovia Province (24,18%), Silesia Province (14,94%), Greater Poland Province (11,32%), Lower Silesia Province (9,01%), Lesser Poland Province (7,82%), Łódź Province (5,21%), Kuyavian-Pomeranian Province (4,79%), Pomeranian Province (4,2%), Lublin Province (3,4%), West Pomeranian Province(3,10%), the rest (12,03%).

Service’s profile is one of the leading FIFA Manager services on the world, thanks to that our news appears regularly on the other websites such as,,,, We are continually working on establishing new cooperation agreements which results in permanent growth of visit numbers.

Our advertising spaces

Bilboard (750x100px)

Graphic advertisement located directly over the service’s logo.

Double Billboard (750x200px)

Graphic advertisement located directly over the service’s logo.

Wideboard (940x300px)

Graphic advertisement located directly over the service’s logo.

Banner (468x60px)

Advertisement located under each article published on the service.

Rectangle (300x300px lub 250x250px)

Advertisement located in the home page and in the service’s contents.

Skyscraper (120x600px lub 160x600px)

Advertisement located in the right or left part of the website.

Advertisement in any shape, with animation and possible sounds effects, displayed as a transparent layer in any space for a definite period of time.

Advertisement displayed as a small and separate web browser window.


It’s a dynamic advertisement in the form of bar displayed at the bottom of browser window. It may contain text or graphics elements.


Graphic advertisement in the form of website’s background.

Inne formy

We can offer also other forms of advertising adjusted to your individual needs. If you are interested in details of custom advertisement, please contact us.


If you are interested in conducting advertising campaing on our service, please contact us:

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