Polish Giga Patch 5.0

Polish Giga Patch 5.0 for FIFA Manager 12 gives you 4 playable Polish divisions, which results in 12 leagues [Ekstraklasa (1st division), 1 Liga, two groups of 2 Liga (2nd division) and 8 groups of 3 Liga (3rd division)] and 235 clubs. Obviously for all the fans of our service we have prepared a Team, so you’ll be able to achieve successes training our team members. PGP 5.0 increases the number of real players up to more than 6000 (including players of the 1st teams, reserves and the youths). Additionally the database contains real managers, staff, board members and referees as well. We also did our best to make club budgets as realistic as possible.

Obviously Polish Giga Patch means not only the database, it offers also many graphics and sounds elements:

3D stadiums – patch contains realistic stadiums for 3D mode, thus it gives you more realism when you play matches on PEPSI Arena, Dialog Arena or Arena of Kielce etc.

Stadium and city pictures – PGP 5.0 contains pictures presenting the Polish cities of league clubs and also the stadiums that Polish clubs plays the matches on.

City descriptions – patch contains the descriptions of cities that are the headquarters of clubs included in PGP 5.0. Reading the descriptions you will become acquainted with the specificity of the cities together with their history, population, historical monument and industry.

Kits – each club has own and realistic kits (home and away). Polish national team is equipped with the new kits that will be used during the upcoming EURO 2012.

Pictures of players and the rest of people – patch includes several thousands of pictures of players, managers, referees and staff members.

Other graphics elements – PGP 5.0 adds also club badges, league logos and other graphics elements such as tickets, website pictures etc.

Polish Localization Patch – PGP 5.0 contains also the full Polish localization compatible with Update 3. Thanks to that Polish players will see the new post-matches comments, e-mail messages, corrected talks and interviews.

PGP Team 2012

Liber – My name’s Robert, I was born in 1991 when the new Polonez Caro was produced. I am bound up with FIFA Manager series since TCM 2004 was released, whereas I have been active on the Polish FIFAM scene since 2006. I have worked on PGP since its beginning, as many people know I am the originator of this project. I’m responsible for the database, however I also have a hand in graphics works.

Bart6qx – I am Bartosz and I am 28 years old. I have started my adventure with FIFA Manager community at the turn of 2007 and 2008. I have been involved with PGP project since its beginning and my main responsibilities are graphics elements you can see in 3D mode such as kits, stadiums, screens etc. Since last two patch editions I am also responsible for stadium/city pictures and some of interface elements.

Lukasvista – My name is Lukasz and I am 26. My adventure with the game series has started since 2003. I appeared on the Polish FIFA Manager scene in 2007 creating Polish localization for FIFAM 07 and since 2008 I have worked on as a chief editor of Polish version of the website. This is the fourth time I participate in PGP project, my main task is to add new localization elements such as city descriptions or Polish training camps.

DrHouse – I am Piotrek and I am 16 years old. I live in Sokółka, whereas I attend school in Białystok. In my spare time I work on player pictures for FIFA Manager game. I have acted on Polish FIFA Manager scene for 1,5 years. I was participating in two editions of PGP. I have played the game since FIFAM 07.

mikel77 – My name is Kamil and I am 15. Currently I live in Kąty Węgierskie which is a small village near to Warsaw. I am connected with service for half a year. I work on players pictures. I have played FIFA Manager game since 09 edition. I came across this website by chance, when I was searching for some patches for the game. I participated also in works on PGP 5.0.

Garnuś – I’m Mariusz (24). I have played this game since the release of FIFA Manager 08. My motto is “a man can learn everyday” thus I try to improve my skills in computer graphics. PGP 5.0 is the first edition I am involved with, I hope to be a part of this teem as long as possible.

norbini12 – My name is Norbert and I am 15 years old. I have acted on the Polish scene for 1,5 years and I am responsible only for player pictures. I have played this game since FIFAM 10. This is not my first adventure with PGP project, I have recently come back after a long break.

Gongi – I’m Dawid (15). I have played FIFA Manager since the „08” edition. I have been a forum member since 2010 when the basic game (without any patches installed) became boring and monotonous for me. Since the beginning, Piotrek (DrHouse) has taught me how to create player pictures and after bearing hardships I finally manage to master it. I create player pictures and fan chants as well.

Jankes – My name’s Rafał. I have played FIFA Manager since „09” edition, when I downloaded the demo, the game took my fancy and I decided to buy this game. I live in Łomża and I am 16 years old. I am on the Polish scene for almost one year. I am a debutant in works on PGP, I am responsible for player pictures.

Kily – TCM 2005 is a day zero for me as regards my adventure with the game series. 3D match engine won me over 🙂 I have acted on service since its beginning. As regards the works on PGP, I am responsible for creating fan chants and promotion of our patch among international community.